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hey guys! sorry i've been gone for so long! :/ but yesterday, i went to a nail place with my mom. on the outside it looked old and i wasn't very happy ;) but then i went inside and it was very cool! :)

i picked out a teal  color and the lady asked if i wanted sparkles with it. i said yes and so she gave me sparkles. remindes me of the sea. wouldn't it be funny if there was an orange fish in the middle? LOL! anyways, my toes i went with a dark neon pink and on the big toe i went with a white heart (heart for left; 2 hearts for the right) anyways, it turned out great.

i went swimming today and i was shocked that it didn't fall off. (like some nail polish does) sometimes they even fall of the whole finger! ;)

outfit of the day

my favorite strawberry t-shirt(gap)
polka-dot pants, very comfortable! (hannah andersen)
pink scrunchie from japantown(different colors;some that match your hair color!)

good night you guys!
by the way, i did some other outfit of the days and i didn't show the picture at the time because i didn't know how to. now i do :)

bridgit mendler

note: bridgit mendler is one of my favorite singers just to note ;)

casual outfit: (on set of her song 'we can change the world') a pink sleeveless blouse, brown beaded necklace, dark jeans, and brown boots

event outfit: black leather jacket, colorful purple and pink blouse, black leather shorts, and purple boots

miranda cosgrove

miranda cosgrove

event: a nice dress with a lot of fun colors(green, blue, ect.) clear streak in the middle to her left leg, and a blue/green open toed heel.

casual:(this is a casual outfit but she also wore this to an event) a white shirt with a black heart split in the middle and rhinestones, black skirt, open toed black boots, and a black clutch.

demi lovato

most of you guys know that demi lovato had a whole new makeover since she was the main star on sonny with a chance. she used to have brown hair, now she has wild blonde. even her wardrobe has changed. one of her pics she had blond/pink hair with a little braid surrounded by her hair if you know what I'm talking about ;) she was wearing a light colored jean jacket with spikes at the shoulders, a black dress, and rock n' roll heels!

something she would wear to an event: at the 2012 teens choice awards she wore her blond hair up in a high ponytail with a silver band holding it up, also a rock n' roll multi-colored dress with different patterns everywhere you could imagine!

selena gomez

who likes selena gomez? well, she appears wearing a mermaid cut sleeveless top (minty colored) and a white mini skirt wrapping it up with a light pink clutch and awesome shoes! a more casual look selena would wear is this. she is spotted playing golf wearing a rusted white jacket, a light blue shirt, jean shorts and sneakers.

as for selena's hair, that's a whole different level. at the 2012 teens choice awards she wore a hot pink dress and simple white shoes. there was even maybe a special b-day present for a special someone. as for selena's hair at the exciting event, her ombre hair was straight making her look hot but also a casual look.

emma stone:fashion idol

most of you guys know that emma stone is a fashion idol. for instance, she appeared on fashion police and the main host of the show said, "I love Emma Stone. She's a fashion idol to the world! I think she's beautiful wherever she goes. But, when I saw her wearing this gorgeous pink and white dress, it was like she was the only fashion idol!" she appears wearing her blond hair and bangs put up into a ponytail wearing a gorgeous pink dress with pink everywhere you could think of except a white collar, cool patterned heels and a black clutch.

random stuff!

i would like to talk to you guys about random stuff! i am bored if you're wondering... why. anyways, who likes the series dork diaries? i LOVE those series and sometimes i read the book again(blush!) anyways, i just watched a video from bubz beauty.

i wonder if she's korean or chinese or japanese? she does korean dutorials but she still could be chinese or japanese. sorry if i spelled 'dutorials' wrong... so, what are you guys up to? i am just... actually i'm up to nothing right now. i'm waiting for followers. hint hint! ;)

yum yum!

my mom is making my favorite food... pasta! love pasta, especially my favorite kind. penne! which she's making! XD OMG! so exciting for me! later guys! (mmh!)


here are some simple questions i want to know about you. i think i want to know you guys a little more:

who's your favorite singer?
selena gomez  bridgit mendler or demi lovato(between all of them)

what's your favorite kind of food?
pasta salad or chicken?

and finally, do you like fashion?
yes sort of or no?

good morning guys!

what are you guys up too? i am just uh... actually i'm up to nothing. you can write a comment below this and tell me what you're doing! and thank you guys for visiting my blog! i hope to get followers as quickly as i can get and i wish i can be famous some day, and i know i can but there's a long way down the road and i'll have you guys to help me so thank you!

hi guys

i know i said i would probably do this like... uh, once a week. wait, did i? xD anyways, i feel like i'm doin it every hour ;) thank you guys for commenting on my latest updates!

outfit of the day

Today, on a cold Sunday morning, i am wearing some dark blue and white shorts with polka dots(target), a tank top(justice) and a colorful sweater(also from justice) If you guys are wondering why i am acting like it is a really hot day, i get hot easily. Another fun fact about me! ;)

hey guys!

This is my first time really writing to you! I am so excited I get a blog and the whole process is really simple. I thank the people who have already looked at my blog!

Just to tell you guys a little about my blog, I will be writing about fashion. I LOVE fashion and I would like to be a fashion designer when I grow up. Actually, my first ever show I watched was What Not to Wear! LOL! xD Thank you guys and I'll talk to you guys later. Bye! :)