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fall lips

okay, sorry for canceling on the rainbow colors(see last blog post), but i saw a magazine and selena gomez had these, dark, red lips and i fell in love with them. they are perfect for the fall, so see this picture below. ps. not from the magazine, from google images. 

duh?! love it! also, her curly ombre hair complements her skin tone, and lip color. especially eyes. go brown eyes! :)


i decided every single time i make a new blog post for you guys, i will do a color, ending with of course, black. first off is red. red is great for the fall because red is one of the autumn leaf colors, and red leaves are very attractive to me. i don't know about you guys though. anyways, you could pair up a red coat, maybe, or some cute, red chunky heels. don't be afraid to go a little bold sometimes!

good luck! :)

ps. sorry, again, for i have no time what-so-ever to give you guys a blog post every day. i will try the best i can do!


Hi guys. Sorry I haven't been writing blog posts for you guys. Anyways, I want to talk about Halloween. Halloween is on Oct. 31 2013. I can't wait, but that won't last long because Halloween is next week! I am so excited. I am going to be Athena. A greek ancient goddess who( I believe) was made from Zeus( the king of gods) head. She is his favorite and she is the goddess of war. If you search up, 'goddess costume', then you will see a girl in a pink dress. That is my costume. Cute, right?! Thanks you guys! Bye!

how to get a boy to become your boyfriend

obviously, every girl out there has a crush. don't try to hide it from your friends(unless you have a friend that is stupid and is a diva) because they probably have crushes too and they can get great advice, trust me. this blog post today is how to get a boy.

1. try not to make it to obvious or else weird things can happen and weird isn't where you want to put the book in the shelf.

2. don't wear crazy make up. lipgloss, a cute eyeshadow color, and blush is all you really need.

3. cute clothes is also another thing. don't wear shirts with flowers on them or anything. that can make you look to hippy. maybe a cute yellow blouse, leather pink skirt, and navy blue heels are enough

4. try to drop your books in front of him. he will help you pick them up and when you both lay eyes on each other, it will be love at first sight for the both of you

5. when things get serious, make him like your parents before it is official and it goes onto the next level. if he is bad to your…

Having trouble?

this blog post is for those high school girls who are going into college. now, i want you guys to know that, even though i am not your age, i can help. it might be scary at first, but trust me, you will love it! you can meet some new friends who will and/or might just be your roommate, you can decorate with them too! 
Get into the spirit girl, and decorate! here are some tips for you roomy and you:
get a silver and tell, chevron background. cute, warm, and welcoming! try a pink lamp. don't think it's too girly for you. it can look really cute and it will match your background! for bedsheets, i decided on birds. it's cute and fun. try to find a white background, and make sure the birds are blue you need a simple book shelf! try just plain old white! a classic, huh?! :)

this might be too girly or not enough punk into it, but these are some ideas for you. hope you like them! :)
ps. please comment down below if you would like some vlogs for the first time. if you like that, i …

The System of Life

you are probably confused about what is the system of life exactly. i don't blame you. i would be confused if i were you too, but i will explain, don't worry. the system of life is mainly about black Friday. black Friday is the day after thanksgiving, where every shop, and i mean every shop, is opened. they can open around midnight or 1:00 in the morning! depending where you are located, you may not have black Friday. that is okay, but if you ever go to america, the system of life i am about to tell you will help. what i mean by the system of life is that a lot of people will be fighting for certain kinds of brands, clothes, ect. i want you guys to know one thing that my family usually does. try to avoid black Friday.

there are some kinds of stores that have 40% or more on regular days, like gap and banana republic. i know that macys have sales like every single weekend. they say in there commercials, 'hurry up because this is a once in a life time think' and all that …

Fall Trends

Fall is just slipping into the corner, depending where you live. Today, where I live, it is a beautiful summer day. Not too hot and not to cold, which can be great for what outfit you want to plan on, according to your day, week, month, and year! Today I am going to talk about fall trends.

You want to go with the neutrals, because they are at the tip of the edge near the color of the autumn leaves. Just look around! Out your window, or if your in the park, or picking your kid up, and we all know the office!

The first outfit is a simple outfit. A black sweater, which will be great for the fall, a pink sleeveless shirt with of course, a collar, jeans, and boots. typical mom outfit. perfect for your 'alone time' when you are doing your shopping. with your kid! ;) LOL!

You don't want to be afraid of purple during the fall. It should depend on what color. Purple might not seem like it is a huge trend, but it really is. You could put together a leather peplum, purple jeans, silv…


Okay, today, we are here to talk about, 'food'. Why, you ask? Well, it depends on your size and shape for you to wear whatever you want, whenever you want; remember that mini quote. Anyways, I want to tell you how you can stay fit and in great shape for not only that someone special, but for everyone, including you!

(1) Eat fruits and veggies. Apples are my personal favorite, remember, 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away', and i cannot, i mean it, CANNOT, live a day without eating apples. I feel awful.

(2) try do get plenty of exercise. try to do a sport that you enjoy, not something you are doing just because you want your body to look good. that will not lead you to anywhere but torturing yourself!

(3) try to get some help if you have lost and/or gained weight(hope you didn't gain any pounds you guys!), try to tell someone at a place that you usually shop and feel comfortable in. they also have to have cute clothes ;)! don't, and please don't, go to a s…

for moms only!

ok moms. here's the deal. you are probably stressing from taking care of that what not running around your house while you are reading this! you are probably wondering how you can get less stressed out. here are some tips

1. DONT GET ANY MORE KIDS! (unless you like the experience and you feel like you are totally ready for a couple more)

2. find a suitable father, and try not to divorce, even though you feel like you have too. it will be the best for your kids, trust me

3. go to a youtube mom or a site if you are feeling trouble with kids here and there; or you could go to a family friend who has kids and just talk. if they are a friend, you should feel safe and comfortable talking to them and they can give great advice if they are also going through your situation

ps. moms, if your kid/kids are toddlers or they are out at a friends house, go on a mommy day! you could bring a friend or shop alone. i feel better when i shop, and trust me, you will have the best day, and when you pi…