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Hello! :) I thought I'd do something different and wild today;I'm going to talk about... ACCESSORIES! What I realized about these accessories is that they are all bold accessories. These can either cut up your outfit, or make it more fancy and/or rocker girl.


HI YOU GUYS! (I tried to do this blog post, but I accidentally deleted the tab! ;)) Sorry no blog post for a long time. Loosing my patience here, so let's get started. This is a cute, yet appropriate outfit for the holidays. A light weight green sweater, red jeans, cute boots to match, red earrings, a red bow to make it more girly(bow=optional), and a gray scarf to make it more casual. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (PS. wish me a happy b-day on dec.30!)

Black and White

Okay, so I decided(since I finally have some free time) to show you guys how to make a perfect black and white outfit, without making it to black or to white. This simple, flowy shirt goes well with the lace, which makes it more modern. As for the jeans, well, everybody knows that jeans never go out of style. I'm a fan of dark jeans, so this is my outfit! ;) The shoes go well with the outfit, along with the pretty handbag that dresses it up and the beautiful bracelets.


Okay, so when I came along this photo(which was a couple minutes after I did my last blog post), I just had to show you guys. This may be more for spring, but what's so wrong on being an early planner? I know I am!;) This outfit has a cute, flowy peach colored shirt, matching with a cute chevron mini, and a mint colored bag. The necklace goes well with the color choice! This would go well with boots too!

Kpop Fashion: In Style!

Okay, so I wanted to do a special blog post for you guys, and I landed on Kpop Fashion! I am not making this video because I am Korean;) Anyways, I chose this outfit because it is so cute, yet easy and comfortable, and you can wear it all year round! The spiked denim vest matches perfectly with the easy going shirt, along with perfect pants and boots, which both go great together. The key accessories, such as the handbag and bracelets are key! The earrings and the necklaces tie it all up! PS. sorry i forgot the picture. For some reason, it wont show

Flower Print

OMG! So cold in California! Anyways, today I wanted to review printed outfits with you guys. I love this outfit, because it is perfect for a wedding, or a night out with the girls! The cute, yet casual, cardigan matches perfectly with the printed, knee length dress. The little cute handbag and the shoes tie it up perfectly.


do you guys want any special blog post? you can comment down below, and i will do it. just think of it like we're best friends. i can give you a special request. you'll feel special! not that you guys aren't. of course not! just saying, comment down below! i am open to anyones idea!

Hi winter!

Hope you all had a very happy thanksgiving! Moving on, I want to talk about winter. Where I live, it's December 2, so for that, December is the month that starts winter! Am I wrong?! No. I am OBSESSED with this outfit here. A cute flowy sweater(light, and easy to wear; also very comfortable), nice, simple, leggings, simple socks, cute uggs, some nice bracelets, and a cute, funky scarf to play around with.

Bye Fall!

Okay ladies, we have to get ready to say good bye to that one season(this is my opinion) where you wear the most cutest outfits in the planet. Fall. Take fall into your palms, and throw it in the air! (just did it) Bye fall! Anyways, today, for this sad, sad, moment(or blog post), I am going to show you this very cute, yet cute, and did I mention cute(LOL!) outfit! This outfit is so adorable, yet so simple. You could maybe wear this to a job interview or a coffee date. The leather jacket with the white is so adorable, and the jeans are the classic part! The jeans are so simple though, so to dress it up, the fun scarf pops up the art into the outfit. The shoes and purse go really well together, and to give that spice with the steak, you can add sunglasses and a watch. I didn't even notice the coffee till a couple of minutes ago, which in that case, the coffee date is correct! Happy thanksgiving guys! :D

Gotta Love... Everything!

Ok, so I had figured out lately, if I don't do a blog post for you guys often, you start to not come every single day. This is getting into a problem for me, because I keep on telling my mom, 'I am starting my early career' and you guys are my helpers. Please come more often! Anyways, I decided to feature G Hannelius. You might know her from 'Dog with a Blog'; she plays the character, 'Avery'. I admire both G Hannelius and Avery. They are so bold, daring, and love everything. I especially LOVE this outfit. G's wearing a very cute, yet simple sailor shirt with anchors on it(so cute!), and to finish it off, a leather skirt. Red sneakers to be that cherry on top!

Jaylen Barron

Too cute to be true! You might know Jaylen Barron from one of my favorite shows, a hit TV show, Good Luck Charlie. She stars as Gabe's sort of girlfriend. This outfit here is so cute. You can wear it to a night out with the girls or just go to a dinner party! The skirt LOOKS like 3-D, which makes her legs look longer. The mint colored blouse is a perfect way to top off the statement necklace. The brown chunky heels are so adorable on her! She has a cute torquoise bag, which in fact, I have myself! I (or we;)) got it from target. It actually comes with a shoulder part, but you can also clip it and take it off, if you want to dress it up a little.

China Anne Mcclain

i apologize for last time. trust me, i freaked when i saw the tiny print. lol! anyways, i wanted to talk about china anne mcclain. i LOVE her style! It is a little bit edgy, and she loves prints. this jacket complements her in the right place, and has a nice angle on her. the black shirt and the necklace complement each other, and the pants and sneakers make it more casual, yet cool.

fifth harmony

sorry i haven't done a blog post in a long time. anyways, today i want to talk about fifth harmony! i love all of their styles! they all wear fun, bright, neon clothes. i hear most of them say, their style is soft with edgy girl in it. that is totally great for any season, and i admire it!

part 2

sorry, i didn't have enough room. anyways, forget those 'first date outfits'. i think they are great. they stay in the same color pallet, and are great colors to match any skin tone.

3) act! if you followed all these rules, you are fully prepared. you want to be and/or pretend (;)) that you are fully shocked. the guy might feel depressed, and you love him, so make him happy! just be like, "OH MY GOSH!" and then blurt out, "YES!" after 3 seconds.

hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! till next time, when we will be talking about that big day for you. your wedding!

hope it works out! good luck!

get ready for it!

get ready for that big moment. you ladies, this is for you! you don't know it when a guy is going to propose to you, so you should know, and you should also get ready for it!

1) if he invites you to dinner that you know will be crowded, and you've at least known each other for about 5 years or more, you know it will be special. you have that special feeling. if you don't feel it, then maybe not this time.

2) dress nice! you never know when a guy will propose, so if you read # 1(above), then you know that if people will be there, and blah blah blah di de blah blah. these outfits are perfect!

fall lips

okay, sorry for canceling on the rainbow colors(see last blog post), but i saw a magazine and selena gomez had these, dark, red lips and i fell in love with them. they are perfect for the fall, so see this picture below. ps. not from the magazine, from google images. 

duh?! love it! also, her curly ombre hair complements her skin tone, and lip color. especially eyes. go brown eyes! :)


i decided every single time i make a new blog post for you guys, i will do a color, ending with of course, black. first off is red. red is great for the fall because red is one of the autumn leaf colors, and red leaves are very attractive to me. i don't know about you guys though. anyways, you could pair up a red coat, maybe, or some cute, red chunky heels. don't be afraid to go a little bold sometimes!

good luck! :)

ps. sorry, again, for i have no time what-so-ever to give you guys a blog post every day. i will try the best i can do!


Hi guys. Sorry I haven't been writing blog posts for you guys. Anyways, I want to talk about Halloween. Halloween is on Oct. 31 2013. I can't wait, but that won't last long because Halloween is next week! I am so excited. I am going to be Athena. A greek ancient goddess who( I believe) was made from Zeus( the king of gods) head. She is his favorite and she is the goddess of war. If you search up, 'goddess costume', then you will see a girl in a pink dress. That is my costume. Cute, right?! Thanks you guys! Bye!

how to get a boy to become your boyfriend

obviously, every girl out there has a crush. don't try to hide it from your friends(unless you have a friend that is stupid and is a diva) because they probably have crushes too and they can get great advice, trust me. this blog post today is how to get a boy.

1. try not to make it to obvious or else weird things can happen and weird isn't where you want to put the book in the shelf.

2. don't wear crazy make up. lipgloss, a cute eyeshadow color, and blush is all you really need.

3. cute clothes is also another thing. don't wear shirts with flowers on them or anything. that can make you look to hippy. maybe a cute yellow blouse, leather pink skirt, and navy blue heels are enough

4. try to drop your books in front of him. he will help you pick them up and when you both lay eyes on each other, it will be love at first sight for the both of you

5. when things get serious, make him like your parents before it is official and it goes onto the next level. if he is bad to your…

Having trouble?

this blog post is for those high school girls who are going into college. now, i want you guys to know that, even though i am not your age, i can help. it might be scary at first, but trust me, you will love it! you can meet some new friends who will and/or might just be your roommate, you can decorate with them too! 
Get into the spirit girl, and decorate! here are some tips for you roomy and you:
get a silver and tell, chevron background. cute, warm, and welcoming! try a pink lamp. don't think it's too girly for you. it can look really cute and it will match your background! for bedsheets, i decided on birds. it's cute and fun. try to find a white background, and make sure the birds are blue you need a simple book shelf! try just plain old white! a classic, huh?! :)

this might be too girly or not enough punk into it, but these are some ideas for you. hope you like them! :)
ps. please comment down below if you would like some vlogs for the first time. if you like that, i …

The System of Life

you are probably confused about what is the system of life exactly. i don't blame you. i would be confused if i were you too, but i will explain, don't worry. the system of life is mainly about black Friday. black Friday is the day after thanksgiving, where every shop, and i mean every shop, is opened. they can open around midnight or 1:00 in the morning! depending where you are located, you may not have black Friday. that is okay, but if you ever go to america, the system of life i am about to tell you will help. what i mean by the system of life is that a lot of people will be fighting for certain kinds of brands, clothes, ect. i want you guys to know one thing that my family usually does. try to avoid black Friday.

there are some kinds of stores that have 40% or more on regular days, like gap and banana republic. i know that macys have sales like every single weekend. they say in there commercials, 'hurry up because this is a once in a life time think' and all that …

Fall Trends

Fall is just slipping into the corner, depending where you live. Today, where I live, it is a beautiful summer day. Not too hot and not to cold, which can be great for what outfit you want to plan on, according to your day, week, month, and year! Today I am going to talk about fall trends.

You want to go with the neutrals, because they are at the tip of the edge near the color of the autumn leaves. Just look around! Out your window, or if your in the park, or picking your kid up, and we all know the office!

The first outfit is a simple outfit. A black sweater, which will be great for the fall, a pink sleeveless shirt with of course, a collar, jeans, and boots. typical mom outfit. perfect for your 'alone time' when you are doing your shopping. with your kid! ;) LOL!

You don't want to be afraid of purple during the fall. It should depend on what color. Purple might not seem like it is a huge trend, but it really is. You could put together a leather peplum, purple jeans, silv…


Okay, today, we are here to talk about, 'food'. Why, you ask? Well, it depends on your size and shape for you to wear whatever you want, whenever you want; remember that mini quote. Anyways, I want to tell you how you can stay fit and in great shape for not only that someone special, but for everyone, including you!

(1) Eat fruits and veggies. Apples are my personal favorite, remember, 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away', and i cannot, i mean it, CANNOT, live a day without eating apples. I feel awful.

(2) try do get plenty of exercise. try to do a sport that you enjoy, not something you are doing just because you want your body to look good. that will not lead you to anywhere but torturing yourself!

(3) try to get some help if you have lost and/or gained weight(hope you didn't gain any pounds you guys!), try to tell someone at a place that you usually shop and feel comfortable in. they also have to have cute clothes ;)! don't, and please don't, go to a s…

for moms only!

ok moms. here's the deal. you are probably stressing from taking care of that what not running around your house while you are reading this! you are probably wondering how you can get less stressed out. here are some tips

1. DONT GET ANY MORE KIDS! (unless you like the experience and you feel like you are totally ready for a couple more)

2. find a suitable father, and try not to divorce, even though you feel like you have too. it will be the best for your kids, trust me

3. go to a youtube mom or a site if you are feeling trouble with kids here and there; or you could go to a family friend who has kids and just talk. if they are a friend, you should feel safe and comfortable talking to them and they can give great advice if they are also going through your situation

ps. moms, if your kid/kids are toddlers or they are out at a friends house, go on a mommy day! you could bring a friend or shop alone. i feel better when i shop, and trust me, you will have the best day, and when you pi…

how to set a trend

i always tell you guys to set a trend. for the people who don't understand how to do that, i will tell you how too!

step 1. pick a cute, fashionable outfit and wear it around a place that you know will be crowded.

step 2. take a photo and send it to a friend. pretend that it is just a casual picture of you in a party. he/she will realize how cute your outfit is(the plan) and gush all over you about it, and ask where you got it!

step 3. if they honestly love it, they will tell other people. if they asked you where you got it, it usually means, i'm interested in buying it too. people will ask them, and it will carry on! you'll feel like a true fashionista!

Katy Perry

Ok, so i haven't done Katy Perry yet, which is weird because a couple of days ago, a katy perry song just popped up, and i was thinking, why didn't i do katy perry yet for you guys?! plus, she lookes gorgeous with or without makeup and fancy clothes.
i decided from now one, i will only do one outfit. :( but next time, i think i will do one outfit that i like and don't like, so the next time i do a celebrity of the month, keep that in mind;)

this outfit is all blue. now, sometimes i think people look horrible when they wear all blue, but she rocks this outfit like she made it, is proud of it, and she is confident in wearing it, which she probably is! this dress is a beautiful, ocean blue. it complements her skin tone very well. the lacy feel to it makes it more casual, and adding the sleeves makes it more girly, which i love. the belt matches nicely, tights up her waist perfectly, and looks like a cute, girly bow! the earrings really complements the blue nicely, as she added…

season changing: a fashion addition

in this blogpost, i will tell you how to organize your clothes so you can be ready from spring to summer, fall to winter :)

spring: if i were to choose a color for spring, it would have to be pink. think about it! flowers start to bloom, and the pretty flowers are pink. maybe you could wear a neon, sleeveless shirt, black shorts, short brown boots, green statement necklace, and a pink blazer. don't be afraid to add up a velvet colored, coach bag!

summer: people say that neon is for summer. in fact, all i hear during the summer is neon,neon,neon. neon this, neon that. why not go with pastels?! they make a great neutral and they will never go out on any season. maybe a peach colored blazer, a white top, a black skirt, skin colored heels with silver at the tip of the edge in the front, and a red colored handbag. you could also add a neon statement necklace for  a pop of color.

fall: what i like to think about of fall mixed with fashion is to look around you! you see all the pretty or…

how to start over

(i know i did a familiar post, but i feel like this will even that last post out)

if you are trying to get rid of a hard breakup, friend or boyfriend, you have to start over. trust me, you'll feel way better!

(1) start getting rid of your memories. maybe a friend bought you a dress. maybe your boyfriend bought you a stuff animal. get rid of it! other people need it more than you do. it might be hard, but you will feel a lot better.

(2) change your personality. once you met that person, i bet your personality changed. you might have not realized it then, but realize it now. you were probably agreeing with them because you didn't want to change your relationship with each other. now, let free and be who you want to be

(3) write a letter to that person, telling them how you felt them and now. get your favorite candle, and burn it up!

(4) last but not least, smile. now you are set free and you can go where you want to go. you could brighten up your wardrobe, or darken it(however y…

good fall ideas

1. this outfit is simple. you can wear it to a night out with your husband/boyfriend, your girls, or just treating yourself to a little alone time. a white jacket with beading and black sleeves, a dark purple blouse, some dark jeans, and navy blue heels. it won't hurt you to wear a green belt!

2. a simple peach blazer, a denim shirt with white polka dots, a striped skirt, and some chunky, colorful heels. don't forget a neon, fun yet cute, statement necklace and an orange bag, with a sky blue scarf

thanks for your loving and support for this blog. i don't know what I would do without you guys! you support me and like my fashion ideas. that alone can lead to a great future for me, and who knows where i will be heading, but i know that you will always be there, walking proudly with me. thank you, and i wish you luck to you and me, and the rest of the world. good luck!

do's and don'ts fashion tips

do be confident in what you wear
don't be afraid to go with a new, different style
do wear flats
don't wear heels more than flats(you will see;))
do tuck in your shirt when you are also wearing a skirt
don't wear anything that you don't feel comfortable in
do not be afraid to wear hats
don't wear dresses to often

outfit of the day

I haven't done a outfit of the day in a long time, so i figured I should do one. anyways, today I was wearing a light blue shirt with white lace on the sleeves, a tank top from justice, a striped skirt from... i don't know and my polka dot shorts from... target?


sorry i haven't been blogging for a couple of days. i have been in tahoe, but it was really fun anyways:) i'll try to blog more often. anyways, i got a three day vacation, so my family and I just decided to, you know. oh, and just a reminder, well not really a reminder, anyways... i am going on a huge vacation for christmas for my birthday and christmas. i am really excited! BYE! :p

ps. sorry i didn't name the title. i didn't know what to title it :)

Kim Kardashian

today, our idol of the week is... KIM KARDASHIAN! she may have wide hips and she was really fat during her pregnancy, but she can still be fashionable. today, i will be showing you three outfits of hers.

1. you could wear this anywhere. to a night out with your husband or just doing work and answering calls for work. kim rocks a long sleeve, dirty yellow dress, which is up to the knees. you can't go wrong with a high bun, as she makes it awesomer, paired with black chunky heels and a statement necklace.

2. you could wear this simple, yet flirty outfit to work or if you are just hanging at home or doing dishes. she lets her hair down, way more pretty than the high bun, wearing it with a hot pink blazer, white, flowy blouse, salmon colored pants, and a gold and black heel.

3. you could wear this outfit to an event. a one strap dress, teal colored, which matches her complexion, with soft gray heels. again, she rocks the high bun, this time with a funky twist; a braid around it!


you are probably wondering why i wrote HH as the title. it stands for, 'Hello Hippie', because when i was driving today,there was a bunch of traffic. I looked over, and i saw this man with long hair and a big, long mustache. i was like, i should totally blog about this. i mean, i just realized then, hippie could be VERY in for the fall! set a trend you guys! set a trend. :) maybe you could pair up a dress with flowers, a brown vest with fringes and silver boots. and you can't go wrong with a purple bag and a headpeice

hey hey!

so, you guys are probably thinking, she is not talking about fashion much. well, i got a special comment from someone who i don't know, not to long ago. well, long ago... you know what i mean. :p anyways, she/he said that i should talk more about fashion. well, person, you are totally right! whenever i don't talk about fashion, i think of your comment, and then i think, pull it together gaya!

to be honest, i am just cut up on homework and school to do much blogging for you guys and it's starting to form into a problem! i mean, what if i start losing some of you guys! please hang tight in there for me! and, if you are doing school and you have a lot of homework, you know how i feel! just sayin'!

thx for understanding! i think... XD


here are some ideas/tips i have in mind for you guys. like i said, pastel colors are very in for the fall. idea for a cute yet fashionable outfit: pink top, jeans, black heels, blue and green scarf and for hair? duh?! i high bun. very sleek yet quirky. oh, and please comment and/or ask me if i should have a youtube channel! :)


scarves are very in for the fall. try shopping for the one that is attached to the ends, like a circle shape if you lie it down on the floor. try getting pastel colors, so you can add a pop of color! you're probably thinking that pastel colors are for spring. well, spring and summer is more for black and white. crazy, right?! fall and winter is more pastel colors. think about what you find around you in the seasons and match the colors i told you about. see? :)


finally! i have been waiting to get a pet and i did! his name is mr.fluffy pants and he is black and white.i love him so much! he looks like a big black and white fur ball! leave a comment below, if you want a picture. i know i said i don't know how, but i will ask my parents if you really want me to. :D


I LOVE U GUYS! I just found out that you guys are, well, since i started this blog thing, let me just show you and why i am excited.

united states: 256
south korea:16

that is my viewers in ALL time history. today i have like, well this month i have...

united states:13
south korea:1

but the all time history is cray cray. so... THX  XD


i feel, well, at least, i have a strong feeling that one of you guys out there are feeling horrible and you want to die and you are taking pills or just getting drunk on purpose because you don't feel well or you just am ready to die. well, if you are a grown up out there, well, lets just say teen, and say your boyfriend broke up with you and you feel like you had a healthy relationship, but he says, 'no. this will not work out. sorry'.

i am sorry for you that you are torturing yourself. DONT DO THAT! here's my advice: find someone better and just get over him/her. it will make you feel SO much better and everyone needs that special person but some people don't have that person with them. my saying is: you can always change a good day into an even better day. work some magic by searching a site where you can meet an even better person.

i wish you luck:)

good bye summer, hello autumn

summer is now officially over to me. why? because i see a lot of people around my school wearing pink, so i guess pink is in. why does this have to do with autumn? well, if you think about it, orange and yellow is kind of near pink. well, mostly orange. i mean think about it! a pink shirt that is like, boxish, orange mini pencil skirt with a bunch of colors on, the design is chevron, and yellow flats.


my password wasn't working just because i haven't done a new blog post! you guys are probably thinkin, 'WAH?!' but maybe you guys only have the nails post... oh no! PLEASE let me know if you have this post! oh, then you can't read- WHATEVER!


i think im not that sick anymore. now some of you guys are like, wha? well i'll tell you. (i apologise if i already told you). anyways, a week ago, my throat started hurting when i would swallow and sometimes when i yawned and then swallowed it felt like there was a boulder inside.

i have been starting to take ricola and my mom would occasionally make me some poricha, a korean tea which is really nice and soothing. now i feel much better; but still when i yawn, still has that effect. :/ but i am better and feeling well which matters to me the most at the moment:)

god, i just realized i am busy everyday this week! but the weekends. today, i went to a play date and gymnastics and tuesday... oh, i already told you guys this... oops! ^^

sorry...  blush blush.

outfit of the day

Denim shirt with white polka dots, little pocket, buttons and at the end you can tie it into a knot
Multi Colored skirt

under is my leotard and black shorts because i am going to gymnastics. if you are wondering where i got these, you can find the cool shirt at target now and i think i got the skirt... i actually forgot. i also got a shirt yesterday with the denim shirt at target. its one of those shirts with the sleeves that i call 'wings'. its pink with white polka dots. super cute, right?


i just noticed like two days ago that i haven't done a blog post in such a long time. i know i should have done one sooner, the day since i found that out at least but lately i haven't been getting ANY sleep. i would read a book and then sleep around 11:00 which isn't normal for me. my brother oliver(ollie) keeps bugging me about how i wake up around 10:00. XD
try to do it more often! :)


well, i just found out that people in the united states, russia, south korea(i am korean) and germany follow my blog, how cool! and those who are korean, anhyongegasayah. je-idomun gaya imidah! (hello. my name is gaya)

holy cow!

i just realized(you should probably get a map first) that you guys watch me in the usa, somewhere above the usa, to the left and some part of russia. i am not good at geography (wait, is it geography...) anyways, what i do know, is i thank you! =)


you know what? people think summer is the best season because there's no school and you get to watch tv all day and go on fun vacations. well, that's what i did last year, but if you think about it, school is REALLY fun! i mean(these are my friend nina's words, not mine) school is like a big play date with all your friends!

i agree a 100 percent! okay, maybe like 98 percent but still! so today, i am going to a beach with my friend lauren, who may have a blog(i'll give you the link later) and my brothers friend datis. think of it like dot and then is but if you say it really fast, it's datis


friends are awesome! they heal your wounds when you fall down. they pick you up when you fall. they comfort you when you cry with tears. you guys are now one of my friends! i saw where you guys live and i can't believe that you guys read my blog, all over the world! even russia! thx! XD

Day with me online

usually, what i do online is watch make up dutorials, write a blog post, or just check my emails. i am actually wearing a green leopard print dress today, comes with a black belt, and what i love about this dress is that it has an unusual cut out heart on the back which gives it a more girly look. 
right now, i am trying to contact my friend miranda. i think i gave you the site of her blog. i'll have to check. she's just the kind of friend that is funny and awesome. i have a lot of friends that are pretty, funny, smart and of course, kind! 
you're probably thinking that i am tal-writing to much and that i should write about what i am doing at this moment. well, i will tell you something i got not to long ago. a concealer(medium), 090 lipstick and an eyeshadow pallet(white, dusty rose, teal and brown).


some of you guys think that i'm probably just saying that and you also probably think that i just want to advertise for my own blog because you probably think i do that kinda thing. WELL I DONT! I can tell you why i dont do this kinda thing. because, i hate lying. i know hate is a 'very strong word' but i do absolutely, 100 percent, hate lying. you can ask all my friends that!

oh yeah, check out this site.


my friend jessy is over and she wants to tell you guys to tell your friends about my blog! please comment on my blog posts if you can. :)


I have been watching beauty videos on youtube because I basically watch them every single day. That gave me the idea to put on a facial mask with the right product. Btw, still waiting for followers;)


god! going to gymnastics for the 2nd time at a new place. it's called gym world. i love it there but the exercises can be painful and people stare at you. especially when your new... yeah. got my leotard and gymnastic pants though! my leotard is a bloody red and the pants are short, black pants. well... shorts to be more precise;)

hey hey!

OMG! Teen Beach Movie is finally here! (thank you god) XD!!! anyways, obviously i watch disney channel. how many of you guys watch disney channel? leave a comment below to me! reminder: not to be pushy but i'm waiting for followers...

hi guys!

sorry i haven't made a blogpost in such a long time! i was busy, so, that's probably the reason why i don't have any pageviews yet OR followers (hint hint) ;) anyways, the main thing about this blogpost is talking about what i got from macys.

a blue/green shirt with animal print, and a cut out heart in the back(also comes along with a black belt)

a minty colored short(comes with a pink neon belt)

a pink dress with a collar, buttons, and it is sleeveless

a fun black and white shirt with a skeleton that says music in my soul

i feel like i forgot something but i don't think i did. i will probably tell u... OH YEAH!

a shirt with colorful strips and a whole on the sleeves. also comes with a simple tank top

outfit of the day

today, i am wearing a purple tank top, my favorite target polka dot shorts(blue and white) under my rainbow skirt.

ps. sorry i have not been blogging for a long time. i was really busy, if you know what i mean ;)


You guys! You should go to! i mean, wherever you live, they have videos, movies and more! I mean, isn't that cool! Like, if you live in california you can watch asian movies or music videos. if you live in asia, you can watch american movies or music videos!

GO! I love viki!

Dulce Candy

now, most of you guys don't really know dulce candy, but i do! she is a fashion idol!

rock n' roll chic outfit: a black blouse with white skulls, black bra under(the blouse is see through), a green/yellow neon skirt, black bag and black heels.

casual chic outfit: a white shirt with colorful flowers, pearl necklace, minty cardigan, peach colored shorts, skin colored bag and white and skin colored boots.

also, check out her blog,

princess kate

princess kate is a fashion icon.

she married prince william in i believe, 2012.

red carpet: a short sleeve flowy purple dress, and a blinged out belt.

casual: a navy blue jacket, white ruffled blouse, brown belt, jeans, and navy blue heels with a wedge.

note: i heard that she's pregnant and due the same day as kim kardashians baby girl. kim did have her baby already ;) check the two babies  out!


hey guys! sorry i've been gone for so long! :/ but yesterday, i went to a nail place with my mom. on the outside it looked old and i wasn't very happy ;) but then i went inside and it was very cool! :)

i picked out a teal  color and the lady asked if i wanted sparkles with it. i said yes and so she gave me sparkles. remindes me of the sea. wouldn't it be funny if there was an orange fish in the middle? LOL! anyways, my toes i went with a dark neon pink and on the big toe i went with a white heart (heart for left; 2 hearts for the right) anyways, it turned out great.

i went swimming today and i was shocked that it didn't fall off. (like some nail polish does) sometimes they even fall of the whole finger! ;)

outfit of the day

my favorite strawberry t-shirt(gap)
polka-dot pants, very comfortable! (hannah andersen)
pink scrunchie from japantown(different colors;some that match your hair color!)

good night you guys!
by the way, i did some other outfit of the days and i didn't show the picture at the time because i didn't know how to. now i do :)

bridgit mendler

note: bridgit mendler is one of my favorite singers just to note ;)

casual outfit: (on set of her song 'we can change the world') a pink sleeveless blouse, brown beaded necklace, dark jeans, and brown boots

event outfit: black leather jacket, colorful purple and pink blouse, black leather shorts, and purple boots

miranda cosgrove

miranda cosgrove

event: a nice dress with a lot of fun colors(green, blue, ect.) clear streak in the middle to her left leg, and a blue/green open toed heel.

casual:(this is a casual outfit but she also wore this to an event) a white shirt with a black heart split in the middle and rhinestones, black skirt, open toed black boots, and a black clutch.

demi lovato

most of you guys know that demi lovato had a whole new makeover since she was the main star on sonny with a chance. she used to have brown hair, now she has wild blonde. even her wardrobe has changed. one of her pics she had blond/pink hair with a little braid surrounded by her hair if you know what I'm talking about ;) she was wearing a light colored jean jacket with spikes at the shoulders, a black dress, and rock n' roll heels!

something she would wear to an event: at the 2012 teens choice awards she wore her blond hair up in a high ponytail with a silver band holding it up, also a rock n' roll multi-colored dress with different patterns everywhere you could imagine!

selena gomez

who likes selena gomez? well, she appears wearing a mermaid cut sleeveless top (minty colored) and a white mini skirt wrapping it up with a light pink clutch and awesome shoes! a more casual look selena would wear is this. she is spotted playing golf wearing a rusted white jacket, a light blue shirt, jean shorts and sneakers.

as for selena's hair, that's a whole different level. at the 2012 teens choice awards she wore a hot pink dress and simple white shoes. there was even maybe a special b-day present for a special someone. as for selena's hair at the exciting event, her ombre hair was straight making her look hot but also a casual look.

emma stone:fashion idol

most of you guys know that emma stone is a fashion idol. for instance, she appeared on fashion police and the main host of the show said, "I love Emma Stone. She's a fashion idol to the world! I think she's beautiful wherever she goes. But, when I saw her wearing this gorgeous pink and white dress, it was like she was the only fashion idol!" she appears wearing her blond hair and bangs put up into a ponytail wearing a gorgeous pink dress with pink everywhere you could think of except a white collar, cool patterned heels and a black clutch.

random stuff!

i would like to talk to you guys about random stuff! i am bored if you're wondering... why. anyways, who likes the series dork diaries? i LOVE those series and sometimes i read the book again(blush!) anyways, i just watched a video from bubz beauty.

i wonder if she's korean or chinese or japanese? she does korean dutorials but she still could be chinese or japanese. sorry if i spelled 'dutorials' wrong... so, what are you guys up to? i am just... actually i'm up to nothing right now. i'm waiting for followers. hint hint! ;)

yum yum!

my mom is making my favorite food... pasta! love pasta, especially my favorite kind. penne! which she's making! XD OMG! so exciting for me! later guys! (mmh!)


here are some simple questions i want to know about you. i think i want to know you guys a little more:

who's your favorite singer?
selena gomez  bridgit mendler or demi lovato(between all of them)

what's your favorite kind of food?
pasta salad or chicken?

and finally, do you like fashion?
yes sort of or no?

good morning guys!

what are you guys up too? i am just uh... actually i'm up to nothing. you can write a comment below this and tell me what you're doing! and thank you guys for visiting my blog! i hope to get followers as quickly as i can get and i wish i can be famous some day, and i know i can but there's a long way down the road and i'll have you guys to help me so thank you!

hi guys

i know i said i would probably do this like... uh, once a week. wait, did i? xD anyways, i feel like i'm doin it every hour ;) thank you guys for commenting on my latest updates!

outfit of the day

Today, on a cold Sunday morning, i am wearing some dark blue and white shorts with polka dots(target), a tank top(justice) and a colorful sweater(also from justice) If you guys are wondering why i am acting like it is a really hot day, i get hot easily. Another fun fact about me! ;)

hey guys!

This is my first time really writing to you! I am so excited I get a blog and the whole process is really simple. I thank the people who have already looked at my blog!

Just to tell you guys a little about my blog, I will be writing about fashion. I LOVE fashion and I would like to be a fashion designer when I grow up. Actually, my first ever show I watched was What Not to Wear! LOL! xD Thank you guys and I'll talk to you guys later. Bye! :)