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I love Summer because you can do so many things, whereas when you are in school, you have to study and do all of these hard things, so hopefully you have time to do these fun DIY's!

•Mason Jars
•Yellow and red paint
•Green ribbon
•Black sharpies

Take one of your mason jars (let's start off with the watermelon jar) and paint it red. Then wait for it to dry completely, and draw on some "seeds" with your sharpie. Then you can repeat the same step with your "lemon" and tie your ribbon around your mason jar, and you can put in some utensils or if you want to draw and you brought some notebooks, you can put in some pens, and you are done, and after, you can also use these to put in your writing utensils and it will spice up your desk for the summer time, and it is so easy and super cute!

•Favorite flower

Take your flower and dip it in your paint, then just lay it gently on your canvas, and it creates this really pretty pattern.

•Floral wreath shap…


•Red Jello
•Blue Jello
•White Jello

Put in your colors in any flavor, and make sure to wait for every single layer. Basically, start with your blue and pour the Jello mixture into the cup, waiting until it cools. Then do white, and follow with the same steps. Once you reach the red for the top, add a cherry on top, or any kind of red berry or food, but a cherry works best because since the stem is sticking up on the top, it looks like a firecracker and it's super cute!

•Pretzel sticks
•White chocolate
•Blue chocolate
•White sprinkles
•Zip lock bag
•Red chocolate
•Mason Jar (optional)

Melt your chocolates in the microwave and start off by dipping your pretzel stick halfway, putting it on a plate and into the freezer. Then, once it cools, dip your white chocolate into the blue halfway and into the freezer it goes, or you could also use your fridge, but that will obviously take a longer time, but whatever works for you. While that is cooling, take your red chocolat…


Okay, so I love to cook. I remember when I was little, my Mom would bring me to our dining room and she would sit down with me and we would just talk and laugh while cooking. I remember just having so much fun, and now that I have grown throughout the years, I make cookies with my friends and I have even found out a new thing that I love to do, so I decided yesterday that I would pull together a cook book so that in the near future, if I have kids, you could sit with them and cook some meals, and I actually love to decorate it and write down fun recipes from online, so let me show you guys how to make it, and let's jump right into it!

You will need:

•Plain notebook
•Scrapbooking paper
•Painting sponge
•Mod Podge
•Colored pens
•Hole puncher
•Duct tape/washy tape

Take your notebook and if it already doesn't have a design on it, you can measure it with your ruler and cut it out, and you want to put on your Mod Podgue on the back and before you do that, cut out so…


Life hacks are so popular on the internet lately, I thought that I would share some obvious ones and some not so obvious life hacks, so let's just jump right into it, shall we?

1) Baby powder. If you are taking a trip to the beach, you have a great time, running around in the sand and all, but leaving is the worst part about going to the beach, for obvious reasons. Obviously you get upset, but I personally think that it's worse when you get sand stuck to your feet. Just sprinkle some baby powder on the sand and rub it in, and it will dust the sand right off your feet, and your feet will look nice (I shouldn't have said that... But it's true! :-) )

2) I love this idea because sometimes when you are at the pool or at the beach, you always get your phone wet. Even when you are at home, if you spill some water on your phone, it just annoys the heck out of me, and I don't even know why, but it really does, so you can use a ziplock bag and put your phone inside, and secu…


So, for the longest time, I didn't have a Pinterest account, and just recently, I got around to doing one because I figured that it is just a great way to share your ideas with people from all around the world, and I already do that for you guys, but it's like adding onto what I already do, so that people can see what I like and my interests and such, so here is the link to my Pinterest page:

(Message me and we can chat!)


Neon Dots


Okay, so maybe this isn't the most popular occasion of the year, but I am a huge sucker for any kind of party opportunity, and my family thinks otherwise, however we always have time to invite some close friends and host a fun barbecue, which still gives me the opportunity to make some cute DIY's and snacks for my guests, which I absolutely love to do because if you do the same thing as my family does, you are always the person who is left out and has nothing to do all day except wait for your guests, so this gives you the opportunity to have you do something fun, so let's just get right into it already! :D

I feel like these cute fruit kabobs are a great snack for those people who want something more on the healthy side, and I feel like everybody does this for the 4th of July, however if you have not yet, then do not feel left out, because I haven't either... :-/

•Kabob sticks
•Tin trey

This is pretty self explanatory but put all of …


Last night, I saw the movie, Jurassic World, starring Chris Pratt, and I thought that I would hate it because I hate action movies that just scare the heck out of me, but this movie was actually beyond my expectations, in a good way, and I thought that it was a great movie. I would rate it a 5/5 because it felt so realistic and all of the actors were really into their role, which I think personally makes a better movie, so go watch it! :)


Neon Dots


I know that I am late on the whole father's day thing, but you could also use these things for a dad's birthday or something, or maybe next year, if I forget again, so let's get started!

• Turquoise flash card
• Sharpie
• Peanut M&M's
•Washy tape

Take your flashcard and sharpie and write down any kind of note, and then shape your M&M pack as a bow and tape it down with several layers of washy tape

•Your dad's favorite candy
•Mason jar
•Chalk sticker
•Washy tape

Put your chalkboard sticker and stick it on your mason jar, and write anything that you want to write on it, and then put in your dad's favorite candy and put back on the lid, and decorate it with some washy tape

I once did a blog post on this so I will link it, but I still think it is the perfect idea to give to a father for his birthday or maybe you are hosting a party for all of those dad's and this would make a really cute party favor…


I recently saw the movie Inside Out by Pixar, and I actually didn't like it as much as I thought I would. I would rate it an overall 4 star. It was a good movie in the beginning and the end, but I feel like most of the movie was so depressing for a kids movie, and may I remind you, I was on the edge of my seat, so I honestly don't think that you should see this movie unless you are the kind of person who likes sad movies, but I loved the concept of little people inside your head/

Hope you guys found this helpful!


Neon Dots

(PS. My favorite character was Disgust, the voice by Mindy Kaling)


•Zip Lock Bag
•Rubber Band


Take your yogurt and put it in a zip lock bag and seal it up, and tie it with a rubber band just to make sure. (This is optional.) Then, cut the tip and put the yogurt inside the raspberry. You could put it in a bowl and freeze it, or just eat it as is.

•Chocolate chips
•Popsicle mold
•Tongue Depressor (optional)


Blend up your bananas and pour the liquid into your popsicle mold. If yours doesn't come with a stick or whatever you call it (so unprofessional right now...) you can use tongue depressors. Before you put it in the freezer, put chocolate chips inside, and then wait until it hardens.

•Chocolate chips
•Tongue depressors


Take half of a banana each and melt some chocolate chips and then dip the banana in the chocolate, or you could drizzle the chocolate on the banana with the zip lock method I talked about in the first recipe, and sprinkle …


Hi guys! I've been holding this news in for longer than you even know, and I am super anxious to share it with you but the time has come. So, you might have heard me talk about the brand, Viki, which is a video streaming website that is super successful. They are now having a Global TV Awards that may even be on TV!

I personally know the CEO, Tammy Nam, and she told me that I could talk about it, and I am super excited. There will be a lot of known celebrities, like Randall Park from Fresh Off the Boat, who will actually be the host of the TV awards. And what I'm most excited about is that I will be on the red carpet, so if you guys come, you may get to meet me!

I have always wanted to meet my viewers and take pictures with you and just talk to you. I doubt that any of you will want to come, but if you decide to, it will be really fun, and I may (in the future) post a picture of what I look like so that you can find me on the red carpet.

Here's the link to get your tickets…


Sometimes we take summer for granted. Yes, once you are at school, you tell all of your friends that you are planning on going on a cruise or hanging out with friends, but in reality your friends are off in Europe and you are lying in bed, watching Friends on Netflix and screaming and yelling "YES!" at the good parts and "NOO!" at the bad parts... Oh wait, is that just me? Hopefully not...

I feel like not many of us really go outside and sit in the sun or walk around your town or anything. We should do that because you can't always just sit inside your room, cramped up and that is definitely not the way to spend your summer, so take a road trip with some friends or go to the beach, and even the little things can be so good for you and take the stress off your shoulders, for example walking your dog to the park or playing with your pet.

Just remember that you can always go outside and do something interesting out there instead of being inside your room because t…


I feel like I've done one of these before... But I actually have no idea... Hi guys, so for todays blog post, I thought that I would talk about summer and what it means to me.

Okay, so summer is great because once you get out of school, you're just like, "FREEDOM!" Or... Maybe that's just me... I actually feel really embarrassed now, so just ignore about my confession that I just told you guys... Anyways, so summer is great because you are out of school for an awesome two and a half months and I don't know about you, but my plans for this summer are kind of crazy, kind of normal, I don't even know, but I'll tell you guys:

•Travel travel travel!
•Run almost every single day
•Go shopping a lot (I have a big obsession with shopping... It's bad)

But yes, I love to travel because you are learning new information about amazing cultures that can take you back decades. Okay, let's be real here, I love traveling because I love the feeling of going on a…


I realized that I have always basically done some kind of holiday for this DIY show, so I wanted to spice it up and do a DIY decor room theme, so I hope you guys like it!

1) I love this idea so much. All you have to do is pick out some pictures and hang it in the shape that you want. I especially love the heart shaped picture collage. You may want to hang it up and see what it looks like and arrange the pictures to the way that you want it to be, and then hang it up with some tape or anything that you want to use.

2) If you do not like the other one, you could always change up the pictures for this collage. All you need is some wire or twine, clothes pines, and pictures of your choice. You could also hang up polaroids to make it more vintage looking. It's really simple; all you have to do is hang up the twine or wire to the wall and hang up your pictures and you're done!

3) Mason jars can be useful for so many cute things. You could, for example, paint it any colors to suit yo…


•Red quilt jacket
•White tank top
•Black ripped jean shorts
•Red converse

•Grey t-shirt
•Washed out jeans
•Orange converse

•Grey t-shirt
•Washed out jeans
•Purple converse

My road trip essentials:

1) I always need some kind of sunglasses because when you are in a car with your friends, you usually have the sun shining in your eyes, which can damage them, so it's really important that you bring a pair.

2) I also love to bring some sunscreen, not just because it's good for your skin but because you'll always have friends that will need some!

3) I like to bring some kind of magazine to keep me entertained during a long trip.

4) Headphones are really important. You could listen to the radio, but I personally like to listen to my own music because I know the feeling once you hear a song on the radio that you absolutely hate and all the other stations are playing bad songs.

5) Last but not least, if you ever go stop for some gas, you may want to buy some snacks because you don&…


I am so happy that it's summer, however you guys don't need Summer Ready anymore! I planned to get you guys ready for this summer but it's gone to the point where I think that you don't need any more help. It's most likely that you don't need the advice anymore because it's most likely that you have already gotten out of school, and I know that that doesn't really count as summer, but to me it does, so goodbye Summer Ready and hello more series for my blog post that I need to think about! :) Lots more to come!


Neon Dots


1) Shopping/Picnic

•Beige cardigan
•White lace brallete
•Bohemian shorts
•Brown fringe shoulder bag

2) Job Interview

•Floral blazer
•Black tank top
•White shorts
•Chanel bag

3) Cozy

•Flower white sweater
•Black brallete
•Washed out denim shorts
•Banda flats

1) I love outfit number 1 because it is just so casual yet really cute. It is comfortable and this would suit a girl with a soft personality. You could wear your hair up in a top bun and make it really girly.

2) Number 2 is so fashionable. This would be great for a job interview or just going into your office. I love the blazer because you can find these things at a simple thrift shop for a much cheaper price and you could even make a fun trip out of it and decorate it with maybe some studs on the shoulders to add that edgy look on a beige colored blazer.

3) Outfit number 3 is my personal favorite because it is just so cutesy and girly! This is great for California weather because sometimes it gets cold in the morning and hotter th…


OMG, guys, I missed you! :D I haven't been posting in a couple of days, and it feels so good to get back and just write to you guys, so I decided to make up for all of the lost blog posts I should have wrote, and create a whole big Summer Ready for tumblr summer outfits, and I am super excited, because I found some really cute options, so let's get right into it!

1) Roadtrip

•Dark blue navy cardigan
•White bralette
•Black high-waisted daisy shorts

2) Chores

•Oatmeal colored blazer
•Off-white lace shirt
•Ripped jean shorts
•Black clutch

3) Classic Cali girl


Okay, okay, the end of school is coming soon, and we all have expectations and reality. Hopefully you can relate to some of these:

1) The bell. Your expectation is that once the bell rings you'll have your backpack ready and you'll have already said your goodbyes to your friends and you are ready to leave school! Uh huh! This is reality. We're talking about people trying to get through a swarm of kids just to get to their lockers and you forgot to bring your backpack to your last class, so you are stuck waiting to get through. Don't think that you'll get to your locker anytime soon. It will take about ten minutes.

2) Giving presents to your teachers. You get them all prepared, you even went to Michael's. Good for you. But if you are an idiot who always forgets these things, then that is fine, because trust me, I made Valentines for all of my teachers and I worked on them for quite a while. Then, on Valentines Day, I forgot them at home, and now look where I am?…