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Hi guys. Okay, so today, I wanted to talk about layers. Yes, we all know, Winter time has arrived (weather wise), not officially, but weather wise, definitely getting colder, and today, it was raining on and off, and let me tell you guys, it was so cold for California weather (Depending on where you live of course). So, I wanted to talk about layering and how you should master this Wintorious art... Okay, I made that up, but hey, it's pretty cool!

So basically, I wore a tank top, abercrombie shirt over, black flannel (unbuttoned) over that, and a fuzzy jacket, leggings, and boots and the usual things, but I wanted to layer up, not because I thought it was going to rain, but because the weather app said it would be 50 degrees! OMG, so cold for me... I know, some places are snowing, but for where I live, wow!

I chose this outfit because 1) It looks kind of like mine with the flannel and coat, so you get a visual, and 2) I want to show you guys that you can look adorable and still be…


Hi guys. Sorry I haven't been active lately. So, if you remember, I told you guys that I was going to Texas and I did, and it was great, and I posted only once, and I was there for around three to four days, and I was so busy (like I always am) and I also felt really sick, so that wasn't that fun, so I just decided to delete the post because I'd rather have no content for you guys than have only one post because it's a bit useless anyway. Okay, now onto the update.

It was raining a lot in Texas, but it was great for me, because I love rain, which you guys know by now. So, we were basically there to look for a second home for my family and me, and for my grandfather, who is now getting a full time caregiver, but I will not get into that because that's a bit personal, and my family saw some model homes (basically what certain houses you could buy would look like) and it was totally customizable, but unfortunately, I felt totally carsick the minute I got in the Jeep w…


Okay, don't even need to say it, but I'm starting a new series. You guys probably know that. I wanted to do a gossip series because I am always finding myself telling all of my friends something they have never even knew about, so today, I'm talking about Jelena! (Justin and Selena) Let's get started.

Okay, so, we all know that they've been on and off for years, until Justin took a picture with Kendall Jenner (in bed together). Justin and Selena were then found in the airport having a big fight, and next thing we know, they aren't seen together. Selena took it pretty rough, and her family even wanted her to go to rehab because she needed help to get over Justin, so she did, and she became this confident woman that we know today, who was actually dating Zedd for a while, but that ended.

It seemed like after she started dating him, he realized that she's truly moved on, and it was now Justin's turn to get jealous. He started getting so obsessed with her, …


Hello guys. So today, I wanted to do a post that I have been waiting to do for a while (and most likely you feel the same way), so no intro, let's just get right into it.


What you'll need:

•Shea butter soap base
•Peppermint essential oil
•Red soap colorant
•Soap mold
•Microwave safe measuring cup with spout

1) Cut them into pieces and then put them into the cup, and microwave them for 30 second increments, afterward each time until completely melted, and stir occasionally.
2) Then, add a few drops of peppermint oil (6-10 drops depending on the intensity of the fragrance) and mix well. (Note: To make three peppermint soap bars, use just over 1/2 lb of soap base, and it will take you around 60 seconds in the microwave to melt. The soap will cool and and set rather quickly, so work fast)
3) Pour the mixture into the soap mold, and add a few drops of soap colorant. Use a toothpick to mix the color into the mixture, and let that cool.
4) (OPTIONAL) You can decorate wi…


Hi guys. Okay, so you should know by now that I am the worlds biggest procrastinator of all time, and you should also know that I am traveling to Texas in three days (I will link the info about that trip/blog post down below at the end), so if you are in need of something to do on a plane, you've come to the right person, because, as long as I'm not bored, I can do/find something to do anytime, anywhere.

1) I love to listen to music wherever I go, and this way, you can enjoy the view from outside your window. I mean, who could get old of looking at clouds? Okay, maybe that's just me that finds it really pretty... :-/

2) You can also make a time lapse on your phone, and that way, you can share it with your friends or post it on Instagram

3) Always bring food onto your plane, so that you can eat your butt off, and usually, when I'm eating, I talk to my family (they get so frustrated, it's hilarious) or read, because reading can kill some time.

4) Try out new makeup l…


Hi guys. So, by the title, you guys are thinking, WHAA? Yup, I am going to go traveling for Thanksgiving, and this year, I'm just going traveling everywhere, including Korea for my birthday in December (If you didn't know about that... It's official, so yay!) and I am so excited, because if you've been a neonator for a while, you would know that I love traveling, and I usually don't get this many opportunities to travel, so I'm really excited, and yes, this seems so crazy and cheesy, but I like to think that it's my second home; Even though I barely go, it's just so... UGH, I LOVE YOU AIRPORT!

Anyway... So, I'll be traveling to Texas to visit my grandfather and see some houses, and I am so excited. It will just be my mom and me, and I don't know if I'll have time to even post, but I will try my hardest to find time to do a fun traveling series for you guys, so I hope you're as excited as I am! Kisses to my neonators!


Neon Dots


About once a year, I write a blog post for those who are new here, and that's you! Hi, my name is Neon Dots and welcome to the neonator fam! We basically dominate the blogging world, just so you know! ;) I usually post DIY's (Do it yourself crafts), Dashin Fashion posts (You can get inspiration or find out the latest trends), I have some posts about relationships, (I've ended that series but you can still check it out) and sometimes random posts. They can be funny, sad, and I have pet updates as well (I used to have a hamster, and a dog, Jo Jo)

If you would like to comment on any of my posts, then you will have to have a blog post account, but it's super easy to sign up.

If you are looking for a particular post, then just go to the search bar to your top right, and type in any keywords, for example, you can type in Dashin Fashion or relationship, or something like that. If you would like to view my old posts by year and then by month, go to the main page, and click &qu…


Hi guys! Unfortunately, this is my last post I'm going to be doing for this series. I just can't find any other ideas on what to write about relationships, so, for our last one, I wanted to show you guys how to get a boyfriend.


I always do this one. Basically, get a girlfriend over, get ice cream, Vogue magazines, and nail polish of course, and obviously white paper and pencil, and write down a list of guys you really like, and talk about the good qualities and the bad qualities. This way, you can eliminate your list to just one guy who you now know is right for you.


The number one thing to getting a boyfriend is to be yourself. If a guy can't like you for you, then you can just move on from him, because one person will love you for you, and that will be your soulmate. He's out there, just wait. You might meet him when you're 16 or 60,…


Hi guys! So, obviously the holidays are coming up (because I can't shut up about it, as you guys know...) and I thought, just wrapping a present is okay but what if you give your family or friends a uniquely wrapped present, and they will totally be blown away, they may not even care about what you're getting them! Let's just get right into it because I have a feeling you're getting very mad at me for procrastinating again...


•Brown wrapping paper

All you have to do is wrap your present like you usually would, and then cut out a long, thick strip of a newspaper clipping and cut that out, and it actually looks more cute if you kind of make it messy in my opinion, and then tie some twine around it and tie a button at the end like you would sew it on, and there you have it!


•Red wrapping paper
•Festive ribbon
•Snow flake punch out
•Glue gun
•Red colored pen

All you have to do is wrap your present and tie some fes…


Hi guys! So, I did this same post but a PART 1 recently, so I'll put that post at the end of this one, but I wanted to do PART 2 because, as usual, I am always procrastinating and I figured, why not? Let's get right into it so that you guys can have the  coolest room for the holidays!


•Clear ornament
•Disk of any kind
•Glue (must dry clear)
•Festive ribbon of any kind

I don't know about you, but I always have the same type of ornament every single year. Red and gold. If you have a tree in your bedroom and want to spice it up and make it your own, then take any disk, and cut it into pieces, and then glue them on the clear ornament. It's better if the glue dries clear so that you can't see through it. At the top of the ornament, slide your ribbon through the whole and tie it together at the ends, and you got yourself an ornament. And this way, you can make a ton and save all of those old disks you're not using.


•Vase full of flowers
•Candy canes
•Glue gun


Hi guys! So today, I wanted to tell you guys how to maintain a healthy relationship. Let me tell you one thing. No couple is perfect, no matter how hard both of you try. It's just impossible. But, you can however have a healthy relationship. It's difficult though. It's not just on one person who wears the pants in the relationship; it's both of you. Here are some easy ways on how to maintain a healthy relationship.


Doing something together provides quality time with one another, and therefor, you will bond more. For instance, you could do cooking or running, however, you have to do something you both like and agree on, or else one of you won't be as satisfied as the other, and that will lead to nowhere.


I know that this may seem weird, but people these days are always rushing into things, and let me tell you something. If you get married when you've only known each other for, let's say, five months, you barely kno…


Hi guys! SO, like always, I was procrastinating last night, and I was experiencing with new studying tips and life hacks for school, and I thought, I can't not share them with you guys, so here are some studying tips and/or school life hacks that I think you'll really enjoy, so let's get into it!

1. So, I don't know about you guys, but I'm always finding myself in class, writing down notes, and then, my teacher's like, "Okay everybody, now please highlight that sentence," and it always smudges the text and ruins the tip of the highlighter, which I hate, so what I did last night was I took some gloss finish transparent tape, and put it over the text that I want to highlight, and it highlighter the text under the tape, and it works perfectly, just use a brighter one, which may work better, and you can wipe it right off if you change your mind, and it won't stain anything, including your fingers.

2. At home, if you're always finding yourself havi…


Hey guys. I have some really bad news. Fluffy passed away last night in his sleep. Here's the story... SO, I knew that he was going to die this year but not yesterday. He wasn't acting any different other than the last couple of days. Before that, he had the best time. He was running around, and eating a lot, but he was still bony, my guess is just from old age.

For around two days, he wasn't sleeping in his bed chamber, he was on the lower level of his cage, and his bedding was surrounding him. I just thought that maybe he was too cold enough, so yesterday, when he was sleeping under there, I put a blanket around him. My guess was he had passed by then. Possible sick, who knows? Anyways, I went upstairs and actually, I was opening a fortune cookie and it said, "This year, family will be your top priority." Maybe it was just something that had happened, but I still like to think that it at least had something to do with him passing away.

Anyways, later at night, …


Hey guys. Soo, if most of you know by now, a terrible thing happened in Paris yesterday. If most of you don't know, I'll tell you. So basically, around 150 people were killed yesterday in what I believe was a shooting accident, but I can't verify that, however I just wanted to talk about this with you guys.

This really made me open my eyes and notice how grateful I should be. I live in a beautiful town, and have the best friends and a great family that supports me, and what if I were to have family in Paris or if I were in Paris? It could have always been my family, and it just really comes to show that anything can happen to any one of you guys and/or your friends and family, so be really grateful for every single moment and cherish what you have.

For all of my viewers in Paris, if your family were injured or killed, I am truly sorry, and I know there may not be any light, but hope is just a hand away, trust me. And of course, the neonator fam is the best, so don't th…


Hi guys. Today, I wanted to do something different for you all. I wanted to talk about bullying, including cyber bullying. This is so important, because so many people, even kids, are being bullied, and I won't say that I was bullied, more picked on, but I wanted to tell you guys my story and how to deal with bullying yourself, so let's get started.


I was very, very young, and I won't say what age, but I was very young, and at that age, I had a terrible cough, more like clearing my throat because I always used to chew way too fast, and I didn't know that I should take any type of medication or anything, because that developed into more health problems that I won't discuss about at the moment, and at my table group, there were these two extremely rude girls who would always pick on me for my cough, almost every single day, and they would always mimic me and they thought that I couldn't here their comments, but I really could, and it stuck onto me for q…


Hey guys! So, and I'm not saying everybody does this, but people sometimes tend to not go all out with Thanksgiving. They don't really think about dressing nicely, just the food and giving thanks, and while that's all great for some people, others may want to get some outfit ideas, so here you go!


•Maroon/burgundy knit skater dress
•Infiniti scarf
•White knee length socks
•Brown boots


•Long sleeve white shirt
•Burgundy skater polka dot dress
•Lace up brown boots with heels
•Gold necklace


•Dark nude cardigan
•Cropped floral shirt
•Maroon skirt
•Braided belt
•Lace up brown boots with heels
•Knee high socks
•Vintage floral bow

Hope you guys enjoyed this, and I love you all! Kisses to my neonators!


Neon Dots


Guys, it's not December yet, but hey, I can't help it! I love Christmas and the room decor, but unfortunately, it can be quite pricy because of how many people want decor for their rooms for the holiday, so I wanted to show you guys some really easy and cute DIY's that you can try out for your room this year, and there will be a part 2 coming up soon, so wait for that in the future, so let's just get right into it.


•Cone shaped styrofoam
•Glue gun
•Footed candlestick

This is so cute and so easy to make, it only takes five minutes once you have everything together. First off, glue the peppermints onto the styrofoam, and once everything's all on the cone shaped styrofoam, glue the bottom onto the footed candlestick.


•Fake/real branch
•Modge podge
•Glitter ribbon
(Make sure that the glitter, ribbon, and ornaments are in the same color)

First, do section by section and cover the branch wi…


Hi guys, I have exciting news! So if you've been a neonator for a while, you will know that my birthday is in December and I sometimes do traveling diary series for you guys (which I never finish, so I'm sorry about that), and I can't promise you guys that I'll be posting every single day on my trip because I do want to enjoy my birthday, but I will try my best to post some posts while I am in Seoul because I feel like having no content around for you guys is just unfair!

I'll be posting about things I did that day and things like that, and my experience in Korea, but I'll still be doing DIY's and Dashin Fashion posts, the regular things that I post for you guys on the day that I want to make some things different so that it's not all the same.

Hope you guys are as excited as I am, and I will be seeing you guys very soon!


Neon Dots


In the past years, I have posted a lot of relationship posts, and I thought, why not create my own series? Anyways, today for you ladies, I wanted to basically give you something to read: Is this relationship going anywhere? I'll be using things that ladies have asked me in the past, advice they wanted from me, and no names will be exposed of course, and I can't say how I got these questions or how these people wanted advice for me, I'm just going to show and tell, so enjoy!

Dear Neon Dots.

             I have something to confess... My boyfriend and I have been together for a year, and he is the perfect man. He's so romantic, sweet, and is really supportive of me. The only thing is that I feel like he's way too good for me, and I've felt that way ever since our first date. I am so insecure about myself, and am so shy around him. I want to be myself around him, but I'm worried that he may break up with me and find a girl that is as great as him. Can you ple…


Guys, I don't think that the only day that you should give thanks is on Thanksgiving. I think it should be all month long, in fact, all year long, because if you give thanks, others will to you. I am so thankful for you guys and everything that you've done for me, from reading my blog posts, to just supporting me day by day, and whenever I see that you guys comment or view my posts, it just puts  a smile to my face, and I hope I make you smile as well! Let's just get right into it before I get emo!! ;(


•Template of fall leaf
•Burgundy paint
•Sponge brush
•White sharpie
•Modge Podge
•Gold glitter
•Thick paper

Cut out a square piece of burlap, and cut out how many pieces that you will need, and then, print out a template of a fall leaf if you need it, and paint that burgundy, and leave those to dry, and once those are drying, put on Modge Podge onto the clothespins and put on some glue over that, and after the glitter dries, tap of the acc…


Christmas season is only a month away, and to be honest, I cannot keep it in! There are so many fashion blog posts and tips and tricks coming your way, that it'll probably all spill out to you all at once, so if you want to wait until December, than you can ignore my posts from this month related to December, but I thought that today I would start because I promised you guys in the last post. (I will link the last one down below.) Let's get right into it!!
I feel like the new winter trend for this year is long sleeves tucked into skirts, so you might be seeing a lot of those! ;)

•Long sleeved striped shirt •Black skater skirt •Brown belt •Infiniti scarf ¬™Black shoulder bag •Stockings •Knee length socks

•Maroon colored long sleeve shirt •Cream laced skater skirt •Black belt •Stockings •Light brown boots

•Army green chunky jacket •Light brown colored cardigan •Grey v-neck •Jeans •Boots

•Black leather jacket •Sleeveless black vest •Stripped shirt •Green jeans •Black b…


Hi guys! Today I got inspired by neat freaks online, and I thought that (and yes, I always plan ahead) for the year 2016, my New Years resolution will be to be a neat freak. I want to color coordinate everything, eliminate space, things like that, and I want you guys to come along with me during this crazy process, and hey, you may want to get more clean as well, and even though it's nowhere near Christmas (unfortunately), I thought that we might as well start ASAP. Today I wanted to do a traveling edition, and how to pack everything you want and still have room to overpack, if you guys are that type of person... Cough I AM Cough... I am the type of person who always overpacks and has extra things that I love to bring, and there's usually never enough space because of my clothes, so I'll show you guys how to pack whatever you want and still have space for more! Let's get into it!

1. Using zip lock bags is a great way to put your outfits in day by day. What I would do i…


Here you guys go, I promised you a Fall Essentials blog post in my last, so I am doing one! I think that since it's November time, and it's coming close to December (Winter), I have to do this at the right time, in the ending of fall. I hope you guys have had a wonderful Halloween, and here we go! (PS. Nothing was sponsored!)

1. For fashion, I feel like I need a really comfy sweater. In California, it's been getting colder lately, which means rain, and I am super excited, so definitely some kind of berry colored sweater, maybe a maroon or burgundy.

2. Makeup product, again, some type of berry colored lipstick, because I feel like it just screams fall. And of course one of the Benefit or Naked pallets because the color payoff is amazing, and going with neutrals, especially when going with a more bold lip, I think it's essential for keeping the eye colors more settle.

3. Hair products. I've been loving Pantene, and I think I mentioned this before (I'll put that l…