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Hi guys! Today, I'm going to be talking all about my hamster, Mr. Fluffy Pants. Don't have any pictures, but maybe once he passes I will post some pictures and all that jazz.
Okay, let's get started!

Fluffy's full name: Mr. George Harold Floof Fluff Flufsters Fluff O' Rama Oreo Skunk Ball Fluffy Pants (I know... But to shorten it up, Mr. Fluffy Pants/Fluffy)
Breed: Some of his nick names gave it away, but a washed out black and white syrian hamster


Does he bite? NO
Is he cute? YEEEEESSSS!
How old is he? 1
Is he your first hamster? YES
Where did you get him? PETCO


What's the new thing for hairstyles? HAIR CHALK! I've seen many people like HeyKayli do it, and they turned out FABOO! ;) You can just draw it onto your hair. AND PRESTO!


Today, I'm going to talk about being you. This is the most important thing in the world! If you don't be you, then who are you? You can't be anybody else. That person is unique just like you're unique. Think of it like snowflakes. They're all so beautiful and unique in their own way. Nobody can change that snowflake. Nobody can change you. Everybody is different. Nobody is exactly like the same. Some people like different things, a different style, etc.

What's unique about you? Millions of people kill themselves because they can't become the perfect person or they're insecure about themselves. Honestly, that person out there who's about to do it, I say that you're beautiful and smart and you're unique in your own way. Don't try to be somebody different. BE YOU! BYE BEAUTIFUL! :D


Hi guys! Are you a pro at wearing high heels, or are you a long way at strutting those stilettos. No need to worry. A lot of girls/tweens/teens/women have trouble, whether their a pro or a beginner. Here are some helpful (hopefully...) tips and tricks on how to be your own model!


1. Find a straight line and walk down to the end. Remember, heel to toe, not toe to heel.

2. If you're a beginner, try a kitten heel. It's much more easier to work with. (I recommend searching it up if you don't know what a kitten heel is)

Hi guys! Here's a little pep talk on shoes. If you feel like you're really bad at walking in heels, no worry! A lot of people out there can't master it either. It's perfectly normal to feel stressed. (Sorry friend who doesn't like the word stressed. And don't role your eyes again!) Again, I recommend using a kitten heel. It's a heel about 1 to 2 inches. GO GO GO!


Just plain old black again. For now... Okay, so today I have the best news in the whole wide world. Instead of writing a blog post for every day that I'm on my vacation, when I get back, I'm going to upload a video for every day that I was on my cruise! YAY! So that basically means I'll be gone for about two weeks, however when I get back, you get to see new videos. AND YOU GUYS GET TO SEE WHAT I LOOK LIKE! ............. Okay, that sounds really weird......... YAY!


Hi you! Okay, so I'm not going to name this person's name, but a friend came over yesterday, so hi friend! ;) You know who you are. This person is one of my best friends, and him or her  is so supportive, so this is a friendly shout out to him or her. Okay, let's get down to business. You probably just came here casually, and found out that there's big news awaiting you. Okay, okay, I'll tell you. So, you know how I was telling you that I might go on a cruise or travel somewhere and I said that if I do, I'd bring you guys? You probably already guessed it, but I'M GOING ON A CRUISE FOR TEN DAYS AND YOU GUYS ARE COMING WITH ME!

I'm so excited to bring you guys with me. I plan on doing a blog post everyday, if possible. You're excited, aren't you? Okay, so today I'm also going to list my favorite songs. READY, SET, GOOOOOOOOOO!

Me and my broken heart
Happy (duh)
Counting stars
Me and my girls


I haven't done my little series called Dashin Fashion in a while. Honest. I'm not going to lie to you. Okay, so I found this cute summer, colorful outfit on google images, and I'm like, "HEY!" Okay, let's get started! This outfit includes a peach colored jacket, a white dress with a teal colored belt, and a colorful shoe. For excessories, this outfit has a teal purse with a plum colored necklace, a pink colored nail polish, a peach colored ring, and a teal flowered ring(?).


Michelle Phan. Youtube. Make up. Michelle Phan is a famous YouTuber. Now, she has a make up line. I'm going to talk about it. Her make up line is called, EM Michelle Phan. It's a very high end, expensive brand. But I think the products are really cool. For example, there's a highlighting and contouring stick. That way you can highlight and contour your face, That's really cool to me. There's her life pallets. You can make four make up looks with one pallet. They contain one blush, a couple of eyeshadows, and a lip color. It comes with a little pallet and a tool to move around your eyeshadows, blushes, and lip colors into the little pallet, just in case you want to mix it around a little bit.


Hello beautiful. I have some good news. And, I'm going to say this in advanced. I can't make any promises to you, but this is most likely to happen. I'M GOING ON A CRUISE! And... I'M GOING TO BRING YOU GUYS WITH ME! YAHOO!


Hi guys! Okay, so I've been putting up a lot of blog posts that start with 'why', so I decided why not make a 'series' I guess you could call it called, WHY, and then add the subject in? Does that make sense? Well, let's get started!



Yes! Girls tend to waste money on clothes, shoes, and yes, perfume. I don't understand either. There are however different ways to smell good. 
1. TAKE A SHOWER! Yes, all girls take a shower once a day. But why do they use perfume then? Maybe because they think they just need that one touch to set themselves off. Well, maybe it's because their shampoo just smells... plain. Try and get a very fruity or fresh smell for your washing products, if that makes any sense. That way, you don't have to use perfume.
2. I know it's hard, but I think you should donate your perfume. Yes, something you've never heard of before, b…


Are you a beginner at make up that wants to become a pro? No worries! I'm going to give you some tips and tricks. Hope you enjoy! 

1. I learned to respect and use make up in a simple way by watching make up tutorials
2. If you're a beginner, don't try to immediately build on a smokey eye. It's hard, whether you're an expert or you've only started. Try and go with a natural eye look. That way if you mess up, it will look natural!
3. DON'T PUT ON FALSE LASHES! If you do, I'm stopping you here girlfriend. There are great mascara's out there. Also, you might end up in the ER if you put on those demi lashes. Sorry... Why don't you pick out a couple mascaras you think will do the trick, or ask somebody at the counter. 

1. If you want the PERFECT eyeliner look, you can either get tape and line it to the sides of your eye, or you can take a business card, cut out a triangle that is comfortable for your make up look, line it up to your eye, and f…


Hello! Okay, I would like to discuss something that just doesn't make sense to me. Why boo? Why is Boo the world's cutest dog? Sure, he's adorable, but that's just an opinion. He is titled the worlds cutest dog, however that's just an opinion, again! I mean, I think he's adorable, but I don't think he's the WORLDS CUTEST DOG. I mean, he's ONE of the world's cutest dogs; You know what I mean?


You see puppies. Dogs. Cats. Kittens. Hamsters. ALL OF THE PETS IN THIS WORLD THAT JUST MELTS YOUR HEART! Anyways, why are they so cute? Is it because they're pets? Is it because they're not human and just... CUTE?!


Hello! Today, I'm going to talk about the love code... You don't know what that is, do you? Well, I'm here to talk to you for a reason, right? Okay, the love code is when a girl likes a boy and talks to him or a boy likes a girl and talks to her; they usually say something mean or insulting. That just means that they have a crush on you. I don't know if that's obvious in your school or not, but in mine, it's like the most obvious thing you can... yeah...


Hi guys. I have some bad news. Are you ready? Okay, so the whole Paris and London thing didn't work out. Long story, however we decided NOT to go to Paris and London. I know how some of you guys started viewing my blog ever since I announced the big news; Maybe that's just because I started adding more blog posts, but yeah... I'm sorry if you were looking forward to that. I was too, but I will keep on putting up more and more blog posts. Thanks! Bye.


Okay, so now I think that a lot of people have figured out that Costco is a really popular place to shop. Right? But seriously.... A lot of people go to Costco to buy food, furniture, clothes, food... I am going to answer the age old, not really age old question... I actually just thought of it, but yeah... OOH! You are scared... The age old question is... (DRUMROLL PLEASE) WHY COSTCO? I think a lot of people go to Costco because of the prices. The things there are really cheap there. Not that poor people shop there, but I mean who doesn't like a good price? I bet even Bill Gates can like... Well no. He's just to rich. Oh, that Bill...


Hello! Okay, so the real question in life is... Is it better to be nerdy or popular? I'd say nerdy. Nerdy is COOL. Nerdy is POPULAR. But actually, being you is cool and popular. Trying to perfect yourself is pointless, because the real beautiful you is right in front of you. Hope you find your inner beauty. GOOD LUCK!


Okay, I'm gonna give you some awesome make up tips that I think you'll enjoy. Thanks guys! 1, 2, 3, GO!

Tip #1. Use a CC Cream before putting ANY make up on. It will be even better if you have SPF in it. That way, just in case you have a big important meeting that just came up or you're just late for work, you don't have to worry about sunscreen. You never know! ;)

Tip #2. If you want the perfect eye liner look (just in case you don't want to deal with all of that eyeshadow jazz...), get a business card, and cut out the perfect triangle for you at the edge. Line it up to your eyes, and fill in! You've probably heard this trick before, but... YAY!

Tip #3. Contouring your nose to make an illusion of a longer nose. It's a classic trick. Okay, get a tope eyeshadow color. Drag it down from the sides of your nose. VWALA! (Is that how you spell it?...)


Raise the............... Yeah......... I just wanted to say thank you so so sooooooo much! I've noticed that you guys have been reading my blog more and more and you don't know how good it feels. I don't know if I already mentioned this recently because I have like the worst memory, but I wanted to thank you guys so much! PS. I am going to Paris next week and then London. CAN'T WAIT! :D


Hey guys! I'm going to tell you guys my traveling essentials. HOPE YOU ENJOY! :D

1. CLOTHES! (Obviously...) If you're going to travel to a hot place, you want to pack clothes that will be comfortable yet appropriate for the weather, however do not forget to pack a jacket and/or raincoat just in case the weather takes a loop and the weather people are big fat liars! ;) JK! LOL. Okay, now if you think that the weather will be pretty cold (which is highly unlikely because it's summer), again you want to pack comfortable and appropriate clothes for the cold weather. But don't forget to pack some short sleeve shirts, dresses, and shorts or skirts.

2. MAKEUP! Another great essential. Okay, don't pack a bunch of make up. Maybe just one kit that has all the make up you need. Don't go overboard. 

3. Your shower supplies. You need to take a shower at LEAST once a day. Don't worry about towels; they'll have that, however if you hate the conditioner, shampoo, and body…


Hi guys! Okay, today's little LIP TIP is the eyeshadow lip! And no, the eyeshadow isn't going to be the whole, um... yeah... OKAY, LET'S GET STARTED! :D So, you want to choose a lipstick of your choice; preferably something like BABYLIPS by maybelline new york. Try not to use lipgloss; It will not look good later on when we add the mysterious eyeshadow... DUN DUN DUN! Okay, now that you're done applying your lipstick, find a white shimmery eyeshadow that you think will complement your skin tone. Put the eyeshadow on your bottom lip for a majestic glow. Blend it out by smacking your lips together. Add as much eyeshadow as needed, however try not to go overboard.


Are you flying on a plane for a business trip, or a family vacation? Well, I know how it feels. Exciting, however you need to be prepared for the worst. This is a how to guide/tips on traveling. HOPE YOU ENJOY!

Tip 1. Wear something comfortable on the plane. If you wear tight, skinny jeans, you will definitely have trouble moving around the airport and the plane. You wanna wear maybe a loose shirt with some comfy pants, or really comfortable shorts. Also remember to try and avoid heels, even if they're new and FABOO! Swap them for some old sneakers; after all, it's okay to get them dirty.

Tip 2. Travel lightly. Try to avoid overpacking, like I do! ;) Trust me; It will make things a lot more easier. If you're staying at your hotel, cabin, etc, you want to try and avoid packing an outfit for every single day. You're probably going to wash your outfits/clothes if you're staying for a week or more. 

Tip 3. Last but not the least, bring money! KACHING! You want to remember…

A Pet Guide: How to leave your pet while you're on vacation: Hamsters

Hello, hello, HELLO! Below this is another blog post for you dog or cat owners, so please check that out. Now, I'm going to talk about hamsters. THEY ARE ALL SOOOOOO CUTE! Okay, so this is what I have learned works best for me. And yes, I have a hamster; Big shock, huh? His name is Mr. George Harold Oreo Fluffy Pants. LOL! Long name, huh? We usually just call him fluffy. Okay, so I recommend leaving your hamster with somebody you trust, or somebody you know has experience with hamsters. Make sure that they are great with him/her, and they don't squeeze, because I know that that happens a lot, and it scares you to death. Tell them to cup the hamster in their hands, instead of squeezing. It's important that they know what and how to deal with your hamster.

A Pet Guide: How to leave your pet while you're on vacation: Dogs

Okay, so I recently(actually, today) put up another blog post. If you haven't seen it yet, please check it out down below; Although, I think you saw it... Anyways, this is kind of like a pet guide, you know? Places or people you should leave your dog with, if that makes any sense. I will be doing multiple pets, but I decided to do dogs first, because they are the most common pet. Okay, so usually people either leave their dog with somebody they trust, or at a dog kennel. Now, if your dog is really picky about other dogs and stuff like that, it's best not to go to a dog kennel and to leave him/her with a family friend, co worker, etc. If your dog loves to make friends, and is very adventurous, you should definitely leave him/her at a dog kennel, instead of being with somebody they already know and an environment they might already know.

Thanks guys! Hope you enjoyed this.
PS. There will be another blog post on hamsters next.
PPSS. I decided not to do cats because it's basicall…


Hey guys! I am saying this in advanced, because I do not want to say later, sorry that I have been gone for a while and all of that jazz. Let me explain... I am going to Europe soon, and I never actually bring you guys with me or tell you guys how my trip was, so this time you guys are going to go with me. I have a plan this time, so you guys can know daily what I was doing that day in Paris and/or London. I'm thinking that every day, I can write a little 'diary' entry on my blog; I'll you guys all about my day, what I did, maybe even what I ate and such. I'm really excited for this trip, and even more excited that you guys get to go with me on my journey.

PS. Leave a comment down below if you want me to talk more about boys, and if you like the idea and the rainbow sentence mabober!


Okay, this is ANOTHER blogpost on boys, since I noticed that a lot of you guys have been reading my latest blogpost about boys. Today, I am going to tell you how to react to any guys's actions.

1. If a guy waves at you, wave back! Be confident. If you really think your ready, add a little flare by doing the 'hand wave'.... Um.... Yeah; You know what I mean... Do a wink maybe. And never forget to be the real you.

2. If a guy asks you on a date, and you truly like him for who he is, say yes! If the date gets a little bit awkward, don't make small talk like, "So, how bout that weather we're having." To be honest, it just makes things more weird; whoever you're with. Why don't you try and say, "I like your shirt!" Something that won't end up being a big knot.

3. If you're searching dating websites and you find a guy you like who you think may not like you, you're wrong. I bet you if you talk to him, he'll think your funny. Yo…


Hello guys! I want to tell you a little story about me and my bullying story. Hope you enjoy!
PS. If you have ever been the bully, have seen bullying happen, have talked to that bully, have been bullied, or have told a bully to stop doing what they do, please comment down below and type, #stopbullying. It would mean the world to me. Thx!

Once upon a time, okay, more like 2 years ago, I was going to school again. It was my first day, and I was really excited to be back and see my friends and even meet new friends and teachers. I was pumped up, and excited. I entered my classroom, and I had so much fun. Well, sort of...

You see, I had this cough that I just couldn't handle with at the time, and I however did not know that it could cause problems in the future. There was this girl who was sitting at my table and said to her friend, "Guess what?" "What?" her friend would ask. "Cough*" She had mimicked me!
She didn't know this, but I did here. My hands…


Okay ladies, I know you probably have a special eye on a special someone. And I know your probably thinking yes, but you really want to say no. Come on. Don't deny it. I know. You know. And even if you really, truly, honestly don't have your eye on somebody, deep inside, you do.

Here is some advice on boys that have helped me throughout the years:

1. Don't try and act all mean to the person, even if you want to get their attention. Go with something settle yet casual. If you try to talk to them constantly and in a mean way, it is kind of obvious that you like them... I hate it when that happens to me or to other people too... I don't know why...

2. If you like somebody who's on the bad side or who may like somebody else, don't aim for them. I hate to break it to ya, but you need to find somebody else. Maybe there's this really cute guy in your class who's nice and funny. I can't guarantee that you'll immediately get over that other guy, but I ca…