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Smoothie recipe:

Even though it's have a year until summer is here, I thought you might as well feel like it's summer with this tropical strawberry smoothie. Let's get started!


(I believe this makes 4 cups)

1 banana
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup frozen cherries
4 ice cubs
1/2 cup orange juice
3/4 cup vanilla yogurt
1/2 teaspoon honey (optional)


Place the banana, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and ice cubes into a blender. Pour in the orange juice, vanilla yogurt, and honey. Puree until smooth. 

Healthy recipe:

I found this delicious looking recipe that is packed with nutrient but at the same time gives you a great amount of food, if you love food like me! 


1 tablespoon olive oil
2 cloves garlic, minced
Kosher salt
One 28-ounce can no-salt whole tomatoes, crushed well by hand
1 small bunch curly kale, stripped from the stems and chopped (about 6 cups)
1 cup torn fresh basil leaves
1 cup almond flour
1/2 cup whole-…


"Happy girls are the prettiest." -Audrey Hepburn

I think this is so true because you don't have to be a super model to be pretty. All you really need is a smile and hopefully the rest of the world will see your inner beauty, not what's on the inside.


Hi guys. So here's the deal. I "made up" a new recipe, and I thought that I'd share it with you guys. You probably are very familiar to it, but it has a twist to it.


(Note: You can also use guacamole)


Salsa (or guacamole)
Zip lock bag


Cover your chips with salsa or guacamole. Once you're done, you want to put them in a zip lock bag. Make sure the air is gone without ruining your chips. Then zip it up and pop that into a freezer for about an hour or two. Whichever one you are comfortable with.

I tried these at my own house and fell in love with them! They are so delicious, so I thought you guys might want to know the recipe as well. Hope you enjoy!


Neon Dots


Thank you all so much for all of the page views throughout the years. I know have reached 9,000 page views. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Love you guys! Mwah! (That was my kiss to you)


Neon Dots


OMG guys, I haven't done one of these in so long! Since Christmas I believe... Something like that... Anyways, I decided, why not do one;... but this time VALENTINES DAY THEMED! Valentines day is coming up, so I thought I might as well prepare you guys! :) Let's get started!



Zip Lock Bag
White chocolate (melted)


Dip the strawberry into the Nutella. Then lay it on a flat surface, preferably a plate. Get your zip lock bag and put your melted white chocolate into the bag. Seal it up and cut the bottom tip of your bag. Then do a zig zag pattern on top of your strawberry. Repeat this over and over. When done, repeat. Put these in fridge until it hardens. You could put it in the freezer, just make sure it has plastic food wrap over it! :)



2 sticks unsalted butter, plus more for the ramekins
4 teaspoons granulated sugar
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
pinch …


Does anybody here hate iCal? I certainly do. It's the worst. No joke. I really hate it. It's always so confusing to put events in and it never pops up on your computer anyways; and if it does, then you're lucky. Maybe it's just because I am the kind of person who would rather write down my homework, but still; I just don't like it! :( Do you like it? I certainly don't. :(


Neon Dots


Hey guys. I am so sorry I've been gone lately. Actually not a school thing. I moved to a "secret location", so I didn't have wifi or couldn't write any blog posts for a while, but finally I do have wifi and I am back to do a lot of blog posts for you guys, as usual. Thanks for understanding. Bye!


Neon Dots

PS. Thanks for still reading my blog while I was gone!


Valentines day ladies! This is your time of year to spark and look beautiful for that special someone, so let's loose some weight! :)


I thought we could try something different. A detox drink!


1 1/2-ounce glass water, at room temperature (on the sight, it says 1 12, so I am assuming it is 1 1/2)
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1/2 inch knob of ginger root


Add the lemon juice to the glass of water. Finely grate the ginger by using a zester, add to the glass of water. This drink is a perfect way to start your day!

Lemon Ginger Detox Drink can be incorporated into the 3 Day Cleanse & Detox or simply enjoy first thing in the morning.



1 lb strawberries
2 cups low fat vanilla yogurt
6 tbsps muesli cereal


Cut 1 lb strawberries into quarters and divide half among 4 glasses

Divide 1 cup low fat vanilla yogurt and 3 tbsp muesli ce…


Guys, BUY THE APP POLYVORE! If you are a fashion lover like me, you should definitely buy this app. I literally got it like half an hour ago and I published two outfits, one of them already with two likes! This is the app for you, even if you don't like fashion.

You can check out other peoples outfits, shop, and publish your own. This is a very short blog post, because I have to go, but please consider buying it. You may just want to search it up or check it out on the app store. Bye guys!


Neon Dots


Hey. Do you want to be a tutor? Yes? Well, you've come to the right place! :D I have some advice, how to manage your kid and your time, and all of these fun things, so let's get started!

1) Be prepared! This is probably the most important thing. First, bring any electrical device. Something bigger than a phone. Maybe an iPad or a computer. That way, if your kid has any homework to do, then you're well prepared. You might want to bring a pencil, graph paper, and lined paper. Another really big important thing. And depending how long you're tutoring, you might want to bring a water bottle. If you're going to be staying longer than an hour, then you can bring maybe a snack or a meal, depending how hungry you are! ;)

2) Let them do the talking. When you first meet them, they might be really shy, so make sure that they do more of the talking. That way, they don't feel that you're rushing your lesson, if you know what I mean. And don't afraid to ask questions…


Valentines Day is right around the corner, and I know you want to look hot for that special someone, so I have a super cute outfit idea that will surely impress your crush! Let's get started. And one more thing, to be honest, I couldn't find a formal yet casual outfit online, just dresses and more dresses. Hope you like formal and casual! :)

Okay, so we have a black quilted like peplum with a little exposure, a pretty red pant, some gold heels, a black little purse, heart-shaped earrings with a crown on them, and a beautiful gold bracelet.

If I were you, I would definitely go for the casual look, just because it's just Valentines day, but at the same time you're dressing it up with all of your accessories.

Hope you guys liked this outfit as much as I did. Bye.


Neon Dots


Okay, back to Fluffy updates. I have a funny story to tell you; not really that funny, kind of sad but let's get started.

Okay, so the night before last night, I was just chilling in my bed, when I hear a bonk. I heard another and another. I look over and see Fluffy's sleeping chamber's door flinging up and down in the air. I suddenly realize that Fluffy's little door wasn't closed, so I take him in my hands, rock him around and snuggle with him, and put him back.

About 10 minutes later, he was fussy and making a lot of noise, so I check on him again. I pick him up and snuggle, then I decide why not put him in his day cage, so I do and for the rest of the night he was fine.

I have two cages for him. One, which is his night cage, where he sleeps, and a tube leading to his day cage, where he has his food, water, wheel, and his little corner behind his wheel where he likes to take naps and chill. Both of his cages are Critter Trails.

Thanks for reading this guys. Hope…


Hi guys. I have not just sat down and talked to you guys in a while. I've just been talking about my life and doing so many other things that I just don't really EVER talk to you guys properly. I'm sorry if some of you are mad. You have every right to be. But hopefully you've been enjoying my other blog posts.

How are you guys? I've been pretty good... And lazy of course. I've been watching a LOT of Switched at Birth on Netflix. :p GUILTY! And I also have noticed something lately. I haven't been eating meals at the proper time. For example, I won't be hungry for dinner because I may have had a huge meal an hour or two ago. I don't know how to stop preventing this from happening or how to go back on track, but for know I just have to deal with it.

I think I just have a lot of tiny health issues; nothing to worry about, but I guess now you know something about me! :) I have been dealing with a couple for my whole life. One thing that I've always b…


Hi guys. I decided, why not help you all lose some weight and feel great about yourself? I was thinking, maybe somebody out there really likes my blog and at the same time is trying to lose weight but they feel that nothing is really working out for them. It's okay. You will NOT lose weight the first time you work out or drink a healthy juice. It takes patience and time, but if you trust me that one day you will lose weight, than it will be worth it sooner or later. I know it, and I know that you know it as well.
I myself am even excited for you. You'll be able to make cool recipes and find out some really cool information about working out, and many more fun, exciting things. Let's get started!
Here's the link to where I found the recipe that we will be trying out this week:
So today, we will be making an orange juice.
9 carrots 1 orange, rind removed …


Hey girls. What's up? I know that sometimes school and boys can be stressful, but I'm here for you and also here to tell you that it is perfectly normal. School can sometimes be annoying with all of the tests and homework, while boys are just plain old boys.

You have a crush. Well, you technically have a couple of crushes, but there's this one guy that just makes your heart melt whenever he passes you in the halls. And when he smiles, hallelujah! I have one of those guys. UGH! He is just the cutest, but anyways, he may or may not have a girlfriend and if he does, I would be positive about it.

I mean, you might be tempted to thing negative things, but just think, one day he may dump her and he may be looking around for a girl. All the girls might be taken and you will just happen to be there! Sometimes, waiting can lead to great things. You know Shay Carl, right? I talk about him all the time... Anyways, he is a huge inspiration. He used to be desperate to just have food fo…


Some people can hoard make up. Most people find this quite strange, but end up not caring so much about the situation when the actual owner of the make up has a reason to out trick their opponent. They could say something like, "I always use my make up!" or, "I definitely need to have it in my collection because every YouTuber has it and just every person in general, you know?" I don't mean to offend anybody, but I just don't think that you need so much make up.

It just gets cluttered and it ends up being junk because you never ended up using it. I recommend getting make up compartments (is that the right word?) so that your make up isn't all over the place and you're just constantly loosing it. I admit, I kind of hoard make up as well, but comparing to others, my collection isn't that big. However, I once was at TJ Maxx and I found this make up organizer made out of a plastic material that looked like glass. I still use it today and find it ver…


WOOT! WOOT! I am back onto the internet, ready to make millions of blog posts for my lovers! (That's you...) I don't know if you all are happy with me being back, but hopefully some people are! :) I know that I am. I have been checking my page views; They aren't perfect, but hopefully I can raise them up higher again by making more blog posts for you guys! :)

I promise I have a lot of ideas for every single one of you, so I'll see you soon. Bye! :) (My favorite part is coming up..)


Neon Dots

P.S. I totally missed saying that! :)


I know I haven't been doing that many blog posts recently guys. I'm sorry; And yes, I know that every single time, I complain about school work, but it's nothing but the truth, I swear. I would never leave you guys for no apparent reason or not tell you. I'm not taking a super long break from my blog, maybe just a couple of days off, possibly coming back on Thursday or Friday, I haven't really planned it out yet.

But seriously, I have a  science test on Thursday, an unexpected but hopefully easy spanish test tomorrow, my WEEKLY vocabulary test tomorrow, and my math test, which probably won't be that big of a deal. Maybe some of you guys think this is way to much that you could ever handle or you get a lot more tests than the ones happening for me, but I just cannot keep writing blog posts for you guys AND study for 4 tests.

I also haven't really taken a break from my blog in quite a while! :o I actually don't enjoy it that much, because I just love writ…


Hey guys. I just wanted to sit down with you guys and talk about our surroundings and just life in general. We are always so stressed out with work or school, things like that that honestly don't matter. We think that we never have time to enjoy hanging out with friends and going out to the movies, because us humans are so "busy", but really, all of that is not true.

We think that we never have time to do anything and we are just so busy, but really, we just think that. The truth is, we DO have time to sit down and relax, we DO have time to go to the movies with our friends. We may be busy sometimes, yes, but you can MAKE your schedule clear. Just think. Do you NEED to be working 24/7? Do you NEED to start your English project today, even if it's due until two weeks? NO! Relax and enjoy your surroundings.

I personally think we don't have time to just look around and feel blessed with the life we have and our beautiful planet that we live in. It is normal to stres…


Do you need a job and decided that you wanted to become a babysitter? Great! Here, you can find multiple tricks, tips, and how to convince your parents you're ready. Basically all you need to know on how to become a great babysitter. Let's hurry up and get started!


It's very important that you know how to get hired. First, ask somebody you know, that way it's easier and they can spread the news that you're a great babysitter. And try and be as professional as possible. Maybe make a keynote or send an email on strictly what you will need to know about the child you will be taking care of, such as allergies, what they like to eat, games they like to play, all that stuff. And make sure they tell you why you're going to be babysitting them. If you strictly inform them that you need to know these things, then you'll seem very professional, and they might hire you again or tell their friends about you!


Convincing your pa…


I just did a Fluffy update. Here's the link to that blog post.

Anyways, I thought, I deserve to write an update on how I am doing, right? :D So here I go!

So I have been super busy with school work and of course, writing blog posts. I have been getting a lot of views lately, and have been building up more viewers from all around the world. Lately (this week) people are visiting from US, UK, Canada, France, and Poland, which is amazing, so thank you all, whether you live there or not, I just really appreciate it. The more page views I see a day, the more it just lightens me up. But I do have to stress now-a-days.

For instance, I have 3 (maybe 4) tests coming up next weekend. It is a lot to take in. Anyways, I am just trying my best to stay positive.

Thanks for supporting me and making me feel better every single day. My views have been going up like crazy! Love you all!


Neon Dots


I haven't done a Fluffy Update in a while, just because I was trying out some new series for you guys and such, so I should probably do more Fluffy updates in the future. If you are new to my blog or just forgot, Fluffy is my Syrian hamster.

Anyways, he's been really sleepy and lazy the last time you saw him. I don't really give him broccoli as much as I used to, just because I always forget to pick it up at the market, so I will just give him some carrots and half a strawberry yogurt drop from Petco. He LOVES his water, and I mean LOVE. And again, he's always sleepy. If he were to wake up on his own, he might get up around 10-11! Therefor, I wake him up around 9-10, just to make it easier for me, and hopefully he gets used to it, so that it can just be a new routine for us, but I do want to say, his night routine and food routine and all that changes constantly.

Hope you guys enjoyed this Fluffy update. Bye!


Neon Dots and Mr. Fluffy Pants

PS. I have been getting…


Hello mothers/fathers! (I am just going to go with mothers for this blog post to make it easier!) Are you excited for Valentines Day? Oh yeah! But wait, you just remembered your kids. Don't worry! I can make your Valentines Day fun with cute ideas for the whole family. Valentines Day mail boxes. Now, you've probably seen these in stores before. Here's a picture of one.




5) Why do you call yourself Neon Dots?

Well, back then (when I started my blog of course), Neon was kind of in around my school. ALL the boys were wearing them, so I was just so used to seeing neon around my physical environment. I also got a polka dot couch that year (still have it), and it has white polka dots over a blue background, so long behold NEON DOTS!

6) Do you have any siblings?

Yes, I have a younger brother.

7) What kind of electronics to you use/have around you at all times?

My computer, which I use mostly for Netflix, writing stories that nobody will ever see... and of course writing blog posts. I have a MacBook Air with a turquoise case. I also have a keyboard cover that I use occasionally. It's teal with a white chevron print. And another thing is my iPhone 5c.

(Sorry if I sound like I'm bragging, I just thought you guys would find it interesting, but just remember, I am NOT trying to make anybody feel bad!)

8) Do you have a boyfriend?

No, and I do not intend t…


Hola chicos y chicas ! Estoy de vuelta para otra entrada en el blog español y decidí que yo también podría comenzar una nueva serie ! Y sí , yo tengo un montón de series. Yo sólo quería tomar el tiempo para darles las gracias por todas las páginas vistas , incluso si todo el comentario cosa no está funcionando en este momento. Gente de todo el mundo echa un vistazo a mi blog, y eso significa el mundo para mí , así que gracias. Adiós!


In one week, EXACTLY (!), it will be a month until Valentines Day. Well then, lets's get started.
1) Chocolate anybody?


•Pink bucket
•Chocolate bar
•Construction paper
•Jewels and other cute decorative items


1) Take off the original wrapper and put on the construction paper. Make sure the construction paper is shaped like a rectangle so that it will fit onto your chocolate bar.

2) Then decorate it with any jewels you have and little cute things like that.

3) Put your chocolate bar into your pink bucket and this is optional, but if your bucket has a handle, you can get some of your string and wrap it around the handle.

2) I love you jar


•Any jar with a lid
•Some sort of label


1) Cut out multiple pieces of paper and write down things that you love about your special person with a sharpie. When you're done, you can slip in into the jar.

2) Get any kind of l…


Hi guys. I decided today I would do a Q and A blog post. Don't mistake this for Q and A of the day. This is just an old fashion Q and A, so here we go!

1) What's your real name? Address?

I don't think it's that safe to put my real name out there. You can call me Neon Dots, ND, Nicole, anything. None of these are my real name but I really couldn't care less, unless it's like poop or something. And address? NO WAY! But I will tell you this. I live in California. ;)

2) Do you plan on doing the whole blog thing forever?

Maybe not FOREVER, but I do plan on doing it for a while. :) Depends on how popular it gets.

3) On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love your viewers?


4) Who's your favorite YouTuber?

Bubzvlogz (Lindy Ng)

Part 2 will be released soon... TO BE CONTINUED...


1) Wake up with positive thoughts. This is super important. For example, you can wake up with a smile on your face and say to yourself, this is going to be a great day or, let's have some fun! That way, you have positive thoughts and feelings for the rest of the day!

2) Water. Water keeps you healthy/hydrated. The night before, lay some water right next to your bed, so in the morning you can finish it all up. This will be super helpful, and your body will be able to get used to processing foods and liquids easier. A banana would be great as well, again, it will prepare your food for heavy, harsh food.

3) Work out. You don't have to do this everyday of course, but maybe 1-3 times a week. That way you stay fit, you look great, and that itself will lead to more confidence, which is key to a happier life.

Hope you guys found this tips helpful. Stay positive, because you are beautiful/handsome. You were made for a reason. Good luck!


Neon Dots


Q: How do I set up the perfect Valentines day for somebody I like? From, Random Boy

A: Well Random boy, there is no such thing as the perfect Valentines day, but I have a few ideas. If this special girl has a locker, slip in a couple of index cards throughout the day, writing down little quotes or notes, like, you look beautiful today or maybe, you shine brighter than the stars. You could also decorate her locker inside with cupcakes and balloons and little, cute things like that.

Don't push it or reveal yourself unless she really likes the decorations. Just keep an eye on her facial expression. When you feel like you're ready, then you can reveal yourself to her, and she will really appreciate you. Also, if you have a Valentines school dance coming up, ask her in a cute way.

Maybe you could send her a package with a big paper inside saying, WILL YOU GO TO THE VALENTINES DANCE WITH ME? That would be cute. Or you could send it in multiple boxes. One with WILL.... (ANOTHER BOX) …


Winter. I know. Depending where you live, winter can either be a pain in the B U T T (LOL) or it can be heaven... Or maybe like a desert... And using these three types of weather, I am giving you tips on how to take over winter! In a good way, I promise...


If you live somewhere cold, it can sometimes be hard to find the perfect outfit that looks cute and not so... big... I think I have the perfect tip for you. Wearing thin layers. You might be thinking, okay... but my clothes might get ruined in the snow! (Well, you know... I don't know where you live but let's just role with the whole snow thing!) Don't worry guys, if you choose a nice puffy, high-quality jacket to go over your thin layers, you can play in the snow while still keeping your outfit cute and  warm.


If you have normal weather where you live, I would recommend going with the fall look. I know fall is over, but try and stick to the dark colors and fun sweaters.



You know how it during break, you're all like, "YAY! No school and sleeping in!" And then… Well, let's just say that... You go back to school. 😁 Yeah… And, I know how hard it can be because you're going back to school. You have tests, and of course you have to worry about grades as well. But the most annoying thing… Is not being able to sleep in!

I know guys. Seriously. Take it from the MASTER of sleeping in. And it has already come to an end because my school starting tomorrow. Trust me, you're not alone. In fact, I think you're right you know that… But anyways, I just wanted you guys to know that, even if you don't feel like you're alone, I still feel ya. 😔 SIGH... School.

It doesn't suck THAT MUCH, but you know. If you read my past blog post, you know that I usually have multiple tests A WEEK! And you also have to worry about grades and having time to do your homework because you have after school activities. And I won't forget to wri…


I know guys, I am lacking on blog posts. I guess I have been busy lately. I am starting school tomorrow. To be honest I'm not that excited... 😁 hopefully I can just catch up slowly on the whole school thing. I'm taking today off so that I can just relax and prepare myself for school tomorrow. I think I may have to have some time alone, away from my blog. Just to get the gist of getting back to school again. But I do promise that I will be making blog posts as soon as possible, maybe even sweet. I really don't know.

I know you guys understand, because you guys are the nicest people I know. It is hard because I do have a lot of tests. Throughout the week I probably have one, two, or on the rare occasion, three tests! As you can see, it is really hard to manage it all and write a blog post for you guys as much as possible. So hopefully you guys can understand. I will try and make a blog post to speak. I really have no idea.

And I am so sorry for saying on anon that you can c…


I don't know about you guys, but I am going back to school in a couple of days. I honestly am not that excited because I enjoyed spending time with my family, just enjoying Christmas and New Years, and all that jazz. And of course sleeping in! I will definitely miss that. And I do know that not many people are that excited to go back to school either, so I decided to make it exciting for you (hopefully...). I found this adorable outfit that you guys will hopefully like.

We have this adorable, over-sized sweater with a very cool print, leggings, maroon-colored infinity scarf, boots, feather necklace, and a brown bag.

I love this outfit because it is so cute. I think that an over-sized sweater is super cute for the winter. One thing that probably nobody hates or cannot dislike is the color pallet! Neutral colors are just so cute with a bold color, in this case it is the maroon scarf.

Hope you guys like this outfit as much as I do. Thanks. Bye!


Neon Dots


Hey guys. I just wanted to tell you guys that I am working on a big project. Once I get the all clear to tell you guys, I will let you know. However, I decided I can give you guys SOME information.

I will probably be letting you guys know about it either in the spring time or the summer time, because the event is probably going to be in August, but we don't really know because this big project is still in the making. If you do decide to come, you will be meeting me and one of my friends. Last but not least, I will be sponsoring this company if they let me.

It's fairly far away, but the company and I are slowly starting to start on this for you and for some other people you may know. Comment down below if you can guess what this big event is.

Thanks for reading this blog post you guys!


Neon Dots


I decided to make a blog post that gives some personal info about myself. Today, I am sharing with you my 2015 New Years Resolutions. These are also good examples, so you can add any of these to your list as well.

1) Cleaning my room
2) Do extra community service
3) Working out

You may be like, well working out shouldn't be on her list. She's still in school! Actually, I want to work out because there is a big event coming up this year in August. I probably shouldn't mention it at the moment because this big event is still in the making, but once I get the all clear, I promise I'll let you guys know.

I also would like to try working out in the morning (probably during the weekends due to schcool.) so that I can have a nice boost to my day and it will really help my day take off to a start.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. Comment down below if any of your New Year Resolutions are the same as mine or if you would like to share yours with me. Bye.


Neon Dots

2015 GUYS!

It is officially 2015! YAY! I am so excited. Comment down below and tell me what your new year resolution is. Here's mine:

1) Cleaning my room
2) Get straight A's
3) Take sewing classes