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Hello! :) I thought I'd do something different and wild today;I'm going to talk about... ACCESSORIES! What I realized about these accessories is that they are all bold accessories. These can either cut up your outfit, or make it more fancy and/or rocker girl.


HI YOU GUYS! (I tried to do this blog post, but I accidentally deleted the tab! ;)) Sorry no blog post for a long time. Loosing my patience here, so let's get started. This is a cute, yet appropriate outfit for the holidays. A light weight green sweater, red jeans, cute boots to match, red earrings, a red bow to make it more girly(bow=optional), and a gray scarf to make it more casual. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (PS. wish me a happy b-day on dec.30!)

Black and White

Okay, so I decided(since I finally have some free time) to show you guys how to make a perfect black and white outfit, without making it to black or to white. This simple, flowy shirt goes well with the lace, which makes it more modern. As for the jeans, well, everybody knows that jeans never go out of style. I'm a fan of dark jeans, so this is my outfit! ;) The shoes go well with the outfit, along with the pretty handbag that dresses it up and the beautiful bracelets.


Okay, so when I came along this photo(which was a couple minutes after I did my last blog post), I just had to show you guys. This may be more for spring, but what's so wrong on being an early planner? I know I am!;) This outfit has a cute, flowy peach colored shirt, matching with a cute chevron mini, and a mint colored bag. The necklace goes well with the color choice! This would go well with boots too!

Kpop Fashion: In Style!

Okay, so I wanted to do a special blog post for you guys, and I landed on Kpop Fashion! I am not making this video because I am Korean;) Anyways, I chose this outfit because it is so cute, yet easy and comfortable, and you can wear it all year round! The spiked denim vest matches perfectly with the easy going shirt, along with perfect pants and boots, which both go great together. The key accessories, such as the handbag and bracelets are key! The earrings and the necklaces tie it all up! PS. sorry i forgot the picture. For some reason, it wont show

Flower Print

OMG! So cold in California! Anyways, today I wanted to review printed outfits with you guys. I love this outfit, because it is perfect for a wedding, or a night out with the girls! The cute, yet casual, cardigan matches perfectly with the printed, knee length dress. The little cute handbag and the shoes tie it up perfectly.


do you guys want any special blog post? you can comment down below, and i will do it. just think of it like we're best friends. i can give you a special request. you'll feel special! not that you guys aren't. of course not! just saying, comment down below! i am open to anyones idea!

Hi winter!

Hope you all had a very happy thanksgiving! Moving on, I want to talk about winter. Where I live, it's December 2, so for that, December is the month that starts winter! Am I wrong?! No. I am OBSESSED with this outfit here. A cute flowy sweater(light, and easy to wear; also very comfortable), nice, simple, leggings, simple socks, cute uggs, some nice bracelets, and a cute, funky scarf to play around with.