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Decisions to make...

Hi you guys! Today, I want to do something different for you guys. You see, I have an 'old-fashioned' computer. My dad asked me if I wanted a Mac. Of course I do! But I actually wasn't told the password and username to my blog. My computer actually just automatically knows somehow... Anyways, I was just thinking of asking my dad if I can keep my current computer for blogging, checking emails and such, and writing stories (I LOVE TO TYPE AND WRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!:D) What do you guys think? Comment down below

Pastel Outfits! :)

Hi guys! I don't know if you're back in school, or still on SPRING BREAK, but I still am. I'm in SEDONA, AZ! I think it is really beatiful here! I went on a jeep ride today and saw a lot of mountains, and their incredible story behind them. I also went on a helicopter ride, and went on a small hike with my dad, and got to take a bunch of pics! :) I am OBSESSED with the beautiful mountains, I took a little TOOO MUUCCHHH PICTURRRESSS..... 

Anyways, I wanted to make a blog post on pastel outfits, because whenever I see a magazine, there's always pastel outfits in the ads. Well, I found this outfit from a fellow blogger! :) I thought it was really cute, so here you go!:)

I love this outfit, because it's new, fresh, and very spring friendly! She has a lacy, torquoise blouse with floral print shorts. She has cool black wedges and a necklace, and her blond hair is in a wavy motion. (Does that make any sence? :p

YouTube Channel?

Hi guys! I was wondering... do you guys want me to do a YouTube channel? I have been thinking about it ever since I made this AMAZING BLOG! :D I really am interested in making a channel and just talking about clothes, accessories, make up, and all that jazz. What do you guys think?

PLEASE, PLEASE, PPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEE comment down below for your opinion, because I will value it. THX!!!

Spring Outfits for School (preferably high school and middle school)

Hi you guys! Today, our subject is... (Drumroll please..............................................) SPRING OUTFITS! I love spring you guys. Am I the only one? :/ Anyways, let's jump right into it! This outfit is really cute. First off, there's a soft grey, high-low sweater, some jeans, and a soft brown sandal. For accessories, there is a silver watch, a dark caramel color, and some emerald colored earrings.

Megan and Liz

Today, I'm going to do something different; I'm going to talk about Megan and Liz, fraternal twins and successful singers. I love their style because Liz is kind of like boho chic and Megan is kind of like stylish rocker, you know? (Oh, and if you don't know them, the blond one is Liz and the brown hair is Megan)

Anyways, let's get started:


Liv is wearing a cute black jacket with a purple floral dress, long black socks and long black boots and for accessories, she's wearing a light brown belt with her dress, which is a great match and I think her outfit is SOOO CUUUTTTTEEE!!!!!!!!!1


Megan is wearing a cool black collar, sleeveless black shirt with a part that is high, and a part that is low. Some plaid pants to go with the cool shirt that I want(!), and a floral high heel. For accessories, she's wearing a red belt, black hat, and red glasses. 

I think their great singers too. Please buy one of their songs on iTunes; my personal favorite is Release You. Ch…