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I don't really want a long intro today, so let's just get started.

This is pretty self explanitory, but basically you will be squirting soem tooth paste into the middle of the oreos.

OMG, I love this one. Okay, so cut out a skirt shape with black paper and tape or glue it on the mens room. They don't have this, but you could use white out on the girls bathroom so that it looks like the mens room.


For this one, all you have to do is cut out the shape of a bug and you can glue or tape it on the inside of a lamp or something.

Caramel onions anyone? Just like caramel apples, melt some caramel and cover the onion with the caramel.

Put some water in a cup and freeze it. Then when it is completely frozen, put it on the kitchen counter, flipping it so that the water would slip onto the counter if you lift it up. Leave it there so that it will …


Ok guys, this is serious. What is wrong with the world? Nobody is going green anymore. Sure, there was once a time where going green was important, but now, I rarely see anybody throwing their food away in the compost. I know that I may sound like a freak to some of you, but just think that you could save the world.

I have a great idea. Every single day, I dare you to be kind to somebody, give a complement to someone older than you, and do one thing that can save the earth. On Instagram, please use the #GoGreen, so that I can see it!

I have a great #GoGreen idea. It's actually a DIY that could make a nice blank space really cute. Maybe if you have a green room, this would be a really cute idea. Here we go!

You know how some people just throw away perfectly good egg containers? Well, look how cute this is! All you have to do is take an empty egg container and crack half an egg, and empty each half out, letting it dry in the sun so you make sure that there is no liquid or anything re…


This outfit includes a mint colored t-shirt, pink shorts with a white belt, and sandals. You can also wear some cute glasses, earrings, and a brown, light brown, and mint colored purse.


Neon Dots


Have you guys seen/heard of find the mistake, a game that is usually popular on Google+? Well, I thought that this would be the perfect short, simple game you could play with one of your friends. Maybe you could print it and make two copies so you see who finds the mistake first. Anyways, let's get started! :D











Hope you guys found this game fun. It would be great to play in a car if you're on a road trip. Adios!


Neon Dots


This is a blog post to help you learn a little bit about me.

1) Blue, because I am tan and darker colors work better with my skin tone.

2) Chocolate because I feel like vanilla is way to plain for me

3) I am a girly girl at heart. I play tennis every weekend (once a week :-/) and also do swimming, but other than that, I love to shop and I obviously love fashion! (I like fashion more than sports, yes...)

4) I likeMcDonald's and fruit because I am a healthy person as well and like my fruit but I occasionally like to indulge on some french fries and chicken nuggets. (PS. That's what I get...)

5) I like music because when I am in my advisory/homeroom, sometimes people listen to music to help them study during study hall, and I do the same as well. I actually hate reading. I am a really slow reader :(

6) I like water, but I LOVE soy lattes as well and sometimes like tea.

7) Jeans, because they go with any top.

8) Heals, because sometimes, if you look hard enough, you can actually …


Hi guys! So today I just wanted to show you a cute outfit that you could get inspired by to wear for Easter. Hope you enjoy!

So this girl is wearing a white sundress and a pink blazer. I really think the pink blazer gives the whole outfit a bit of color and fun! She then has a cute dusty rose colored clutch with a cool design on it. If you want to add some fun to it, you can pair it with a bold statement necklace. Hope you found this helpful. Love you all!


Neon Dots


I just decided to write a whole blog post on quotes. I love them and they can really help you boost your self confidence.

Friendship quotes:

"If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus a day, so I never have to live a day without you." Winnie the pooh

"If friendship is your weakest point, then you are the strongest person in the world."
Abraham Lincoln

"Best friends are the people in your life that makes you laugh louder, smile brighter, and live better."

Family quotes:

"Family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life who want you in theirs; The one who excepts you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what."

"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."

"No family is perfect. They argue. They fight. They even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end, family is family.. The love will always be there.…


I just finished reading the book, The One and Only Ivan. I would rate it 4 stars and a half. I think this book would be great for 3-5th graders. A lot of people say it's very depressing, but I would just call it a bit sad. The book is about a mighty silverback named Ivan who lives in a domain in a mall and is taken care of a person named Mack.

He was separated from his family when he was little, and others killed his sister Tag. He lives with Stella (an old elephant who passes away at the beginning of the book), Ruby (the baby elephant who replaces Stella once she becomes older), Bob (a dog) and Not-Tag, a stuffed gorilla that Bob sleeps with.

Also, the janitor, George, has a daughter, Julia. Julia likes to give Ivan crayons, paints, and paper so that he can draw. Ivan loves to draw and he figures out throughout the book how much he wants to be an artist. Ivan is very sweet. He was raised as a baby by Mack and his ex-girlfriend who walked away on him. Ivan was treated like any oth…


I think I already did a spring themed Dashin Fashion blog post, but it is coming up soon, and I wanted to thank you guys for so much page views! :D So happy! And I think I have a big secret for you guys coming up soon. I don't know if it will work out, but the second I know I can do this, I will! Let's get started.

This girl has on a sleeveless minty colored shirt with a collar, a pink skater skirt, a simple statement necklace, and some white round sun glasses. Her hair is just curled a bit and tied up in a ponytail. I thought this was a simple, nice casual outfit that you guys might like. Bye!
Neon Dots


Easter is coming up, and maybe you want to host a fun party with your friends. Here are some great DIY's you could try out!

1) Marshmallows!

This is a really cute idea. Basically, you will want a:

•Mason Jar
•Marshmallows (I recommend the tiny ones)
•White and pink felt
•Markers (optional)
•Hot glue gun

Take your marshmallows and put them into your mason jar. Then screw on the lid and cut out the white felt to make the ears. Cut out the same outline except tinier to make the pink center of the ears. Take your hot glue gun and glue the ears onto the lid. If you want, you could draw a cute little face on the jar, but that is totally optional. This is just an idea, but you might want to put a cute spring like ribbon and tie it around the jar?


I think that for a DIY Easter themed party, it is essential to have a garland! Here you go!

You will need:

•Plastic easter eggs
•Hot glue gun

What you want to do is glue the easter eggs onto your string/ribbon …


The leprechaun has come! Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody! I know this is a bit late, but if you plan on hosting your own party or you're attending somebody else's party this weekend, maybe this outfit will give you a cute idea!

So you have a simple mud colored sweater, green dress, and some nice flats. Your accessories are a brown belt to go with your dress (this tightens your waist so it makes you have the elusion of a tighter waist), some cute earrings, and a nice purse that looks designer but is also really festive.

Hope you guys found this helpful. Bye!


Neon Dots


Hey guys. I haven't done Dashin Fashion in a while (I think I haven't done it in a while... I don't remember...) But anyways, Spring is just around the corner, so I thought I would get you guys ready.

White blazer complements all skin tones
A white and tan top will match with that blazer of yours
A mint jean is essential for spring. You will at least need one pop of color per outfit
A tan colored heel will pull any outfit together
You will need some sort of statement necklace that is the same color of one of your items.


Neon Dots


Self confidence is a gift. When you're first born, you either immediately have it or you don't. But don't worry if you don't. You can build self confidence.

1) Make new friends. This will help you through life; friends will help you through life. And who knows. You guys may end up being best friends for life. This will give you the courage to go up to anybody who you like and just say hello.

2) Be daring. Maybe there's one more spot for the talent show or you might be in Drama and you want to get a lead role but you're too afraid to admit it. Don't be scared. Be proud of who you are and don't worry of showing off. Don't be a big snob, but hopefully you get the whole idea.

3) Love yourself. This is key to building self confidence. I want you to wake up and say three things about you, a family member, and a friend.

Hope you found these tips helpful. Bye1


Neon Dots


BETH TIME! Okay, so Bethany (Bethany Mota on YouTube) is wearing this nude colored cardigan, red infiniti scarf and a off-white dress with a brown belt. Her dark brown hair is curled and everyone of her subscribers knows that Beth's best accessory is her smile.


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Are you a teacher and want to be your students favorite? Well here are some helpful tips and tricks!

1) Play music. You might want to go on billboard or search up, Top 100 songs. That way, your students can listen to some of their favorite music and will love you for playing it.

2) Be relaxed. Don't stress about everything. Tell your class that you will put the grade in for something a week after it's due, so that if they forgot a project, they have plenty of time to do it, and you still can get work done in a nice and neat matter of time.

3) Assign jobs each week. That way they learn responsibility at all times, even in school, and can also switch their jobs up maybe every week or so if they don't like it.

4) You can involve arts and crafts in your learning. Maybe you could all learn about Egypt and make puppets. Then you can make props and put on a play and record it with their table groups. See, they can do a fun art project, yet still learn something out of it.

Hope yo…


Do you have daylight savings? Is that even a thing if you don't have daylight savings? I think it is. I think... I live in California and am clearly dumb, so.... Ignore that! But seriously, I hate daylight savings. Sometimes. I just hate waking up early in the morning. Technically. Because I'm actually waking up earlier, however the clock says that I'm not.

Let's just start off with this. I woke up this morning to pitch black. And for some reason, my alarm on my phone didn't work! :p Yeah. I like the other daylight savings (other?!) when you get to wake up late and the clock says otherwise.

I know this is a really lame topic, but I honestly "need" to let my feelings out about daylight savings right now. Bye!


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I know girls/gals, sometimes breakups can be stressful, depressing, and you sometimes even end up thinking you're really lonely. But that's not true! You have me, and hey, what about your parents or maybe your BFF? But still, you need some serious advice, so you don't ever think about that big loser ever again! Let's get into it!

1) Go shopping! You need to treat yourself to a tiny shopping spree once in a while. This will also help you get a new, fresh look. Maybe your ex will spot you at a restaurant with your new boyfriend, and he may or may not be jealous! :D

2) Go outside! Maybe you want to walk your dog to the park or just even around your street. This will expose you to fresh air and the beautiful scenery.

3) Hang out with friends! Maybe you and your friends could go to the frozen yogurt store or something and talk about some crushes you all have

4) Remove any memories or pictures that reminds you of your old lover. This will only make you more sad, and you will…