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Beauty Guru's: Youtuber's

Do you want to look beautiful in a matter of time? Do you like to watch vlogs? Do you need advice?
Check out these beautiful youtuber's:

Dulce Candy
Michelle Phan(You all probably know her)em cosmetics

Wedding Gown

Like I did yesterday, I am going to feature this bridal gown that I LOVE to the ends of the earth and back! It has a simple, sweetheart neckline, a beaded belt, and a flower print skirt. I personally LOVE the skirt! What do you guys think, huh?

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

Hello fellow ladies! Or for today, brides! You all probably know by now, Vera Wang; famous fashion designer, of course! She also now has a ring collection, and she has(I believe)a couple of books, and one many awards. But I think her dresses are really amazing, so let's see one of them:

This one has a light fabric for the shoulders, and a sweetheart kneckline. The dress has a pretty flowered belt , and at the bottom, a light, flowy fabric that drapes behidn the model. Also wearing a beautiful flowered headpiece and blue eyeshadow and some dark, red lips.

2014 Fashion

Hey you guys!So, I got the latest issue of InStyle Magazine, and the it talked about this years fashion. Yet, I did not read all of it, I can tell by all of those ladies wearing PASTELS, what the fashion this year will be. PASTELS! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am, literally, the most excited about this, because I LLLOOVVEE pastel colors with outfits! They just lighten the mood and make everything so cheery!

This outfit(which is obviously pastel based) is super adorable, cheery and fun, and I just adore it. She's wearing a light teal colored jacket, a light purple shirt, a statement necklace(love that!:)), colored pants, pink heels, and an orange and pink hand bag. I think the accessories tie it all up! What do you guys think? Yes or a no? Comment down below!


I promised you guys that I would do Zendaya, so now, here is Zendaya's fashion. I love her style, because it's very edgy; kind of like skater girl with pop. In this outfit(which I totally adore), she's wearing an army looking jacket with a simple white top with, I believe studs at the collar. She's also wearing cute black leggings with white bows and pink sneakers. I think this would, not only be a great outfit for anyone, but especially kids! What do you guys think, huh?

Bella Thorne

I probably did Bella Thorne before, but anyways, I thought it would be a great idea to do her. Of course I just have to do Zendaya next, so I'll upload her in just a sec. Anyways, I love this outfit because ti is simple yet chic. She's wearing a simple white top, with a black and white belt, and a gray, fun dotted skirt, which I think lightens it up and some black heels. And just remember, again, Zendaya next! :)

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!! :)

Hi you guys! I just got back from a long, nice trip. So fun?! Anyways, I decided to make one of those big, 'blog' entrances by opening up with... THE 2014 GRAMMY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHH! Okay, just, do me a favor and watch it, 'kay?

Anyways, I saw Fashion Police, and they were talking about the Grammy's and one of the people they were talking about was Katy Perry. I adore her and I loved her dress. It hit me. I should talk about her on my blog! So here it is!

She had a twisted, high bun, and very spring looking make up, with a pop lip(I LOVE POP LIPS SO MUCH!). Now her dress was AMAZING! It had a nice tool to the skirt, with notes on it, and it sorta had a mermaid cut, with a fabric layering it for the neck. Not to high, not too low. I think this was the best outfit Katy Perry has shown us. (Applause) PS. Great to be back guys!