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WEEKEND IN MY LIFE : SHOPPING (OUTFIT IDEAS) + 6 FLAGS 내 인생에서 주말: 쇼핑 (차림새 아이디어) 하고 6 플래그 (한국어 번역)

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog. Today's post is a weekend in my life! I went shopping and also went to six flags! I will also be showing you guys some outfit ideas as well, with the things that I purchased! I have a lot of exciting content coming up, so make sure to come back soon! Let's go!


In Urban Outfitters this weekend, I noticed a dress that caught my eye. It was this beautiful cherry dress, and later that day as well, I called a friend. We love to online shop together, and while going on Lulus, I found another gorgeous cherry dress, somewhat similar (the Urban  Outfitters dress was denim, and the Lulus dress was black). I ended up purchasing the Lulus one, however, I figured that this might be an upcoming trend this summer, so I wanted to share it with you guys! I thought it would be great to pair with a denim jacket and white sneakers!

Urban Outfitters Denim Dress

Lulus Cherry Dress

Denim Jacket

White Sneaker

I also purchased these really fun and ador…


Hey guys, what's up! It's Olivia, and welcome back to my blog! With finals season coming up for most of us high school and college students, I thought it might help if I share with you guys my most useful and helpful studying tips. These range from healthy recipes you can try out, to organizing life hacks. 여러분, 아래쪽으로 스크롤하면 한국어 번역을 찾을 수 있습니다. 고맙습니다! (Everybody, please scroll down to find the Korean translation. Thanks!) Without further ado, let's get started!


These kind of correlate with each other because I think that when you are studying, it is important to at least study once with a group of people, and when studying with more than one person, comes organizing. Here is how I like to do it! Although it may be tempting to work with a close friend, it will probably lessen the probability of you guys getting any work done. I would work with somebody or two-three people who you know and will be able to not get distracted from.

For example, in …


Hey guys, what's up! It's Olivia and welcome back to my blog! I cannot believe I am saying that once again; it is way too surreal to express in words! I am beyond grateful and excited to be back on my blog once again. Thank you guys for being beyond patient with me and continuing to support me throughout my break. It was more than six months, in fact, closer to nine...

I have missed you guys more than you will ever know, and it was a much-needed break. I was in desperate need of some time to myself, where I didn't have to worry about uploading posts or deadlines. I was also able to focus on my personal and school life, which was amazing. But, now I am back and better than ever!

Today I will be talking about clear bags, one of the most popular current spring trends at the moment. I will also be sharing with you guys my current playlist! 여러분, 아래쪽으로 스크롤하면 한국어 번역을 찾을 수 있습니다. 고맙습니다! (Guys, please scroll down to find the Korean translation. Thanks!) Without further ado, let'…