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Hi guys, I am so sorry that I've not been posting lately. I've been caught up in school and homework and all of that fun things, and I realized that my grades are one of my top priorities, yes, but I still have to provide blog posts for you guys, because that's just not fare to all of my viewers around the world, so I apologies for that, but just so that this was not a total bummer blog post, I wanted to do a short pet update, to fill this blog post up. :)


Fluffy, my hamster, has been great. He is getting older, but he is still wheeling on his wheel, so that is great. We actually changed his bed chamber to a more new one, so he must enjoy that! :D

Jo Jo: Jo Jo is also great, yet he really, however, likes to go into the sun and just lay in it, which is actually strange, because we predicted that he would want to be in the shade more! He also loves to snuggle up with us on the couch, and goes walking roughly around two times a day because he's a medium dog and we…


Hi guys! So, today I wanted to do a new type of series, again, so let's get right into it because this is a long blog post already.
1. Okay, so one time, and this probably happens to everybody... Hopefully... I saw this guy, and he waved at me, so I waved back. You know what he did? He looked behind him, because he thought that I was waving at somebody else, so I realized that he was waving to somebody else, so I just started walking straight past him, pretending that I had a friend to talk to, and once I glanced back, he was talking to his friend, and this has happened multiple times to me, either it was a friend or a popular girl, and I was just thinking, wow, I really want to die right now.
2. Academic wise, this all has happened to us at some point in your life, unless you're perfect, and trust me, you're not perfect, in a good way though, you're unique! Anyways, so you know that time when everybody in your class turned in their homework all at once and you either …


Sorry guys, this was supposed to be posted yesterday, so let's quickly do this!

1st place: USA! With a nice 596, congradulations!

2nd place: Russia, with 82.

3rd place. France, with only 7.

Who do you think will win next week? Try and get your country in the top three, good luck!


Neon Dots


Before we start, let me just say, LONGEST TITLE EVER! :) Anyways, hi guys! Today is my last blog post for my series Back to School with Neon Dots for 2015! I am so sad, but I will definitely do it next year, so don't worry! And if you are not in school yet, than you can always go back to my previous posts, which I will link down below, but today, I wanted to do something different for this series to tie it up this year an dod picture day tips and tricks, and how to get the perfect look, so let's get right into it!

1. Pick your outfit the night before. If you end up picking it the day you take your picture, it may not end up as great as it could have been, and you can always experiment with new outfits and pick out certain jewelry, and it's just much more easier and the stress will be off your shoulders. Here are some really cute outfit ideas I picked out for you all!

 Has a more fall feel
 If you want to go more formal with an edge, add a leather jacket!
 A mix, casual yet fo…


Today I started school again, and to be honest, it wasn't that bad! Point is, this year, I vowed to try and have the best school year, and I have some tips for you all if you have the same goal, so let's get started!

1) The number one tip I have for you is to be confident. Don't care what anybody else thinks of you, or even says anything rude about you. Always remember that if someone acts out, they probably have something going on in their life. If they say that you're stupid or you're worthless, block it out, don't care about it, and you instantly have power over the conversation. I would say thank you, because it really shocks the person, and any comeback will seem stupid, haha!

2) Focus on grades. My goal this year is to try and not get interested in guys, because I have a problem, I can sometimes be obsessed, boy crazy, and this year, I just want to focus on my grades and try my best in every class.

3) If you believe that you will have a great school year,…


I don't know if you guys have heard of this before, but I found this really cool sight by Brooklyn and Bailey, who are YouTubers who are twins, and they were talking about this really cool type of bedding. It's basically a quilt that wraps around your mattress and you can make your bed during morning or night in a second, all you have to do is set it up, and they have so many different fun designs like floral or just plain colors. Definitely check it out, links will be down below as always, and I really recommend it to someone who hates making their bed in the morning, like myself. Kisses to my neonators!


Neon Dots

Beddy's (Company's name) :

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New blog post:


Let's see who's in the lead this week?!

1st place...

USA! Coming in with 383

2nd place...

RUSSIA! With a wonderful 62

3rd place...

FRANCE! A small yet awesome 38

The others are...

Germany, Lithuania, Mexico, Australia, Bahrain, UK, and Malaysia!

Congrats! Until next week, kisses to my neonators!


Neon Dots

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New blog post:


Hey guys! Are you excited for school?! Well, let's be honest, I have to stop pretending that I am... We all have been dreading this moment, and yes, summer was great while it lasted, but we have to go back at some point. I thought that I would do a fun expectation vs reality post again, because it's a really popular topic on my blog, so lets get started!

1. The perfect outfit. The expectation is that you're going to be dressed perfectly every single day of the whole entire school year. But you know that the reality is that, yes, you'll pick out the perfect outfit for the first week, but the second? It's like your home, and you might as well come in your pajamas!

2. Grades. Lets face it, we think that we're going to get straight A's forever, but to be honest, nobody's perfect and you're going to get a B sooner or later.

3. Teachers. I always want a certain teacher to have, and think that I'm going to have that teacher for that subject, but in rea…


Another reason I love the fall time and back to school time is wearing sweaters, and I already told you guys this, but I just had to mention it. Here are some really cute outfits I wanted to show you guys that include really cute sweaters.

I also thought that I would make a new series, my fall series because I love fall, I think you guys know that now, and I have already done several fall blog posts, which I will link down below, but I just wanted to announce that to you guys. Kisses to my neonators!


Neon Dots

Fall blog posts:


I am on full fall mode if you guys haven't noticed my more recent blog post. I'm just that excited, and I can't help but make a DIY blog post. Let's get into it because these crafts are really cute and simple!

1. Autumn leaf bowl

•Sponge paint brushes
•Orange leaves
•Modge podge

All you have to do is paint on some modge podge onto the bowl, or on the leaf, and press it tightly onto the bowl. Make sure to overlap so that there aren't any white spots. Once you're done with that, put on another coat of modge podge so that you make sure that it will last for years and years, and then you have this really cute bowl where you can put your car keys or maybe even some sunscreen, whatever you want to do.

2. Candy corn vases

•Clear glass
•White, orange, and yellow spray paint

First, lay out your newspaper on a flat surface so that the ground is protected before you start, and then take out your bottle and first, spray some white on the top, all around, a…


I am super excited about fall because there are so many cute clothes you can wear and makeup you can try out, and even new hair styles. Today I wanted to talk about makeup because there are so many cute looks. Let's get into it!

1. Dark lip. Rocking a dark lip for the fall is so great because there truly is no better time to rock a lip other than fall. Remember that old blog post I did about Selena Gomez and the dark lips she wore? Here's the link.

Rocking a dark lip is nice because you have some confidence in yourself, and not many people have the confidence to wear such a dark lip.

2. Neutral colors for your eyeshadow is so great. If you want to rock a plum/berry color, you need a very settle eye color. I really recommend using one of the Naked pallets because you can really wear all of their colors all year round.

3. Concealer is essential, especially around this time because I know that you all are going back to sc…


Hi guys. This is a long awaited blog post because fall is the best time to get out those cute sweaters you've been dying to wear. Truth is, I couldn't wait, so I've practically been wearing new sweaters all Summer long... Shh! Let's get right into it because I'm just that excited!

•Knit scarf
•Floral dress
•Green cardigan
•Brown belt
•Black stockings
•Brown shoulder bag
•Black boots

I love pairing these colors together because they are classics, and look great together, and pairing a brown belt with a floral with make the waste look smaller, and a cardigan makes the look a little bit more casual.

•Grey cardigan
•White see-through blouse
•White tank top
•Brown boots
•Black fringe shoulder bag

Again, I like this outfit because it is so simple, yet really cute. I like how it's not to busy, and the grey and white really complement each other because the colors are so similar. And pairing jeans and brown boots together, with anything else, is just t…


Hey guys! I wanted to do something fun now, and do something called a weekly contest, and your country can win! I wanted to see what country can show the most page views per week. Currently, Russia is in the lead this week with 453 page views, United States coming in second with 433, and last but not least, Germany, unfortunately only coming in with 7, but you guys are still third! If you want your country to be first, make sure to share my blog posts with your friends, and no, I am not trying to advertise for myself, I am just trying to help you win, remember that! :) Let's see who's in the lead next week. Congratulations to Russia! Kisses to my neonators!


Neon Dots


I think I've done a blog post like this, but back to school means that I just had to do this. Okay, this may not be helpful now, but you can always come back and read this when you have a really hard assessment that you have to study for, so let's get started!

1. Use flash cards. This is my number one tip because before, my tests were okay, but using flash cards got me straight A's on every single one of my tests. I will definitely be using this this year! :)

2. Set up some snacks. Okay, I don't know about you, but I totally stress eat, and this is the time to get some veggies and fruits out! If you are going to eat, you might as well try and eat healthy. Having a cookie or two occasionally can't hurt though! It also keeps you occupied on something else if you feel stressed at the moment.

3. Listen to music. I love listening to music, and this may be different for everybody else, but it takes my mind off of the stress that I have, and it feels so nice.

Hopefully yo…


I wanted to include a normal blog post this week, and not just my diary series, links will be at the end BTW, so I decided to make two blog posts in one. One is pet updates because they are usually really short, and embarrassing stories because everybody wants to here that!

1. Embarrassing stories.

Okay, the first story goes back to when I was in pre-school. You could say that I had a lover. I remember playing "Marriage" with him, which is where we would have a big wedding, legit, and even our closest friends were invited. We didn't even know what bridesmaids and groomsmen were, but we did have them by our sides, and it was pretty awesome. The thing is, my Mom put on this blue dress with white polka dots on me, and it had this frilly detail on the side, and I HATED it (That's when I kind of criticized my Mom as to how she dressed me, and behold my love for fashion), so he was leaning in for a kiss at the end, and I ran away. Yup, I was a runaway bride.

Okay, so this …