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Hi guys! Sorry, I told you guys that I'd do a blog post about what to give your boyfriends dad, but I really decided not too. AND... I haven't made a blog post in a while, which I ALSO want to apologize for... Anyways, I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately, so I was like, WHY NOT GIVE YOU GUYS SOME IDEAS ON WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU'RE SICK?! Okay, let's get started!

1. Read a book. I know a lot of people (including me...) who usually watch youtube and stuff, and reading a book will make you feel better and calm your mind a bit.

2. Draw! Do whatever you like to do on a regular basis when you have time. I personally like to draw a lot when I have time.

3. CHANGE! I do this too, but some people just sit in their robes or pj's ALL DAY... I do this a lot, but actually changing and doing your make up will make you feel great! (Hopefully...)

4. Run around. I know that I can be pretty lazy, so you definitely want to walk around as much as you can.

5. Eat soup. This…


I almost forgot! I was GOING to do a blog post but I just completely forgot and decided to do a boring blog post instead. Anyways, I got my memory back (clunk; OOH! That can be an inside joke! Okay, okay, I know, I'm brilliant...), and now I can tell you guys how to make a good impression on your boyfriends mom. Maybe I'll do the dad after this, I don't really know. Okay, let's get started!

1. DON'T SHOW UP EMPTY HANDED! We have a guest over right now (as some of you guys might know from my recent blog post I just made), and he brought us a very lovely orchid. See, this is a sign for that person to know that you really care. BUT, don't copy the orchid idea, just because you don't know if she likes orchids. I recommend asking your boyfriend what she likes; now this is a good solution, just incase you bring, like, corn bread with walnuts, and she's allergic to walnuts, you know?

2. Say your manners. It really matters that you bring out a great impression …


HI, HI, HI! Um, okay so I just wanted to say hello for a second because right now it's like 9:06 PM and we have a guest over and stuff, so obviously I didn't get to do a blog post today, so I was like, "This is unfair! Why don't I just drop by and say hello", so that's what I'm doing right now. I hope you guys like my blog posts. It would be my dream if YOU out there come straight from wherever you just came from and immediately go onto my blog and you check my blog daily. It probably isn't really possible, but if you do or something, I want to thank you because that is just... UNBELIEVABLE! I can't even think of somebody doing such a thing, so yeah. Okay, gotta feed Flufsters. BYE!


Okay, so here's a little story for ya.

Just a minute ago or so (That rhymes. LOL! :p), I was lifting the blanket on top of his bed chamber to check on him and he looked dead! I suddenly realized that he was just curled up in a 'u' shape and was sleeping on his side. LOL!!!!! It was just the cutest little thing... AHH... The little things in life. Love ya Fluffy!


I see a lot of girls in my school wear skirts and dresses and such. My first impression is... WHAT THE HECK?! DO YOU EVEN KNOW IT'S FALL? HELLO, I COULD JUST SLAP A STICKY NOTE ON YOUR FOREHEAD AND YOU WOULDN'T EVEN NOTICE?! JK. LOL. But still. Fall is just around the corner and that can sometimes lead to cold weather.

You can look fashionable in the fall. In fact, I think that the fall is when you can really let go and start wearing cardigans and fashionable sweaters. Okay, I found an outfit that I thought was really fashionable for the fall, and I think you guys will like it.

Okay, so we have a simple black tank top, a baggy sweater, washed out jeans and black uggs. I think this outfit would look great with your hair in a messy bun and of course, your favorite drink to complement your taste buds! ;) Okay, not very smooth, but we'll try next time. BYE!


Candy, scaring people, and decorating the house basically names halloween itself! I'm going to show you guys how to make your own costume this year; It's really simple and you barely need anything! Let's get started.

What you'll need for this project is:

A plain white shirt
a tutu of your color (dark colors are preferred)
ripped leggings
sneakers (you can customize it or pick out a dark color)

Markers so you can write on your shirt
Oh yeah, and a newspaper or a cardboard piece
bunny ears. Okay, we're finally done. Phew!


Wait, wait wait. I think I should finally tell you what you're going to be... A ROCK AND ROLL BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, NOW we can go onto the instructions.


1. Take your shirt and put either the newspaper or a cut out piece of cardboard and put it under the shirt so you can draw and customize it.

2. Like I just said, this is your time to customize your shirt however you'd lik…


I know, I know what you're thinking. She talks too much about bullying and whatever. If you're that person, than you might as well slap on a sticker that says I DO NOT RESPECT PEOPLE WHO ARE STRUGGLING. If you're a person who is willing to listen no matter how many times I mention bullying because you want to help people and you are my friend, than I will support you too. I can promise you that. Okay, let's start this thing!

So you know my story with bullying and all that jazz (if you don't know, than you can search up the word bullying in the search bar and you might find it), and it just dawned to me that at that time, I really was depressed. Think about it; The guy I liked didn't think I even existed, I didn't have many friends like the friends I have today, and yes, the bullying thing. That's a pretty awful life. HOWEVER, surprisingly, my grades actually went up. At that time, nobody was giving me support and helping me at home. I really felt alone.…


Hello guys! I actually think I just cried a moment ago. I bet you, YOU, love me. Come on girlfriend, admit it. I am so proud of you guys! Yesterday, (I did not notice this; LOL!) I got 135 page views!!! This is the most I've ever gotten. I just wanted to thank you guys with telling you my goals for this year.

1. Bring up my grades
2. Meet one of you
4. Find more celebrities for you guys so I can do another DASHIN FASHION
5. Do a give away.


Okay, here's a little story for you:

Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom.... Okay, more like yesterday, I went to TJ Maxx and as you can see from the title, almost every single clothing had a pattern on it. I don't really enjoy patterns... Some patterns I like, others... Not so much. I just want to warn you guys that patterns will be in... If you don't believe me, you might as well go to TJ Maxx! LOL!


1. I like commercials. You know how whenever there's a TV show on, and then it shows the commercials, somebody's always saying this: "Ugh. I hate commercials." I am the exact opposite. I don't know exactly why I like commercials.... I guess it's my thing maybe?

2. I am one of the oldest in my classes, however I am not very tall... I guess that's normal, and in some ways, woman are smaller than me, but now, I just don't grow as much as I used to.. :(

3. I plan things... EARLY! For example, I am writing a little 'thing' for my mom; it's basically some holiday activities we could do as a family, and yes, halloween too.


I swear, I did not realize this, but where we live we had an earthquake around 3:30 AM. I usually am not awake, no matter how loud it is. That's just me, but yeah... I hope you're okay!


Hi guys! Right now, or I should say a couple of minutes ago, I saw a video related to...

*DRUMROLL PLEASE............8


I was like, why not talk about Christmas! (even though it's not coming up for a while, I thought why not. Again, this is just for fun, and I definitely will talk about halloween soon, however, Christmas is my favorite time of year, so I thought why not?)

Okay, I'm going to tell you guys some stuff about christmas:

1. Stores tend to put out christmas decorations and such VERY EARLY; somebody I know told me that where he lives, they're already bringing out christmas stamps. This is one thing that sometimes confuses me. It used to be annoying, but now I guess I'm used to it :p

2. Where I live, it doesn't snow. If where you live, it snows during the holidays, YOU ARE SOOOO LUCKY! I love sledding and skiing and such; and of course, making a snow village. Not a snow man, but a snow village. I once did th…


Hi guys. Sorry I haven't been blogging in a while. As you can see above this word, I believe it says, BACK-TO-SCHOOL TALK, so I think you get the idea of where I was. Yup, I started school again! I love my new school. I feel more independent. In my previous school, everybody couldn't be themselves or have teachers NOT hover over them 24/7. I feel like I'm free and I love school. The thing is... I haven't had any homework yet... LOL! JK. Hopefully homework won't be that difficult. I get my school laptop, homework, books, and lockers on Monday. I think that some people take school for granted, once you kind of think about it, because whenever I ask people if they like school, they say they hate it.

Kids these days are so into video games and TV shows, that they don't 'have time' to do any school work or a simple board game with the family. I actually went camping this summer with my brothers friends family, and I really enjoyed it. My friend Maddy came al…


Hello! So, today I'm going to talk about lying. Okay, don't lie to me; EVERYBODY AND I MEAN EVERYBODY lies. You know how I know? Okay, say you have a friend who's the worst singer you've ever heard, and they think they're super good. Of course you want to tell them the truth, but you can't really tell them without hurting their feelings. I hate lying, but you have to do it. So I'm here to teach you how to be flexible, so you can tell the truth. Maybe you can tell your friend that some parts were a little pitchy but otherwise, it's pretty good. You're being honest yet not hurting their feelings.


OMG GUYS! Ariana Grande is here because she wants to thank you guys for looking at my blog today! JK! I wish, BUTTTT, I will be featuring her today on Dashin Fashion. YAY! Okay, let's get started:

First off, we have a red shirt with a cut out in the back, some high-waisted shorts, polka dot sneakers, and a head piece. I think this is a really cute modern girl next door look. Hope you guys enjoy. BYE!


OMG GUYS! Today, I got 48 page views! That's the most I've ever gotten, so I want to thank the people who are reading this and such. THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU! Hopefully one day we can go up to 100, but I can't get my hopes up... :p Anyways, I will try and do another Dashin Fashion for you guys soon. Bye!

PS. Hope you like the new layout. :D


Hi guys. I wanted to share you guys my back-to-school thoughts; I have an orientation tomorrow; if you don't know what that is, it's basically a meeting the day before school; I have one tomorrow, and I'm really excited. I mean, on the last day of school, I thought to myself, the school year came to an end so fast, and now I'm thinking the same thing about summer. Well, happy school to you!


Hi guys! So today, I decided to tell you guys how you can be confident for school, but before we start, I'm going to tell you my story and how I got more confident. Okay, so I think you guys know this, but I was bullied a lot in the 4th grade. It was so bad, that before I went into the 5th grade, I was praying and writing in my diary that I wouldn't have that girl or her clique in my class; It definitely worked, and I am so happy I did that. I met new friends that I know will stick up for me, and they definitely helped me build confidence. Now, I'm ready to have that girl bully me again, because it's just words. It doesn't really matter; if you let it slide, the words that that person says to you can just bounce off of you.

Okay, let's move on:


1. Don't let things get you down. Think of the positive died. For instance, if a love one died, don't get TO emotional; I like to think that that person had a great life, and you can also…


IT'S SOON GOING TO BECOME FALL! Fall is a great time of year. I remember one year, I had the best time. My old, friend of mine came over and we were making piles and piles of leaves and jumping into them. It was so fun. That was actually, I believe either 5 or 4 years ago. Now, I have a blog and I'm talking about make up! Okay, this is my ideal fall make up. HOPE YOU ENJOY!

1. Concealer. Concealer is basically your best friend. It covers your imperfections and highlights your face. Concealer is always there!

2. Foundation. If you live somewhere where it gets hot during the fall, then I suggest getting a foundation with SPF. Just to be on the safe side, or if you're running late.

3. Eyeshadow. I suggest the neutrals. Light colors, browns, and topes. These are great colors to make the classic, simple smokey eye without making something to dramatic.

4. A lip color. Since it's fall, I suggest going with the berries. Maybe something like a dark purple.



Like the seasons, personalities, and days, friends change constantly. Unfortunately, some friends are bad friends. They do not understand you that well, and just can't be there for you when you need them the most. However, their are great friends who will be there for you 24/7, who's not afraid to stand up for you at the right time, and who understands you better than you understand yourself. You see, nobody's perfect, and we can't ALWAYS have expectations for people. It's sometimes difficult to keep up with the world, but friends are their to walk with you, talk with you and just be your friend.

I am so grateful to have friends that I can talk to. I'm not going to name names, but their is one particular person who just gets me. We can just talk to each other about everything, and she definitely does her part in our friendship. I am so grateful that I met her. Please do not pressure me to spill out the beans and tell the world who this person is. I don't fe…


You all like dashin fashion, right? Today, I'm going to be doing a fall edition. I absolutely love this outfit. I think that this year, fall colors are leaning towards pastels. I chose this outfit, because I love the colors, not to overwhelming, but something interesting, and yet it has style. OKAY, LET'S GET STARTED!
We have a simple, white shirt, a pink blazer, light jeans, pink, flowery earrings, a flowery print clutch(3-d shapes are very modern), and pink high heels.


Hi guys! So, today I'm going to talk about what's in my make-up bag, of course back-to-school edition! For some of you guys, this may be early, the perfect time, or a little bit late, but anyways, I'm going to show you guys an idea of what you can try out this year. Okay, let's get started:

1. Foundation. This can also double up as a concealer and yet not make it look fake. Foundation is a great way to keep the look matte and fresh.

2. A simple eyeshadow pallet with topes, soft colors, and the browns are a great way to go. You do NOT want to do a smokey eye. I suggest the shade play pallet by emcosmetics. It's going to be the first thing you see if you go to make up and click on eyes. That sounds creepy... But remember, KEEP IT SIMPLE!

3. A simple lip gloss. This is usually what girls will carry with them sometimes. JUST LIP GLOSS! But if you want to keep it simple, then you can always choose a lip stick. You can go for a berry color, which will really complement a…


Hi guys! As you know, I have a Syrian hamster, and today I'm going to talk about that kind of... um, hamster? Okay, let's get started:

Q. Is a Syrian hamster good for kids or a first time hamster owner?
A. Definitely. I think that a dwarf hamster is a little too small and hectic for either a kid or a first time hamster owner. Maybe after your Syrian hamster passes :(, you can try out a dwarf hamster, however you should remember that they are really small, and they can escape more easily than Syrian hamsters, and trust me; I've had fluffy escape before!
Q. What should you feed them?
A. Well, for hard food I have a mix; I give him the Fiesta Max(about 2 scoops) and also the Kaytee Gourmet Variety Diet (about 3 scoops). I usually use a plastic spoon, if you're wondering what the whole scoop thing is. He seems more interested in the Fiesta Max, but the Kaytee is more healthy, so I sometimes try that out. For his regular food, I'll cut up small pieces from a carrot, may…


Once upon a time, there was a very happy couple; Jake and Lisa. They were so in love, they could barely be apart for a second! But something different happened. It was a foggy Sunday. Jake texted Lisa.

JAKE: Hey! I can't come over to your place today. Sorry. :p

LISA: Why not? Are you okay?

JAKE: Yeah, I just have a bad cough, that's all.

LISA: Okay. I bet I'll see you soon anyways. Feel better!

JAKE: Thanks. Bye.


Lisa hung up, and immediately started making chicken noodle soup. "I am never going to actually leave my boyfriend alone when he's sick. He probably feels really bad that he can't hang out with me today, so he will!" she protested. She quickly told her mom that she was going over to Jake's house and drove away. She got there and ringed the doorbell. It was Jake's mom, Mary. "Oh, hi Lisa! What are you doing here?" she asked. "Oh, I just thought that I'd bring Jake a little snack," Lisa smiled. Mary frowned…


Hi guys! I just wanted to talk about the coolest thing I saw. Okay, so we (my family and I) were at Nordstrom, grabbing some small appetizer's for dinner. We were just starting to head to the car when I stop; I saw an orange moon! Now, I think you may see an orange moon maybe once a year, I think? I actually once saw one like 5 or 6 years ago, something like that, and it was just so big, it was practically chasing us back to our house. We were walking back home from a walk to the park; our street was to our left and another street was on our right. The right street had the most huge moon I've ever seen. It was just so big. It was half a moon, so we didn't see it all, but trust me, it was really freaky. Now that I think about seeing one, I find that it will give you good fortune. I just have a tingly feeling that something good is going to happen tomorrow for me. Cross your fingers!


Okay, today I'm going to be talking about a very successful company called Scribd. My mom actually used to work for this company; when I was little, I didn't really see a point in it. Then I started to realize that it was really useful.

Are you one of those kinds of people who can't part from their phone, but like a certain book? Buy Scribd for your phone. They basically almost have every book on their. I'm going to read The Fault in our Stars. HOPE YOU ENJOY READING!


Fall, great time of the year here where I live. Muddy, sometimes rainy, sometimes shiny, and sometimes even the best weather. A warm, sunny day with no clouds and a slight breeze. And then there's school; I'm really excited for school. So, you have to look cute; something fall appropriate and cute for school. I found this link online. Let's start:

A grey sweater, yellow, mustard colored jeans, boots, red/orange/dark pink scarf, teal colored earrings, and of course your bag!


Hey lazy mothers! Do you just love your kid over the um... yeah?! I mean, if you just do not want to let your kids go and you know, it's your first kid; you kind of want to try and teach them yourselves for a short time, then I suggest you host a little home school session. I think that you should try to start teaching them around 3 or 4, you know when they should be in pre school I guess, and if you enjoy it, you can try kindergarten too. If you are just stoked about it, then you can go on and on, depending how much you enjoy teaching your kid and spending time with them and stuff. Okay, let's get started!

1. I suggest that you buy a cheap mirror (not like a beauty mirror or something, but you know what I mean... hopefully), and the next step is put tape on the edge of the mirror, near the glass, and spray paint it with black board spray. I'd write down a different letter every day. You can write down stuff that is related to that letter. For example, A. You can eat somet…


Sorry that this is late, but I'm going to tell you what's inside my summer beach bag.

1. Obviously sunscreen. You need sunscreen all over your body and face during the summer. If it's burning hot, or freezing cold, you still always need sunscreen to be on the safe side. Trust me, my friend and I are so tan. Her mom says that she looks african. Not even african; we are just that tan. And yes, I use sunscreen 24/7. It doesn't make sense, but sometimes I have a natural, golden glow. It's awesome. Okay, I'll stop talking... or typing(?)...

2. A cover up. Now, usually I feel kind of cold when I go to the beach with just my swim suit on. Not necessarily when I go to the pool, but still. Maybe you could bring a short dress or a see through shirt or something. I don't know! :p

3. Shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Usually before or after you go to the beach or the pool, you can take a shower there. But, they don't have any shampoo and stuff. You might as well brin…


I am back! And getting more crazy! Let me explain; I keep on promising you guys different things and it landed on vlogz. As you can tell, it didn't work out. I can't really explain it, but let's just say that it didn't work out and I really apologize. We were just so crazy and blah blah blah. But as you can tell, as a sorry present, I'm going to do another Dashin Fashion: School edition!

So, I believe that a little birdie told me that most of you out there are going back to school this month. I know I am; I'm actually really stoked. A brand new school. TIP #1: Going into a new school is your chance to change your image. If you don't like your hair for instance, now's your time girlfriend. Reach for the stars. (That's actually a book; SUPER GOOD! :D) Okay, now I'm going to give you the link to a site that has really cute back to school outfit ideas. Which one do you pick? :)BYE! PS. Sorry for the whole video thing. I really do apologize. It just …