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how to set a trend

i always tell you guys to set a trend. for the people who don't understand how to do that, i will tell you how too!

step 1. pick a cute, fashionable outfit and wear it around a place that you know will be crowded.

step 2. take a photo and send it to a friend. pretend that it is just a casual picture of you in a party. he/she will realize how cute your outfit is(the plan) and gush all over you about it, and ask where you got it!

step 3. if they honestly love it, they will tell other people. if they asked you where you got it, it usually means, i'm interested in buying it too. people will ask them, and it will carry on! you'll feel like a true fashionista!

Katy Perry

Ok, so i haven't done Katy Perry yet, which is weird because a couple of days ago, a katy perry song just popped up, and i was thinking, why didn't i do katy perry yet for you guys?! plus, she lookes gorgeous with or without makeup and fancy clothes.
i decided from now one, i will only do one outfit. :( but next time, i think i will do one outfit that i like and don't like, so the next time i do a celebrity of the month, keep that in mind;)

this outfit is all blue. now, sometimes i think people look horrible when they wear all blue, but she rocks this outfit like she made it, is proud of it, and she is confident in wearing it, which she probably is! this dress is a beautiful, ocean blue. it complements her skin tone very well. the lacy feel to it makes it more casual, and adding the sleeves makes it more girly, which i love. the belt matches nicely, tights up her waist perfectly, and looks like a cute, girly bow! the earrings really complements the blue nicely, as she added…

season changing: a fashion addition

in this blogpost, i will tell you how to organize your clothes so you can be ready from spring to summer, fall to winter :)

spring: if i were to choose a color for spring, it would have to be pink. think about it! flowers start to bloom, and the pretty flowers are pink. maybe you could wear a neon, sleeveless shirt, black shorts, short brown boots, green statement necklace, and a pink blazer. don't be afraid to add up a velvet colored, coach bag!

summer: people say that neon is for summer. in fact, all i hear during the summer is neon,neon,neon. neon this, neon that. why not go with pastels?! they make a great neutral and they will never go out on any season. maybe a peach colored blazer, a white top, a black skirt, skin colored heels with silver at the tip of the edge in the front, and a red colored handbag. you could also add a neon statement necklace for  a pop of color.

fall: what i like to think about of fall mixed with fashion is to look around you! you see all the pretty or…

how to start over

(i know i did a familiar post, but i feel like this will even that last post out)

if you are trying to get rid of a hard breakup, friend or boyfriend, you have to start over. trust me, you'll feel way better!

(1) start getting rid of your memories. maybe a friend bought you a dress. maybe your boyfriend bought you a stuff animal. get rid of it! other people need it more than you do. it might be hard, but you will feel a lot better.

(2) change your personality. once you met that person, i bet your personality changed. you might have not realized it then, but realize it now. you were probably agreeing with them because you didn't want to change your relationship with each other. now, let free and be who you want to be

(3) write a letter to that person, telling them how you felt them and now. get your favorite candle, and burn it up!

(4) last but not least, smile. now you are set free and you can go where you want to go. you could brighten up your wardrobe, or darken it(however y…

good fall ideas

1. this outfit is simple. you can wear it to a night out with your husband/boyfriend, your girls, or just treating yourself to a little alone time. a white jacket with beading and black sleeves, a dark purple blouse, some dark jeans, and navy blue heels. it won't hurt you to wear a green belt!

2. a simple peach blazer, a denim shirt with white polka dots, a striped skirt, and some chunky, colorful heels. don't forget a neon, fun yet cute, statement necklace and an orange bag, with a sky blue scarf

thanks for your loving and support for this blog. i don't know what I would do without you guys! you support me and like my fashion ideas. that alone can lead to a great future for me, and who knows where i will be heading, but i know that you will always be there, walking proudly with me. thank you, and i wish you luck to you and me, and the rest of the world. good luck!

do's and don'ts fashion tips

do be confident in what you wear
don't be afraid to go with a new, different style
do wear flats
don't wear heels more than flats(you will see;))
do tuck in your shirt when you are also wearing a skirt
don't wear anything that you don't feel comfortable in
do not be afraid to wear hats
don't wear dresses to often

outfit of the day

I haven't done a outfit of the day in a long time, so i figured I should do one. anyways, today I was wearing a light blue shirt with white lace on the sleeves, a tank top from justice, a striped skirt from... i don't know and my polka dot shorts from... target?


sorry i haven't been blogging for a couple of days. i have been in tahoe, but it was really fun anyways:) i'll try to blog more often. anyways, i got a three day vacation, so my family and I just decided to, you know. oh, and just a reminder, well not really a reminder, anyways... i am going on a huge vacation for christmas for my birthday and christmas. i am really excited! BYE! :p

ps. sorry i didn't name the title. i didn't know what to title it :)

Kim Kardashian

today, our idol of the week is... KIM KARDASHIAN! she may have wide hips and she was really fat during her pregnancy, but she can still be fashionable. today, i will be showing you three outfits of hers.

1. you could wear this anywhere. to a night out with your husband or just doing work and answering calls for work. kim rocks a long sleeve, dirty yellow dress, which is up to the knees. you can't go wrong with a high bun, as she makes it awesomer, paired with black chunky heels and a statement necklace.

2. you could wear this simple, yet flirty outfit to work or if you are just hanging at home or doing dishes. she lets her hair down, way more pretty than the high bun, wearing it with a hot pink blazer, white, flowy blouse, salmon colored pants, and a gold and black heel.

3. you could wear this outfit to an event. a one strap dress, teal colored, which matches her complexion, with soft gray heels. again, she rocks the high bun, this time with a funky twist; a braid around it!


you are probably wondering why i wrote HH as the title. it stands for, 'Hello Hippie', because when i was driving today,there was a bunch of traffic. I looked over, and i saw this man with long hair and a big, long mustache. i was like, i should totally blog about this. i mean, i just realized then, hippie could be VERY in for the fall! set a trend you guys! set a trend. :) maybe you could pair up a dress with flowers, a brown vest with fringes and silver boots. and you can't go wrong with a purple bag and a headpeice

hey hey!

so, you guys are probably thinking, she is not talking about fashion much. well, i got a special comment from someone who i don't know, not to long ago. well, long ago... you know what i mean. :p anyways, she/he said that i should talk more about fashion. well, person, you are totally right! whenever i don't talk about fashion, i think of your comment, and then i think, pull it together gaya!

to be honest, i am just cut up on homework and school to do much blogging for you guys and it's starting to form into a problem! i mean, what if i start losing some of you guys! please hang tight in there for me! and, if you are doing school and you have a lot of homework, you know how i feel! just sayin'!

thx for understanding! i think... XD


here are some ideas/tips i have in mind for you guys. like i said, pastel colors are very in for the fall. idea for a cute yet fashionable outfit: pink top, jeans, black heels, blue and green scarf and for hair? duh?! i high bun. very sleek yet quirky. oh, and please comment and/or ask me if i should have a youtube channel! :)


scarves are very in for the fall. try shopping for the one that is attached to the ends, like a circle shape if you lie it down on the floor. try getting pastel colors, so you can add a pop of color! you're probably thinking that pastel colors are for spring. well, spring and summer is more for black and white. crazy, right?! fall and winter is more pastel colors. think about what you find around you in the seasons and match the colors i told you about. see? :)


finally! i have been waiting to get a pet and i did! his name is mr.fluffy pants and he is black and white.i love him so much! he looks like a big black and white fur ball! leave a comment below, if you want a picture. i know i said i don't know how, but i will ask my parents if you really want me to. :D