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Hey guys, today is day one in Laguna Niguel, and may I say it is absolutely beautiful. Yes, it is a little bit humid because I'm usually used to much more cooler weather than what we have here at the moment, but it is gorgeous. We had a seven hour ride over, and it was pretty long, but we just took a couple of stops, and we got at the Ritz Carlton hotel, and it had marble flooring, and our room was beautiful, and it was just so great.

Okay, and I know this is really lame, but I got super excited once I saw the Keurig machine (coffee machine) because a lot of people that I know have it, or that I've seen on YouTube, and they all had great reviews about it, so I tried it out, and it is so simple, I got super excited, which is embarrassing, but you had to be there!

This is where I'm staying, and the beach is so close, which I love.

In no way, am I trying to brag, I just wanted to show my traveling experiences with you guys, so if you are not the kind of person who would want …


Guys, tomorrow I am going to be leaving for Laguna Niguel, the Ritz Carlton Hotel, and I am so excited to go with my family! I will be writing traveling blog posts, and I will take pictures and show you guys the resort, and I am so excited, so I may write a blog post later on in the day tomorrow, but I promise you guys that you will be hearing from me tomorrow. Yay! So excited. Where are you guys going or where did you go for this Summer? Use the #travelingwithneon on Google+ and tell me where you're going. Love you guys! Kiss kiss!


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Summer can get boring, hate to admit it, but we have expectations of what we want in Summer that just won't happen. Have nothing to do, so you are home, reading this either on your phone or on your laptop? Well, keep reading to learn some fun yummy snacks!

1) Fruit Popsicles

•Favorite fruits
•Popsicle mold
•Favorite drink

Pour your favorite drink about 1/3 of the way, and putting in some of your favorite fruits. I love strawberries and blueberries! Yum. Then, keep on pouring the liquid and adding more, until you have reached the top. You can use some kind of stick if necessary to stick down the fruits so they won't end up all on the bottom, and put on the top and pop it in your freezer for an hour or two and you have yummy popsicles that are so easy!

2) Chocolate covered kiwi popsicles

•Popsicle sticks  •Melted chocolate •Favorite fruit (we will be using kiwi today, but you could substitute for any other fruit.)
Take your kiwi and stick your popsicle stick about halfway, then …


Okay, I don't know about you guys or not, but seriously, getting the perfect eyeliner is the hardest thing I can do, and hopefully you guys can relate, because then I might be the only one... Anyways, I wanted to show you guys several ways on how to create the perfect eyeliner!

1) Winged eyeliner!


Take your tape and aline it from the end of your eye to the end of your eyebrow, and wing it out from your front to the tape, and it will be perfect!

2) Connect the lines!


Take your eyeliner and make three marks, separating them slightly, and connecting them, then winging it slightly.

3) No more mistakes!

•Q tip swab

If you have a mistake that you want to fix up, put on some concealer or foundation onto your hand and use your q tip swab, and wipe away that mistake!

I bet that this helped you out, and you know what to do, if you have any pictures for me, you can use the #makeupmadnesseyeliner on Google+! Good luck!


Neon Dots


We all need that day to hang out with some of your friends every Friday night, and we want to have a great time, so I thought that it would be the perfect time to tell you guys some of my essentials and some DIY's for your special girls day!


Computer. I need my computer because I love to watch Drop Dead Diva!

PJ's. You want to be comfy while you watch a movie.

Popcorn. No question about this.

Nail polish and makeup products, as well as hair products are a great solution because you have a activity to do while watching your TV/movie.


•Favorite snacks

Like I always say, I think you know how to do this already, but pour your favorite snacks into a bowl and lay them out so that you and your friends can pick anything you want, and you can put them in a separate bowl, or one of those cute Chinese takeout boxes with the patterns, and you can find those at Cost Plus (World Market) and they are so cute!

•White blanket

Glue some string onto the …


This is probably my most excited blog post I have ever uploaded in my whole entire blogging life. Okay, yes, I know that the school year is coming up and it is not fun at all, but you can make it fun! You do not have to be negative, that is your decision, trust me. But making a DIY helps everything because you have a fun activity to do and once school comes along, you will have the cutest school supplies that are unique like no other! Let's get into it!

1) Washy tape pencils

•Washy tape

This is pretty self explanatory, but wrap the washy tape around your pencil, and trust me, you will be able to spot your pencil from afar and if somebody steals your pencil, you have evidence ;)

2) Chalkboard notebooks

•Chalkboard paint
•Sponge brush

Take your chalkboard paint (It's better if you have some newspaper laid out so your surface does not get ruined) and start doing a layer of the chalk, then at least two-three coats in all. Let it dry overnight to make sure…


Hi guys! So, I felt in the mood to do a DIY blog post, and I do not want to do a long, boring intro that's literally a paragraph long, so let's get started!

•Mason jar
•Edible food food coloring

All you have to do (which is super simple) is put the rice in separate bowls and put your food coloring inside, stirring it with a spoon and you can layer them into a mason jar, and this is just so cute and festive. and I love how you can personalize it, like red and green for Christmas.

•Popsicle mold
•Liquid of your choice
•Gummy worms (or gummy bears)

Pour your liquid of your choice into the popsicle mold, and pour in your gummy worms inside, pushing it inward with a toothpick or something like a toothpick around, and pop it in the freezer, and enjoy!

•Fine point sharpie
•Mason jar

Whenever you feel bored and you have nothing to do, this is great because you just have to write down things that you love to do, fold them up if you want a little surprise, shake it up, and …


I feel like I never know what to do during car rides or plane rides. Yes, you might be in first class or business class for a 10 hour ride, however it is not as fancy as it looks... I actually get really bored once I watch at least one movie, so I will help you guys keep occupied. Buckle your seat belts. take out your tote bag, and pull out an activity and let's get into it!

1) A book. For all of you people who love to read, this is a great idea because you can see what happens in the next chapter! And it is great because if you bring several books, you will be able to finish all of them by the end of your trip!

2) Facial mask. Okay, it may seem a little strange, but while taking a little nap, put it on your face gently, and go to sleep, and once you wake up, take it off and give a good rinse, and you will feel so refreshed and awesome once you are done.

3) Read a magazine. It is helpful because you can see the latest trends and all the hottest celebrities.

4) Listen to music. I h…


•Scalloped detailed white blouse
•Light pink shorts
•Dream catcher inspired necklace
•Floral kimono

•Yellow blazer
•Black blouse
White shorts
•Black and gold belt

•White off-shoulder crop top
•Long floral skirt

•Off-white cardigan
•Blue daisy dress
•Brown braided belt

•Black crop top
•Ripped jean shorts
•Black and red flannel
•Black sneakers

Hope you guys found this helpful. If you do create any of these outfits, use the #neondotsdashinfashion on any internet site, such as Google+, ect. Be creative!


Neon Dots


So, you know how every single year, I tell you guys that I am going on one major trip, and there is always something bad that comes after it, like I forget to bring my MacBook Air or something like that? Well, this year, my family decides that we are NOT going to Wyoming, we are going to LA... Sigh! I was super excited about Wyoming, but probably more excited for LA to stop by on the way and say hi to family that I haven't seen in a year or two, and my grandfather is meeting us there.

If you cannot tell by that brief paragraph, my family hates traveling, which is weird, because I love everything about traveling, and if you are not new to my blog, you should know this at this point. My Mom travels for a living because she is a successful CEO, but my Dad and brother? They are more of the "why do we even need to travel" type. Is your family like this? Hopefully they are, because I am hopefully not the only one...

If my hotel does have wifi, I will be doing a series of blog …



BUT IF IT IS YOUR BDAY.... (Or will be very soon...)


Happy birthday! It may be your birthday or it will be, or it might have even passed, but this is birthday expectation vs. reality because I know what it feels like; you have this perfect image in your head of the perfect birthday but once it happens.. Sniff sniff!

JK. You may even just want to read this even if it isn't your birthday, the warning was a joke... If you haven't noticed... Ok, I am going to stop being super awkward and get into it!


Expectation: The expectation is that you don't have to ask anybody to throw you a party, they just do it automatically and it is the best day of your whole entire life, and all of your BBF's are there and it is so fun and you guys …


Hi guys! So, you know how I always say that I am going to write a blog post while traveling? Well, this Summer my family and I were debating on where to travel, and we decided Jackson, Wyoming! We're renting a really nice cabin and we're going to have a fun road trip in the car with Jo Jo (our dog) and Fluffy (my hamster). Check out my pet update series if you want to know more about them.

I am finally bringing you guys with me, and I can promise you guys this because I will have my phone and laptop with me, and either way, I can still upload content for you guys, which I am over the moon excited about, and I will be including pictures as well. I think I'm going to call it "Wyoming Adventures with Neon Dots", or is that too long?

Point is, I guess I won't be having a stay-cation anymore! I now know that this summer, I have a lot going on, even though I thought I didn't!

Hope you guys are as excited as I am! Kisses!


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Okay, to be honest guys, I am a little bit too obsessed with phone cases, and ever since I got my iPhone 5c, it just inspired me to have a phone case collection, and before I got it, I knew I wanted it but didn't know that it could be so pricy, and I have watched multiple videos on how to make 3 cute DIY phone cases, and I thought I had to show you guys too! It would just not be fare... Let's get into it!

•Clear phone case
•Colorful buttons
•Hot glue gun

Take your hot glue gun and start gluing it onto the border of your button, not the hollow part, because then it won't stick that way, and glue them on any way you want to, maybe an ombre pattern like the picture, or just one solid color.

•Printed picture
•Clear phone case

Take your picture and your phone and outline your phone or your current phone case onto the picture so you know that it can easily go into the clear case, and once you are done with that, you can cut that out and put it inside you…


I had to do this because sometimes, you want to use your powders or eyeshadows , and once you screw off that lid, boom! Powder flies everywhere, or it already broke, and you have this big mess in your hands, so I am here to show you how to fix it!

1) Pour in some rubbing alcohol until it absorbs. Start with small amounts depending on how much powder you have.
2) Mix it with your finger or a toothpick. 
3) It should past-like this

4) Flatten it out as much as you can and leave it overnight. All the alcohol will evaporate and you won't have to buy new makeup!
Hope you guys found this helpful, and as always, the links will be at the very end of this blogpost. Kisses! 
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Okay guys, I thought that it is time to start a makeup series on my blog, so why not name it Makeup Madness! Today, I am going to show you guys how to make crayon lipsticks, and yes, I am fully aware that these were popular about a year ago, but why not make them popular again, right?



•Coconut oil or vaseline


First, take your crayon of your choice and peel off the paper, then cutting your crayon into 4 pieces. Place your jar in the middle of your pot, and set that on low medium heat, playing about half a spoonful of coconut oil or vaseline into your jar, then your crayon, and mixing it occasionally with a toothpick. Once your liquid has melted, take your jar (you might want to use a oven mit or something to cover your hands from burning) and pour the liquid quickly into the container, screwing on the lid if you have one (or covering it with plastic food wrap so it doesn't make your freezer smell) and pop that into the fre…


I just wanted to make a quick blog post to say happy 4th of July! YAY! I don't know if you guys are doing anything or not, but I am having my family come over and we're going to have a fun BBQ. I like the little things where I can just have family quality time together and we can just grill up some delicious steaks and make some hamburgers... Well, actually, in reality, all of my cousins who are coming out today, are boys and I have a brother (link to my brother tag/sibling tag will be at the end), so they usually just eat and play video games... Fun?

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post (very boring and simple though) and I will link all of my 4th of July blog posts, again, as well as my sibling tag, down below, and I'll talk to you guys soon. Bye!


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I am totally obsessed with makeup and all of their products, and I feel like I have a lot to talk about certain brands and certain products, and what you should and should not buy, and just discuss with you guys about makeup, so if you love anything beauty, then keep on reading!


One thing that I love about Benefit is that their color payoff is amazing! I got a whole "face" kit called Groovy kind-a-love, which comes with porefessional, that's real mascara, and some eyeshadows, and it comes in a really nice, pretty purple, gold tin can and it's so cute, and what I love about Benefit is that they have the cutest names and packaging, and again, the color payoff was so amazing.


Bare Minerals is a very high-end makeup brand, and I personally think that their products are a little pricy, but then again,  I only have a couple of their products. I can't really say much about this makeup brand, but if you do not like the more pricy brands, then this…


I totally have forgot about my health session blog posts, and I miss them so much! I feel like I have a lot to say about Summer, and how you can still stay fit during the Summer, so keep on reading, and I hope you like this!
1) Run in the morning!

Okay, maybe this is a bit unrealistic, but trust me guys, I have tried running in the mornings with a friend, just tuning into music as I take a light jog, and even if you walk, I cannot tell you how great it feels! You are keeping your body healthy and at the same time doing something. If you are like me, and have nothing to do, this is a great strategy to fill up your calendar.
2) Water. 

(Haha, so unrealistic!)
I know this is such an obvious one, but I cannot tell you guys how important it is to drink water constantly during the sun, because if you are running and it is burning outside, you can end up walking, and I would personally not mind the extra weight if I know I really need it. But maybe this is just me, because I practically drin…


For some people, stereotypes can be quite annoying, but I have actually had to deal with it for my whole entire life. I only have two Asian friends in all, and one who I can discuss about with, because the other is quite busy, but point is, growing up with so many stereotypes, people assuming these things about me, I have now made a list of the stereotypes that people think about myself, so I hope you enjoy. (PS. This does not just apply to Asians, I am just listing the ones that I know.)

1) Being smart. Honey, I was born in the MODERN world, in America, so no, just because I am Asian, does not mean that I am smart. Well, I have good grades, yes, but that does not have to do anything with my family and I being Asian, or the fact that my Dad was a professor, and they both get straight A's. In fact, we all have had a moment when we got a bad grade that would scar us for life, and yes, I have had that, we all do. This is not me:

First of all, I am not a boy, and second of all, how ch…


I've done "types of ___" before, but I've never done Types of Parents, so I thought today was the day. Let's get into it!

1) Friends. Okay, so some parents act like they are your friends, and they may be, but seriously, do you really want to skip down the hill, linking arms with your parents and smiling, just not stopping. And some say that having your parents as your friends is bad parenting, but I think it is actually good, but god jesus, this picture is so fake!

2) The strict parents. Not to lay any stereotypes on anybody, but it's most likely that your parents are strict if they are Asian. Don't get me wrong, some American parents are very strict, but trust me, my parents were both born in Korea, but my Dad especially was raised under a strict house. I was very lucky, however, to have "unstrict" Asian parents, which is actually very rare if they have lived in Asia for at least half of their life. In fact, my parents kept on showing me how, i…