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friends are awesome! they heal your wounds when you fall down. they pick you up when you fall. they comfort you when you cry with tears. you guys are now one of my friends! i saw where you guys live and i can't believe that you guys read my blog, all over the world! even russia! thx! XD

Day with me online

usually, what i do online is watch make up dutorials, write a blog post, or just check my emails. i am actually wearing a green leopard print dress today, comes with a black belt, and what i love about this dress is that it has an unusual cut out heart on the back which gives it a more girly look. 
right now, i am trying to contact my friend miranda. i think i gave you the site of her blog. i'll have to check. she's just the kind of friend that is funny and awesome. i have a lot of friends that are pretty, funny, smart and of course, kind! 
you're probably thinking that i am tal-writing to much and that i should write about what i am doing at this moment. well, i will tell you something i got not to long ago. a concealer(medium), 090 lipstick and an eyeshadow pallet(white, dusty rose, teal and brown).


some of you guys think that i'm probably just saying that and you also probably think that i just want to advertise for my own blog because you probably think i do that kinda thing. WELL I DONT! I can tell you why i dont do this kinda thing. because, i hate lying. i know hate is a 'very strong word' but i do absolutely, 100 percent, hate lying. you can ask all my friends that!

oh yeah, check out this site.


my friend jessy is over and she wants to tell you guys to tell your friends about my blog! please comment on my blog posts if you can. :)


I have been watching beauty videos on youtube because I basically watch them every single day. That gave me the idea to put on a facial mask with the right product. Btw, still waiting for followers;)


god! going to gymnastics for the 2nd time at a new place. it's called gym world. i love it there but the exercises can be painful and people stare at you. especially when your new... yeah. got my leotard and gymnastic pants though! my leotard is a bloody red and the pants are short, black pants. well... shorts to be more precise;)

hey hey!

OMG! Teen Beach Movie is finally here! (thank you god) XD!!! anyways, obviously i watch disney channel. how many of you guys watch disney channel? leave a comment below to me! reminder: not to be pushy but i'm waiting for followers...

hi guys!

sorry i haven't made a blogpost in such a long time! i was busy, so, that's probably the reason why i don't have any pageviews yet OR followers (hint hint) ;) anyways, the main thing about this blogpost is talking about what i got from macys.

a blue/green shirt with animal print, and a cut out heart in the back(also comes along with a black belt)

a minty colored short(comes with a pink neon belt)

a pink dress with a collar, buttons, and it is sleeveless

a fun black and white shirt with a skeleton that says music in my soul

i feel like i forgot something but i don't think i did. i will probably tell u... OH YEAH!

a shirt with colorful strips and a whole on the sleeves. also comes with a simple tank top

outfit of the day

today, i am wearing a purple tank top, my favorite target polka dot shorts(blue and white) under my rainbow skirt.

ps. sorry i have not been blogging for a long time. i was really busy, if you know what i mean ;)


You guys! You should go to! i mean, wherever you live, they have videos, movies and more! I mean, isn't that cool! Like, if you live in california you can watch asian movies or music videos. if you live in asia, you can watch american movies or music videos!

GO! I love viki!

Dulce Candy

now, most of you guys don't really know dulce candy, but i do! she is a fashion idol!

rock n' roll chic outfit: a black blouse with white skulls, black bra under(the blouse is see through), a green/yellow neon skirt, black bag and black heels.

casual chic outfit: a white shirt with colorful flowers, pearl necklace, minty cardigan, peach colored shorts, skin colored bag and white and skin colored boots.

also, check out her blog,

princess kate

princess kate is a fashion icon.

she married prince william in i believe, 2012.

red carpet: a short sleeve flowy purple dress, and a blinged out belt.

casual: a navy blue jacket, white ruffled blouse, brown belt, jeans, and navy blue heels with a wedge.

note: i heard that she's pregnant and due the same day as kim kardashians baby girl. kim did have her baby already ;) check the two babies  out!