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Nobody really does remember Gabby Douglas, right? As you may already know, she was summer olympic gymnastic gold winner. Woah, long title there. Anyways, I decided to feature her on Dashin Fashion today just because she's such a good role model, along with trying out for the 2016 olympics in Rio. Anyways, let's get started!

As you can see, Gabby is wearing a sparkly, pink crop top to go with her pink skirt and grey-like shoes.


Hi guys! So I decided to do the Sweater Weather Tag, fall edition. Maybe in the future I will do a Christmas version, but anyways, at first I did not know the heck what it even was, so I decided to search it up, and yeah. So now you could say I'm prepared, so let's get started!

1. Favorite Candle Scent?

Um, I would have to go with TAHITIAN VANILLA from the World Market (a.k.a. Cost Plus). It's so rich yet soft and it really has that amazing smell that I personally love. Hard to explain. :-/

2. Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate

First of all, hot chocolate is a must for the winter, not the fall, um... green tea, I do love it but no... Definitely coffee! I love latte's and I can't wait till I can try my very first pumpkin spiced latte! I know, I haven't tasted one yet, but still.

3. Do you switch up your make up routine for the fall?

I don't wear make up outside my house because I just really don't need it that much. I mean, I do do it at my house for fun, so …


It's fall. Soon, winter. People don't really judge you buy your outfit anymore. I mean, the whole idea just doesn't matter. What really matters is the colors. I'm here to give you a sneak peak of great colors for certain seasons. Let's get started!

Spring: You want a lot of soft, pastel-like colors. Maybe soft pinks, browns, ivories, etc.

Summer: I can tell you you will find a lot of people wearing yellow. I don't know why. Don't ask me girlfriend!

Fall: What colors do you currently see? Usually it's dark purples, browns, and topes. The neutrals.

Winter: Obviously green and red! It is the holidays after all ;)

Hope you guys enjoyed another classic yet old yet totally awesome dashin fashion!


Neon Dots

PS. Sorry I haven't done a Dashin Fashion blog post in a while. I just had to find a celebrity or a topic that I haven't already talked about so yeah!


I know this may sound weird (even though I haven't even said anything to you yet...), but sometimes I laugh so hard, I get cramps, I cry, and I think I'm about to die at that second. What do I mean by dying you ask? Well, I laugh so hard that I cry and yes, get cramps and then it just gets out of control and I basically die. =) Yeahhh....


I love macaroons guys. I have a really bad obsession with them; I mean, mango passion, chocolate, coffee, OMG! Can you please help me? It's just that bad... :( MEH... And I don't even have them with me right now! UGH!


I really really really want to have the guts to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but I'm too young to die! Then again, it is for a really great cause. I decided to nominate YOU out there to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Good luck!

Let's have more fun. Let's be specific...

I nominate my tennis coach, all of my friends (which includes you!), and yeah. Okay, bye! HAHA... Tennis coach.... >:)


Hi guys! Remember when I did that TMI Tag? Well, now I actually know the proper questions that go with the TMI Tag, so let's start over, shall we? =)

Q: What are you wearing?
A: I am wearing a sweater from TJ Maxx, a minty, lacy skirt, and an infiniti, colorful scarf

Q: Ever been in love?
A: I have a crush. Does that count? :)

Q: Ever had a terrible break up?
A: Sort of... Long story...

Q: How tall are you?
A: I am 4, 11. Almost 5 ft!

Q: How much do you weigh?
A: I'm not going to tell you

Q: Favorite TV show?

Q: Something you miss
A: My dead maltese dog

Q: Favorite quote?
A: Every single quote I make up myself

Q: Where do you go when your sad?
A: My bed. HEHE!

Q: Fears?
A: Don't have any! I'm just so happy all the time! =)

Q: Last book you read
A: The Fault in our stars

Q: Your current book
A: The Hunger Games, 1st one

Q: Favorite kind of food

Q: Something about Fluffy
A: He's now pretty energetic like me... :-/

Hope you guys enjoyed thi…


Want to know my favorite songs? Well here you go!

Happy, by Pharrell Williams
All about that bass, by Megan Trainor
Dear Future Husband, Megan Trainor
Bang bang, Jessy J, Ariana grande, and Nicki Minaj


I know you might feel awkward because you're the new kid and you may think you don't fit in. I know how you feel. I just want to say before hand that this is perfectly normal. Don't feel like you can't go up to somebody because they've been at this new school of yours for what seems like forever. In fact, maybe you could ask somebody where your class if you don't know or i "I like your shirt!" or something. This is really important. That way, they can at least get to know you better.

Ask somebody if you can sit with them. They may not talk to you even if they say yes, so just slowly go to another table that you think may seem more friendly, and if they ask you where you're going, you can just say, "I think I want to sit somewhere else. It's not you, it's me. See you later!" This way, you aren't necessarily being rude about it and it is a friendly gesture that you may just not me that interested.

You should also join as much c…


I know, I know, that snobby student in your class has THE record of being the teachers pet, even if the teacher is strict. I'm here to tell you how to become the teachers pet without going out to buy anything. Let's get started:

1. Complement them. If you notice that they're having a bad day, you can say something like, "I like your shoes!"That will instantly make them feel like they are worth something. Now if you really don't like them, don't say anything until maybe the next day when you really AREN'T lying, because it may be obvious to them that you are really lying and that may make them feel even worse, so go at the right timing! ;)

2. Make them a 52 Things I like about You book. If you'd like to learn how to make the little book, then please go check out my last blogpost, but if you have then I really think that this will make them smile.

3. Draw for them. If you're a really good artist, I think you should show off your skills in the no…


Don't stress! If you have a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, ANYBODY in general, this is the perfect DIY gift you can give to them. Let's get started:

1. I Love... OR 52 Things I like about you

What you'll need:

*Deck of cards
*Plenty of paper
*Washy tape of duct tape
*Pens, pencils, markers, etc.
*Hole puncher


1. First, take your deck of cards out and lay them in groups of four or fives. Then take your hole puncher and punch two holes, one on the left top corner and one on the left bottom corner. Keep repeating to each group until you're done.

2. Put a small piece of tape around the paper and tape it from the back.

3. Then you can use your washy tape or duct tape and tape it around the paper on the top part and the bottom part.

4. You can write stuff that you like about them on each card. Make it unique! You can draw little doodles in the corners and don't forget to make a title page.

5. Take your ribbon and cut it into two pieces. You have to t…


Okay, so I thought that I would show you guys how to have THE perfect fall look. This is going to be so exciting and fun because I will give you guys some outfit ideas, make up, and yeah. That's all I wanted to say for my intro. Let's get started!


So fall is the perfect time of year. Not my personal favorite, but it is just perfect because the weather isn't too hot or too cold, so you can really wear whatever you want. I just personally think in my opinion that it is mandatory for you to wear dark, wine colors. I suggest maybe a wine colored sweater, maybe dark denim shorts, and some converses.


I suggest either a messy high pony tail or a messy bun.

Make up: So you want to pick a foundation with a matte finish, some brown or neutral eyeshadow colors, contour (!), and a dark lip


Are you the new kid in school? Do you feel weird and uncomfortable because everybody seems to have known each other for like, forever? Don't stress! It's totally normal to feel uncomfortable or stressed out about being normal, however this is very common. There are a lot of new kids in my school and I guess they may feel a little bit shy too, so just know that you can always make friends and I'm going to show you how.

1. Open up to people. I guess it can be annoying seeing other people act like they just cannot leave their best friends side but trust me, they have ups and downs too. Try and casually yet not rudely join into their conversation. Maybe you could say that you like their jeans or t-shirt.

2. Don't be shy. Talk to other people, whether or not they are a girl or a boy. You can find a lot of interests that maybe you both share. Ask somebody if they like sports or something.

3. Pick the right friend. My friends and I are kind of shy and nerdy, but we all stick …


Hi guys! I have decided about just a second ago to make a new like thingie called Learn how to. I will show you guys how to learn or love or something around that zone and how to love that if that makes any sense. Kind of like Dashin Fashion in a way. Okay, so today, I'm going to teach you how to learn to love sales.

So, you don't nessesarily have to learn how to love sales because most people already do. But you have to learn how to love the good sales! Whenever I go to Macy's, they have a sale. Like, they probably have a 50% every weekend, so that is a great store to shop at because they do have great deals and you can buy a lot of stuff their. Also gap or banana republic. Any of these stores are great because they constantly have great sales. Now, there is an expensive kind of sale. Nordstrom. Yes they will usually have like 40% or 50% but they are really expensive, sale or no sale. I just don't recommend buying something from an expensive store in general. You can&…


Okay, I like a lot of stuff that most people usually DON'T like. I hope I don't offend anybody who might eat the things I will be talking about, because it is perfectly normal for other people, I just may have a really big obsession with them, so I hope that you can hopefully understand and not get mad at me. Let's get started with this AWESOME BLOG POST! :D

1. Salami... Okay, yeah this is normal to like, I just like it more than other people. Why? Well, I can eat as many salami slices as you want me to eat (is that grammatically correct...?). I love it that much. Especially the Columbus pack; yes, the fat pack. >:)

2. Mushrooms. Now this is normal, I just love mushrooms. I don't know why. I guess the chewiness and the deliciousness catches my eye (?).

3. Pasta. Everybody basically likes pasta, so this is above normal. I actually probably love pasta more than you... Yeah. Penne is the best though. Ravioli, ooh! Spaghetti... I love it so much, I'm even done eatin…


Listen up all teachers. Guys AND girls, I will give you the perfect tips+outfit to wear to impress that special teacher! Okay, let's start off with guys:

You don't want to act to formal yet to casual. I suggest maybe wearing a navy jacket with a red plaid shirt and grey pants. A watch would be nice incase she asks the time, you know? ;) Keep your hair natural. Now be yourself! Try and crack a joke here and there. Ladies LOVE funny guys. If you have a nice little conversation with each other and you feel confident, you guys can exchange numbers but if you don't think it went well, just offer to throw away her trash or something kind and just talk to her again tomorrow. If you have tried over 4 times, than you should go for another teacher. Plan B, if you know what I mean! :D

Now onto girls:

What about a soft yellow cardigan with a pink blouse, tucked in with a navy pencil skirt and red heels. Keep hair either cute with glasses and in a high bun if you want to read friendly …


Okay teachers (yes you!), you listen and you listen WELLL! JK! But seriously, I think that schools are starting to grade you/test you on your memory. I mean, I've had a super challenging test that basically tests you on your memorization and spelling AND yes, the definition but still. I can tell you I didn't get a great score, but not just for my sake, for the heck of everybody's sake, schools should stop testing kids on their memory. I don't know about you but it is JUST NOT FAIR.


Okay, so the world of fashion has one big hole in it, and I will try and step up to sew it (dun dun dun dun!!!), but it will be kind of difficult. I'm staying strong, thanks for asking. Sniff sniff!

Okay, woah woah woahza! Don't I need to tell you who the heck I'm talking about? Yeah... :-/ Okay, okay, honey, come with me on a very sad story, shall we? :( LOL! Okay.

Unfortunately, one of the greatest fashion icons recently passed away. Yup, all over the newspapers and such. Joan Rivers, star of Fashion Police. She tried to make people at least laugh or smile every single day, and she definitely succeeded, yeah?! :p

NEON DOTS: Can I get a what what? :)


But seriously, she was definitely never afraid to tell criticism to others, however I believe that it made people kind of learn a lesson. I mean look at the bright side, she was pretty hilarious. We will all miss Joan. All I can say is that we will all try and keep on your legacy. WE WILL DRESS FASHIONABLE TO …


Who the heck is neon dots? That's me! Okay, so here's a little story for ya. It was about maybe 2 or 3 years ago when I first started my whole blog, however before I could do anything, I had to write the name people would refer me too. Neon was kind of in then so I decided to go with neon dots.

Okay, some interesting facts about me:

*I love you guys!
*My passion is fashion
*I also like to draw
*I want to meet YOU one day
*I can get really lazy sometimes
*I was an anchor for my school last year.

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me. BYE!


Neon Dots


Hi guys! So I know that most of you either really really want the new iPhone 6 but like the title says, THINK BEFORE YOU DO! What does that mean? Well, you shouldn't waste your money for something, even if you really think you desperately need it, which I personally don't think you do. I don't either! I mean, say you have an iPhone 5c, like me. HEY, THAT RHYMES!!!! :D Any who, at least you have a phone! I mean, think about all of the people out there who don't have one or can't afford one? They would die to just have an emergency phone or something that just costs a couple of dollars. Always remember that if you really think you're currently in the worst situation, there is somebody else who is suffering even more. You have to always at least try and look on the positive side and smile. That is definitely rule number 1 in fashion. Smile. That is after all the best accessory, right? Bye beautiful!


Neon Dots :D


Hi guys. :( I'm sad, so I thought that I really need to talk to somebody. Why not you? I mean, you are my friend after all, right? So, today I'm going to be talking all about excepting yourself.

Now, you're not perfect. Don't stress, NOBODY is perfect, and although you might look at somebody like Sophia Vergara or whatever, they probably have inside problems just like all of us do. Now, just because I said this, don't go and try changing yourself. The only thing that's perfect in life is flaws. Well, let me explain. You see, I get really bad grades. Yes, I occasionally get great grades, but that's kind of rare for me. I don't try and look at the bad side. I can always look at the bright side. If you ever have a problem, like you got a bad grade, don't try and sulk it away for hours at midnight in your room. That doesn't really help, ALTHOUGH your parents MAY get less angry, but I can't guaranteed you that! ;)

Before you tell anybody your gra…


Hi guys. So, I've been dying (okay, maybe not DYING) to do the TMI tag with YOU! Shall we?

1. Okay, so I once (in the 4th grade) was so desperate for a guy to like me, that I rudely inturruped a conversation he had with a girl he liked (the girl liked him too... rolling eyes...) and I said, "Do you guys like each other or something?" OMG! LOL.

2. Don't act like you haven't done it before when YOU were little, but I did not like wearing underwear with my dresses (maybe I was like a tot...), so I just decided not to. YEAH...

3. Today during PE, we had partners and stuff, and my partner (guess the gender... LOL!) said that he or she wants to try and hit on girls.. OMG! I was like, "Oh my gosh! REALLY?!"

4. I'm always clumsy and forget BOTH of my locker combos. One main locker and a PE locker... Hey! It's really hard to keep track of TWO lockers at the same time...

That's it for today. BYE!


Hi beautiful! Welcome to my blog. I'd like to spend the time catching you up if you're new here, so you don't feel like you have to read every blog post or whatever.

INSIDE JOKES: Here, I have started only one inside joke, so you really aren't that behind on that. Our inside joke is 'clunk'. Now, I will use this word if for instance, I am bonking my head. I will write clunk, and so on.

DAILY BLOG POSTS (?): I try to do a blog post for YOU daily, however I sometimes will get caught up in school work and such, so I might do it right when I come home or something.

HOW LONG HAVE I DONE THIS(?): I started my blog... Maybe about 1 or 2 years ago.

WHAT I USUALLY WRITE ABOUT: I will usually write about fashion. I actually have this thing called Dashin Fashion (which seems to be a favorite of everybody's...), where I might feature a celebrity and describe what they're wearing or just post some cute images that are appropriate for school or something. I also do g…


Hi guys! Okay, you know the popular song, All About that Bass by Meghan Trainor? Well, my friend realized this and I thought I would tell you guys! It's all about being fat. Remember when she said something about not being a size two or whatever? SEE?!