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Bye Fall!

Okay ladies, we have to get ready to say good bye to that one season(this is my opinion) where you wear the most cutest outfits in the planet. Fall. Take fall into your palms, and throw it in the air! (just did it) Bye fall! Anyways, today, for this sad, sad, moment(or blog post), I am going to show you this very cute, yet cute, and did I mention cute(LOL!) outfit! This outfit is so adorable, yet so simple. You could maybe wear this to a job interview or a coffee date. The leather jacket with the white is so adorable, and the jeans are the classic part! The jeans are so simple though, so to dress it up, the fun scarf pops up the art into the outfit. The shoes and purse go really well together, and to give that spice with the steak, you can add sunglasses and a watch. I didn't even notice the coffee till a couple of minutes ago, which in that case, the coffee date is correct! Happy thanksgiving guys! :D

Gotta Love... Everything!

Ok, so I had figured out lately, if I don't do a blog post for you guys often, you start to not come every single day. This is getting into a problem for me, because I keep on telling my mom, 'I am starting my early career' and you guys are my helpers. Please come more often! Anyways, I decided to feature G Hannelius. You might know her from 'Dog with a Blog'; she plays the character, 'Avery'. I admire both G Hannelius and Avery. They are so bold, daring, and love everything. I especially LOVE this outfit. G's wearing a very cute, yet simple sailor shirt with anchors on it(so cute!), and to finish it off, a leather skirt. Red sneakers to be that cherry on top!

Jaylen Barron

Too cute to be true! You might know Jaylen Barron from one of my favorite shows, a hit TV show, Good Luck Charlie. She stars as Gabe's sort of girlfriend. This outfit here is so cute. You can wear it to a night out with the girls or just go to a dinner party! The skirt LOOKS like 3-D, which makes her legs look longer. The mint colored blouse is a perfect way to top off the statement necklace. The brown chunky heels are so adorable on her! She has a cute torquoise bag, which in fact, I have myself! I (or we;)) got it from target. It actually comes with a shoulder part, but you can also clip it and take it off, if you want to dress it up a little.

China Anne Mcclain

i apologize for last time. trust me, i freaked when i saw the tiny print. lol! anyways, i wanted to talk about china anne mcclain. i LOVE her style! It is a little bit edgy, and she loves prints. this jacket complements her in the right place, and has a nice angle on her. the black shirt and the necklace complement each other, and the pants and sneakers make it more casual, yet cool.

fifth harmony

sorry i haven't done a blog post in a long time. anyways, today i want to talk about fifth harmony! i love all of their styles! they all wear fun, bright, neon clothes. i hear most of them say, their style is soft with edgy girl in it. that is totally great for any season, and i admire it!

part 2

sorry, i didn't have enough room. anyways, forget those 'first date outfits'. i think they are great. they stay in the same color pallet, and are great colors to match any skin tone.

3) act! if you followed all these rules, you are fully prepared. you want to be and/or pretend (;)) that you are fully shocked. the guy might feel depressed, and you love him, so make him happy! just be like, "OH MY GOSH!" and then blurt out, "YES!" after 3 seconds.

hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! till next time, when we will be talking about that big day for you. your wedding!

hope it works out! good luck!

get ready for it!

get ready for that big moment. you ladies, this is for you! you don't know it when a guy is going to propose to you, so you should know, and you should also get ready for it!

1) if he invites you to dinner that you know will be crowded, and you've at least known each other for about 5 years or more, you know it will be special. you have that special feeling. if you don't feel it, then maybe not this time.

2) dress nice! you never know when a guy will propose, so if you read # 1(above), then you know that if people will be there, and blah blah blah di de blah blah. these outfits are perfect!