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Okay, we all know those really annoying teachers who won't give you a good grade! Well, if you want to sneak an A+, then just give her/him one of these presents, and they will seriously love it!


•Mason jar
•Bath salts
•Yellow, and orange food coloring
•Two small bowls

Put 1/2 cup of bath salts in each bowl, and then color one of them yellow and one of them orange. Then, mix it well with a spoon, and pour the orange bath salt on the bottom of your mason jar, the yellow on the top, and 1/2 cup of the normal white bath salts on top. Then, screw on the lid and make a cute bow around the top.


•Mason tumblr cups
•Reeses pieces
(Straw's optional, as well as the label and twine)

Put the reese's pieces in the cup, and you can print out a label, make a whole punch, and put the twine around the cup and the label, and then a straw.


•Plastic baggie
•Spooky peeps
•Gram crackers
•Small Hershey bar…


Hey guys! I wanted to answer a question that many of you may be wondering if you've read my blog posts before: Will I be getting more serious with my blog? I do plan on starting some social media accounts for my blog, for example Instagram, where I could post things that I have bought, mini hauls, outfit of the days, things like that, and a Twitter account possibly? I am the most serious about starting a separate email where you guys can chat with me and businesses can contact me. I think that my blog isn't really getting popular these days, which, to be honest, makes me sad to think that I used to be somewhat of a bigger hit than now, so I'm doing whatever I can to expose it.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. Kisses to my neonators!


Neon Dots


One of the hardest parts in High School is, for example, going to a new school where you have no friends and are all alone at the lunch tables. And trust me, the lunch tables is the best and worst part of school. If you don't have friends, then you don't have a "group". To most people, it's the most important thing, because you do not want to make a bad impression, because nobody will want to hang out with you, and that is the worst. Here is the best trick to instantly become really popular and/or get a lot of friends, whatever your goal is my friend!

Okay, when you first get the opportunity to join any type of club, maybe fashion club, math club, any type of club that you will enjoy, do it! You get to do something that you enjoy and hopefully find a friend that likes the same thing as you, and boom!

Another way is to go to different places around campus, for example the library. You could find a lot of friends there.

Another easy tip is to, and I know this sound…


Okay guys, I just can't wait until October, I have to post my very first DIY halloween room decor blog post! I may do one next year actually, but I believe this is the first time I have done this! I am really excited for this year because I started doing DIY's, and ever since, I am so obsessed, so let's get into these really fun DIY's!

1. Sparkly BOO sign!

•Flat wooden B, and two O signs
•Black spray paint
•Black glitter
•Newspaper surface
•Orange ribbon

First, lay out your newspaper and put your B and two O's out, and spray paint it, once and let that dry, and then do it a second time, and start sprinkling on the black glitter before it dries. Wait till everything dries, and then tie the ribbon to each letter from the wholes, and on the top of the B whole, you can hang it on your door, or you can lean it against your wall inside your room.


•Mason jar and/or candle jar
•Black lace
• Scissors
•Modge podge
•Sponge brush

Make your measurements…


We all know that I tend to make the intros very long, so let's get into it.


•Flower pot
•Styrofoam ball
•Glue gun

Glue the styrofoam ball to the pot and then stick the lollipops into the ball and you have this really cute flower lollipop idea.


•Fold up box
•Printed paper
•Fine point sharpie
•Plastic baggies
•Ice cream cups
•Glue gun
•Small mason jars

Fold up your box, and put that aside, and then make a squared shape paper and write whatever message you want to, and put everything you want, like sprinkles and fruits or something like that into either the small mason jars or the plastic bags and you can label everything and put cones inside the bags, and you can follow everything on the image.


•Mason jar
•Sticker label
•Fine point sharpie
•Nail polish
•Bath bombs
•Hand sanitizer

Put everything that you like in the mason jar and write Spa-in-a-Jar on the sticker label and s…


If you guys are still in school and already have started yet, then you know that your only escape is the weekends, and we all know that once that bell rings on Friday, you are just like, HALLELUJAH! Or is that just me? ............. Any who, if you guys are wanting to just hang out with your friends during the weekend and have a fun picnic or getting together somewhere, and it's really hot outside, these fun snacks will be great to make, easy, and so yummy, so let's get started!


•Blender •Strawberries •Banana •Several ice cubes •Popsicle kit
First, put your strawberries, banana, and your ice cubes into the blender, and start blending that up, just like a smoothie, and then pour the mixture into your popsicle mold and pop on the top and freeze it for several hours or over night, and you have this cooling and really yummy popsicle. 

•Cupcake tin •Cupcake liners •Strawberry yogurt (or any type of yogurt you want) …


Okay, so you know when you see that really cute guy in your Algebra class or something? #HighSchoolCrush! Congratulations, you have your very first crush in High School! Okay, let's all admit that it's hard sometimes to have a crush because you have to keep it a secret from the rest of the world, other than your friends, and let's be real here... Your mom! Okay, story time. So, last year, there was this really cute new guy in one of my classes, and I am so serious (even though I am tempted to laugh), it was love at first sight! Well, for me... Haha, I know, really lame, but I had my head low, walking into class right before the bell would ring, and once I looked up, there he was! OMG, I was so awkward around him! When everybody was interested in the "new kid", I seriously said, "Hi, I'm ______, the weird one."

What? And I know that this isn't for every guy and girl, but sometimes guys who are more on the shy side tend to like girls who really do…


Guys, seriously, when I stopped Back to School with Neon Dots, about a month later, I got so many new ideas, tips and tricks, DIY's, everything that could last year all through the year, so I decided to do a new series, called how to survive school, and this series is mostly for middle school. high school, and college girls. The first one that I wanted to do is studying tips, and what I do, and some of them are even new to me, so let's just jump right into it.
1. If you usually forget all of the information to a test before you actually take it, to help you remember everything, while you're studying, chew a different type of gum you usually choose and then before you take a test, chew that gum, or if you're not allowed to chew gum, try a different type of snack you haven't known about before, or haven't tasted before, and then before you go into class, start to eat it and then you'll remember everything.
2. A couple days before you take your test, go onto Q…


Guys, I couldn't wait, I just had to start the halloween series early, because I am just so excited! So many DIY's and fun things to do, so I wanted to change it up for today and call out all the Mom's who want to start being crafty or love to have their kinds interact in fun projects. Today, it's just for Mom's and their kids, so I hope you guys enjoy!

1. Fun mason jars

•Different colored paints
•Mason jars
•Paint brush

Take your paint and paint it inside and on the outside of the mason jar, and then this is the optional part, but once it's dry, you can lightly sketch the face with a pencil, which you do not have to do, and then fill it in or draw it with a sharpie.

2. Small piƱata balloon

•Orange balloon
•Black sharpie
•Candy of your choice

Take your balloons and stuff the candy inside, and tie it up, and then draw the face on the balloon, and this is optional, but you can add small pieces of green construction paper.

3. Party favors

•Orang paper bag


Hi guys! I don't know about you, but I am seriously the WORST at doing nails. Like seriously, I will put on nail polish and have to remove it because it looks awful, and I'm always looking at these really cute nail designs on Pinterest that I totally wish I could recreate, so I wanted to show you guys some really easy and adorable nail designs, so let's get started!

•Peach colored nail polish
•Glittered nail polish
•Fast drying top coat

All you have to do is first, apply a thin coat of the fast drying top coat onto your fingernails to prep them, which is optional, but I would recommend it. Then apply one coat of the peach colored nail polish, and if your nail polish isn't that thick, then do one or two more coats. Once you did that, put another thin coat of the fast drying top coat. Once you have done that and it's dry, take your tape and cut out a thin piece of the tape to fit your ring finger, and stick it on your ring finger, and then put the gli…


OMG guys, I haven't done a weekly contest in a while! Okay, let's get up to speed.

USA: 283

Russia: 260

France: 14

Congratulations to the top three! :D Hope you can get your country to the top next time. Good luck!


Neon Dots


Hey guys! This will be a long blog post about everything fall, makeup, hair, outfits, everything, even some DIY's, tips and tricks. This will be long enough, so let's get started!


Take a shimmery white in the corner of your eye, and a light gold color halfway onto the lid, and a more brown color at the end, forming into a black wing. To help you out, you can use scotch tape to get a perfect line.


For the lips, I recommend doing a dark lip, but if you have a really sharp cupids bow and you are really bad at applying on lipstick, again, you can use tape to help you out.

•Grey sweatshirt with sparkly elbow patches
•Maroon scarf
•Black leggings
•Black boots

If you want to glue on some elbow patches, you can just totally recreate this look with an old grey sweater and buy a small amount of glittery gold fabric, and cut it out to fit your elbows, and you can really customize it and make it look however you want, different patterns, everything, and you can just use a…


Another DIY! I am just on this type of fling here, I am so sorry! But if you still like me and still like DIY's, and you want to decorate your room for the fall, then keep on reading!

•Glass candle jar
•Twigs about the same size
•Glue gun

This is pretty self explanatory, but take your twigs and glue them onto the glass, and if they are too tall, then you can always cut them, put a candle in, and you have a really cute and simple DIY.

•Wooden plaque (I believe you can get this at Michaels)
•Chalk paint
•Paint brush (one thick, one thin)

Take your plaque and start painting on the chalk paint with your thick brush all over, and use your thin once you painted most of it until you have about half an inch apart from the end of the plaque and the chalk part. PS. Is it even a plaque? Haha, wow, I'm just on it right now! Okay, then let it dry for a couple of night…


Hi guys. I remember I did a blog post like this before a while ago, and I like to do these when I'm sick because that's pretty rare, and I like to go and look back and see what I used to do. My list in 2014 was pretty... Bland... Things that were obvious like eat soup and read a book and draw, haha! I just wanted to update on what I do when I'm sick, so let's get started!
1. Check my schools website and email my teachers. I don't know about your school, but personally, my teachers require me to check their sites to make sure that I don't miss any classwork or homework, which I have to do at home so that I don't fall behind, and email them and tell them why I was gone for that day.
2. Watch Netflix... Aka Friends... Ok guys, I have a confession, I am addicted to the show Friends on Netflix, and if you haven't checked it out before, that's your homework. The first episode is okay, but the second and up are the best! Seriously, check it out!
3. Run err…


Ok, guys, I've made a lot of DIY's this week, and that's because I am so obsessed with them, so hopefully you guys won't get to sick of them, but today I wanted to do some desk organization ideas, so let's get started!

1. TO DO Framed Whiteboard

•Patterned paper
•Expo marker
•Washi tape
•Modge podge
•Sponge brush

First off, take your frame and you can paint it if you want, but that is totally optional, and take out the back and measure that with your ruler, and sketch that onto your patterned paper, nothing to crazy of course, and sketch the measurements onto your paper and cut that out. Then coat a thin color of modge podge onto the back and slowly aline it to the back of the frame, and once you have that, you can smooth it out for any bubbles, and once more, put a thin coat of modge podge onto the paper, and then you can pop that back into the frame, and you have a whiteboard where you can write anything on it.

2. Fun and organized chargin…


I have not done a Dashin Fashion blog post in a while because I got so caught up in DIY's! So sorry guys, but it's back! At first, I saw denim jackets were in again, and I was shocked, because it was popular several years ago, and then I saw the trend all over, and some people even started wearing all denim outfits, and I've realized that it's still in trend, so I wanted to show you some outfit ideas!

•Denim jacket
•Sleeveless white blouse
•Black lace patterned shorts
•Bracelets, nude colored purse, and a necklace
•Black infinity scarf

•Denim shirt unbuttoned
•White shirt with a yellow flower
•Dark jeans
•White converses
•Grey beanie (for those messy hair days, if you know what I mean!)

•Denim shirt
•Black and white stripped crop top
•Black skater skirt

•Denim jacket
•White collared shirt
•Black leather skirt
•Black purse

•Oversized long jean jacket
•Black tank top
•High waisted white shorts

Hope you guys liked it! PS. In California, it is …


Hello guys! Okay, I don't know about you, but my desk is always messy because I don't really have a place to keep all my things together, so having a desk organizer is great, however, they can be really big or small, and can also be quite pricy. This DIY is taking some different sized cereal boxes or maybe granola bar boxes, and making them into a desk organizer, which is super cheap, and you can adjust the size to your liking, so I don't want to keep you waiting for too long, and let's get started!

-Different sized toilet and towel paper rolls
-Round wooden platform (optional)
-Construction paper
-Washi tape
-Modge podge
-Sponge brush
-Paint of your choice

Ok, first, take your wooden platform, if you want one, and start painting it with any color of your choice, and once that dries, put a coat of modge podge on it. While everything is driving, start taking your boxes, and you can flatten them out by opening both flaps on the top and bottom, and cut it…


Hey guys! Today I wanted to do a fun blog post for you guys with another DIY blog post, so I hope you enjoy!

1. Framed hearts

•Heart shaped puncher
•Magazine page with an image
•Paint (optional)
•Glue gun

All you have to do is find or buy a frame, and if it's an old one, you can paint it, which is totally optional, but you can do a fun, bright color and it makes it so much more personal and you can make it match your room. Anyways, cut out pieces of hearts from your magazine page, and images are better because they have more color, and you should probably do 10x10. Once you have those out, start gluing them onto your canvas, ps, you may want to sketch out a square lightly with pencil, but if you want it to have more shape to it, then you have to fold the heart in half and then glue the back of the fold and you can pressure the center with a glue gun, if that makes any sense, but if you want it just on it's back, smooth it out when cool to get rid of any bubbl…


Hi guys! Ok, I have not done a weekly health session in a while, so today, I wanted to do a whole load of health tips for you guys, like snacks, DIY's, and essentials that I need to work out and get into shape! Let's get started!


1. Sticky note calendar wall art

-Colorful sticky notes
-Fine point sharpie
-Scrapbooking paper

All you have to do is find an empty space on your wall and cut out twelve rectangles onto your scrapbooking paper, and cut those out, measuring them with your ruler, and then cut them out and write out all of the months onto the paper with your sharpie. Then, write on the corner of your sticky notes the numbers 1-31 in sharpie, in small print, and aline them onto your wall in the order that you want them to be, and tape your month onto the wall. Even better, using washie tape would be great as well so that you can always remove it, and with your pencil, you can write down reminders like make a milkshake or go for a …