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Hola chicos and chicas! Cómo estás? ¿Alguno de ustedes simplemente súper emocionada por el año 2015? Yo soy. Esperemos que se puede comentar a continuación en las publicaciones en el blog solicitados o simplemente por diversión . Adiós.


I have VERY exciting news... You can finally comment to any of my blog posts! My parents set it up for me so that you can comment to any of my blog posts. I can finally chat with you guys and you can give me feedback or something you enjoyed about my blog post, any of these fun things.

I am just super excited to talk to you guys and meet you. I mean seriously, if any one of you just says hi, like one person, it's most likely I will shed in a pool of tears. I hope to read some of your comments soon. Bye!


Neon Dots


A New Year should be started off with a fun party, am I right? Yes, I am definitely right, even though I never host a New Years party, I have fun, easy DIY ideas for your party. Let's get started.



•Colorful Construction Paper
•Star-shaped Hole Puncher
•Wine Corks
•Glue Gun
•Tooth Pick


1) Take your construction paper and cut out multiple numbers, like 10, 9, 8 and so on.
2) Once you're done with all of the numbers, hole punch the number around the boarder, so you have stars all around your number, if that makes any sense.
3) Take your tooth pick and glue it to the back of your number.
4) Then stick your number into the cork, and you're done!

This is super adorable for a table decoration.

Link to site:



•Colorful paper
•Little decorative items of your choice
•Glue gun



OMG, 2014 is coming to an end. Is anybody else really sad? I don't know why I am sad, however I am really happy that 2015 is coming! I decided to spice things up and do an update blog post, you know, how I feel about 2015 and such.

Okay, so I am just super excited at the fact that 2015 is a new, fresh year. A new year is a great opportunity to start fresh. If you were always kind of nervous, let's say to get your ears pierced or get a short hair cut, now is the time. You can start fresh, start a new you.

A new year is your time to fix any flaws that really irritate you, like maybe you want to start a new style or clean your bed more, make a list of your 2015 new years resolutions. One of mine is cleaning my room, because it looks like the big, bad wolf came!

I am just about to make a "secret" blog post, which will actually be posted in a couple of minutes. Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. Bye!


Neon Dots


Hey guys! Tomorrow is my birthday, and I am so excited. Interesting fact, I share the same birthday as Ellie Goulding. Cool, right? :) Don't believe me, then search it up! Jeez... Anyways, I decided to do this fun blog post. I am doing the birthday tag+what I want for my birthday and just a bunch of fun things in general. Okay, let's get started with the questions.

1) What month is your birthday in?

2) What is your birth-stone? (Include a picture.)
My birthstone is the blue topaz. Can you spot it? (LOL, at the very bottom... HAHA)

3) Have you had a party yet?
No, but I am celebrating my birthday (Actually birthday) tomorrow with my friend, and maybe one other friend, just grabbing lunch, shopping, movie, and dinner. But I will probably have a cooking party during January or February.

4) What was your favorite present ever?
My iPhone 5c. I still have it because I got it last year. Trust me, I do not like to get a new phone every single time a phone comes out or whatev…


I have a story for you, deer themed. It's actually quite funny if you think about it. So anyways, my brother, his friend, my mom and I were all in the car. We had just picked up Ollie's friend, and were on our way home. The boys were about to have a sleepover. At one point, there was a male deer in front of us. No biggie, he was kind enough to move.

Is this the story? No.

We drove on, and literally 10 seconds later, we see 6 deers in front of our eyes! I was literally so shocked. I was screaming at my mom to give me her phone. She laughed because I was so shocked. It was truly amazing. By the time I took the picture, there were 4 deer, but it was just so swag and awesome! But I forgot to mention this. While I was panicking for my moms phone (so chill, right?!), the boys were also laughing while singing some weird songs.

We just drove slowly so the deer would go away, and it worked, but honestly guys, that was just so incredible. I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post.




Q: How do you deal with depression?

A: Good question.

I hope none of you think that you're the only one who's going through depression. Millions of kids, especially teenagers, go through depression, so this is a normal thing, do not worry. But it can sometimes be difficult finding a way to solve it. I suggest searching some things up and see what you find. Even if one method to another doesn't work for you, never stop, because it can lead you to a site that could change your life.

If I were going through depression, I would get a mason jar and open up the lid. Every day, I would write something on a piece of paper and slip it in, writing down something that I am grateful that day. This way, you really think about the people around you who are grateful for you.

Depression can come from many things, for example school. Grades, tests, all those things. But I'm here to tell you that even if you flunk on a test, you just smile and say to yourself, I promise myself that I…


Q: Can you do a blog post on different kinds of callers?

A: Of course.

Okay, here's the deal. There are so many callers. My list may not cover all of the different kinds, but I'll try my hardest.

1) The unknown. The unknown is a complete stranger. You don't even know this person, and it can either be an unknown employee for an unknown company or somebody who usually thinks that you're their friend. It can be awkward.

PERSON: Hey Stacie! Girl, seriously, Devin is so hot. You know, I know!

YOU: Um, I think you have the wrong person...



2) The newbie. This person just got a new phone and is super excited. You probably have had a phone longer than this person, so you find this person VERY ANNOYING!

PERSON: OMG, hey Nicole! It's me, Megan!

YOU: Hey Meg.

PERSON: Guess what? I got a new iPhone 6! So, let's talk about EVERYTHING, now that I have a new phone and allllllllllllllllllllllll...

3) The everything. This person will call you just because…


MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS! Oh my gosh, this feels unreal. Every single year, I long for Christmas to come. No joke. I think in my head, I can't wait for Christmas time to come, and here it is, ending tomorrow night. Anyways, I just wanted to write this blog post to say hi and what has gone on today. Anyways, I also want to say that I am really grateful for you guys.

I started writing blog posts, maybe about 2 or 3 years ago. :o I really think that I gained my page views and have gotten more mature because of all of you. I love you guys so much.

Anyways, right now I am watching some TV on Netflix and just chilling out with my family! It is really nice to get presents and drink hot cocoa next to the fire in your PJ's, huh?! ;) Bye guys, and happy holidays to you all!


Neon Dots


Q. Why did the doughnut seller retire?
A. He was fed up of the hole business.

Q. What do you get if you eat all the Christmas decorations?
A. Tinselitus.


Q. What is the most common element on earth?
A. Hydrogen.


It can be really annoying sometimes when you're just too lazy to go out and buy something. But I promise you guys, this is a fun, quick, and simple DIY that I think you guys will love. Let's get started. 
•Green and red m&m's •Empty beer bottle •(Optional) Scrap booking paper and scissors  •Sharpie (I would personally do a nice gold color.) •Ribbon
This is super simple. First, take your beer bottle (you will need the cap) and pour the green and red m&m's inside. Then, if you would like too, take some scrap booking paper and you can wrap that around the bottle. Get out a sharpie of any color and you can write a little note, like Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, something like that. And the next part is to screw on the cap firmly, and tie a festive ribbon around it. 
Hope you guys enjoyed this DIY. Bye!
Neon Dots


Ever since I got sick, maybe about a month ago, I completely lost my appetite. It was at first not a big issue. I really didn't notice it at first, not really doing anything about it. I healed my sickness, maybe a week ago (yes, that's a long time. I will explain it later...) and my appetite was just shrinking and shrinking, and at that moment, I got a bit worried. I'm not fat or chubby, but I used to love food. Now I usually don't have time to eat much of my breakfast, because I do have to go to school, and my brother goes to another school, which makes it difficult. I also usually skip dinner now. It's really concerning to me still. I usually like to eat snacks, little ones, and I BARELY eat any dinner now. :(

I got sick because I got the 24 hour stomach flu. If you don't know what that is, you basically get sick and throw up and just basically get the flu (!) for a day or so. I was throwing up one night a couple of times in a row and then it stopped. The nex…



Sorry... You know, along with Meghan Trainor, Taylor has really gained her popularity to a new level. Blank space, shake it off, I mean, guys, these songs are all over the radio these days, nonstop! It's crazy. One day, I think I heard shake it off about 3 times. So I decided it's time to feature her on Dashin Fashion today!

In this outfit, Taylor is wearing a cute high waisted blue floral print dress with a collar, tope colored heals and a tope colored bag. Her short, blond hair is curled and she is rocking her signature red, bold lip.

Thanks for reading this guys. Bye!


Neon Dots


Breaking up with somebody can be really hard. Stressful, even. I mean, you have an amazing guy who you think is going to be with you and will protect you, and girls, I just have to be honest. He will one day maybe dump you for somebody else. And yes, it will sting. But don't be one of those girls who are crying for weeks. That is not the way we woman handle it!

We need to show men that we can be strong and fight back. Try and settle yourself back into the market! Never hurts to try something new. You at least do not want to even think about that other guy. He is long gone in your life. He made a mistake, and if he comes crawling back and begging to get back together, and you do, then it will happen all over again, I can almost assure you it will happen!

We are strong, and we can be stronger if we choose. Let's see... I would rather be strong and powerful, and show boys that us girls are just as equal as them, instead of soaking my bed sheets for the whole rest of the day. Come…


Does anybody sometimes wonder, "How did she get into fashion anyways?" Well, I am here to answer your question!

So it all basically started when I was about, oh, 4 YEARS OLD! Yes, I started early. Actually, no I started around 1 years old! Anyways, when I was a baby, my mom would dress me up in the CUTEST fruit hats, like strawberry hats and little, cute things like that. When I was 4 or 3, one magical day, my mom was watching What Not to Wear. She asked me if I wanted to join and I said yes. Long and behold, my love for fashion! I was so fascinated, I just carried on my whole life, loving the TV show and especially shopping, clothes, my blog, and also any fashion TV shows!

When I was about, maybe in the 4th grade, all I was thinking about is FASHION! I just did not want to get rid of it. I know this is a young age, but I declared that I wanted to be a fashion designer, and I still do to this day! :) You're really never to young to start your career. I launched my blog i…


Hola chicos and chicas! Me llamo Neon Dots. Yo soy muy graciosa y talentosa. Me gusta nadar y cantar. No me gusta ni videojuegos ni montar en bicicleta. Adios!


Girls, do not be afraid to get that special somebody a present for Christmas. Getting your crush a present for Christmas is a very cute idea. But if you are like me and you are probably the biggest wimp in the whole entire world, then I have an idea for you. ;)

I know that you may think that getting your crush a present is a big step, but really, it isn't. Why don't you try and maybe give him a letter. Sign it with, your secret admirer. Then (when he's not looking) just put it in the slot on his locker, if that makes any sense.

If you are very confident, and you think you may be able to give him a present, than go for it. But don't go on too strong, or else he might get the wrong idea. You want to start off as friends, so keep that in mind.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. Bye!


Neon Dots


Are you searching for the perfect gift or party favor to give out to your closest friends and/or family members this holiday season? Well you are at the right place! Yeah, I sound just like an advertiser... LOL! Any who, I found some really cute Christmas gifts to give out to somebody you care for! Let's get started.



•Mason jar
•Any candy or nuts you prefer
•Colored ribbon


So what you want to do for this project is to take your mason jar and fill it with any candy or nuts you prefer or think somebody else may like. Then screw the lid back onto the mason jar and tie the ribbon around the lid. PERFECT! It is a sweet and cute idea. (Optional: You can also tape on a spoon if needed ;) )



•Pipping bag (not the tip! Just the bag)
•Green, yellow, and brown m&m's
•Colored ribbon


This craft is really cute and simple! All you have to do is take your icing bag. Remember…


I haven't been writing any blog posts for a couple of days because in California, we are going through a rain storm, so that is why I have been gone. Hope you guys understand.


Stress is everywhere these days. Work, moving, school work, and so many other things. People tend to stress over little things. They think that everything in their life is slowly becoming worse and worse, as if they cannot fix anything related to the situation!

Trust me guys, whether this is true or not for you, the last thing you want to do is to feel stressed out. It's unhealthy for you, causing your body to form dark circles and wrinkles, either from lack of sleep or stress. It's also unhealthy mentally for you to think negatively about you, others, and just everyday things around your environment.

Please check out one of my recent blog posts. It's sort of a DIY craft. It's called the Grateful Jar. I really do recommend this for anybody who is having a bad day. And remember, if you ever need anybody, I'm here. I don't want you to feel like you are alone or nobody understands you. I've gone through it all, and if I haven't, I know some people who have…


I've never really worked with outfits that you can wear to your work and such, so I decided that if you do go to work every day or whenever you do, I thought it would be really cute to spice up your outfit to fit the holiday seasons.

Here, we have a red blazer, white tank top, white pants with a red belt, red shoes with a nice, little bow on the corner, and a red purse.

Hope this inspired you to spice up your outfit for work. Thanks guys!


Neon Dots


Hi guys. I don't know if you know that this tag even exists, but I am doing the Winter Tag. Let's get to it!

1) Top 2 winter beauty essentials.

Mine would have to be baby lips. You guys know how much I love this product. It applies on your lips like butter, and it works as a lipstick and chap stick at the same time I believe. Another one is my blankets! I actually get cold in the winter, and I never get cold guys. Scary, right? .... LOL!

2)  Top 2 winter fashion essentials

Definitely any Santa hat. That is a MUST! And I have to say my green jacket from Nordstrom.

3) What shoes do you tend to wear the most in the winter?

Well, California doesn't get cold, so recently I have been rocking my tennis shoes and my boots.

4) Favorite winter accessory?

I don't wear any accessories.

5) Favorite winter nail polish

I'd have to say anything with a light, minty feel. I would also be okay with a nice gold.

6) Hot cocoa or apple cider?

Hot cocoa!

7) Favorite winter candle?



I think a lot of people don't take the time out of their day during Christmas to just think about others, and how they may not be able to receive presents, or have a fire place to sit next to, or maybe a family!

So I dare you. I dare you to take a time out of your Christmas moment, and just say, "Hey. I'm grateful for..." whatever you are grateful for this year. And I want you to set a New Years Resolution Goal. I'm going to show you how to make a Grateful Jar.


•Mason Jar
•Tiny strips of paper
•Writing tool


Whenever you feel inspired to do something, write it down and roll it up. Then tape it and put it in the mason jar until 2015! Then when 2015 comes around, all you have to do is read what you wrote, and see how you can/if you can do any of those things in one year. Make it a big, huge challenge. Good luck!


Neon Dots


Okay, you might have read the title and think, "Play time?" Well I already can tell you that is not what I meant. I meant today's game is you and a friend reading and/or acting out a script. You can choose to print this out, write it down, or just read it as is down below, but this play is written by me, so I hope you enjoy. Oh, and the theme is Christmas.



Narrator 1: What is the true meaning of Christmas?

Narrator 2: Let's find out.

Narrator 1: It was a grey and foggy Thursday. Lola, our main character in this play, was looking out the window, ready to go see her father.

Narrator 2: You may think that her parents are divorced, but really, they're not. You see, her dad got in several fights and car accidents.

Narrator 1: She really shouldn't have been arrested. I mean, the fights, he was standing up for his family!

Narrator 2: I agree, but let's keep on going. Any…


No question, I am, again, starting a new series! I am literally so stoked for this, because I love cooking and I think that it can be a great way to show your crafty side, so let's get to it!

First I am going to show you a picture and then how you can make it!


Brown and red m&m's
Chocolate covered pretzels

These are really easy to make, so let's get baking!


1) Take any kind of cookie you'd like and place two chocolate covered pretzels in the top two corners of the cookie.

2) Next, you just want to place two brown m&m's on the back so you can't read the logo (that part is optional), and a brown one down below for the nose. (And of course, one of them has to have a red nose, so be prepared for that.

That's all for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. I think it is really easy, and super cute and adorable. It's probably suitable to bake with your kids as well, as long as they are familiar to this kind of…


Hi guys. Sorry for delaying the blog posts lately. I will try my best and make some more and more for you guys. So anyways, I decided to prepare you for Christmas dinner! This outfit down below is perfect for a teenager. It actually doesn't necessarily have to be for Christmas dinner either. You could wear it just for the month of December or later on in 2015, wear one of the items and pair them up with something else so it doesn't read Christmas all year to the people around you, and you don't have to waste your money, if that makes any sense.

Let's get started!

Here we have a fun printed red and white sweater, washed out jeans, brown boots with a cool aztec print inside, pale bow, and the cutest earrings (!), a gingerbread couple! And BTW, I have no idea who the woman in the corner is, so let's pretend she is not there, even though it is just a bit hard...

Thanks for reading this blog. I will try and upload more blog posts. Bye guys!


Neon Dots


Fluffy is taking over the blog post today!

Hi guys! It's me, Mr. Fluffy Pants. I am 1 year old. My mommy is the best. She recommends giving a hamster some carrots, broccoli, and one banana chip a day. I love banana chips. MHH! What about you guys? Comment down below if you would like to see more blog posts like this. Thanks!
Mommy and Fluffy.


I have a question for you guys. Do you buy real Christmas trees or fake Christmas trees? (Leave your answer in the comments below please!) It actually kind of depends for my family. For half of my life, we had a fake Christmas tree, and the other we would get a real Christmas tree. But this year we are sticking with a fake Christmas tree. Why you may ask?

1) It saves the environment.

2) (This adds to number 1) You are not killing trees.

3) You can reuse it every year, so you are saving more money.

You guys DO NOT have to get a fake tree this year just because I said I am getting one, but if you are INSPIRED to get one, then YAY!

And I also love the smell and texture of real Christmas trees as well, so those who will get a real Christmas tree this year, I feel you. And a tip for the people who want their house to smell like a real Christmas tree but wants a fake tree, just get a candle to make it smell like the um... leaves? I am not that smart guys, so.... #SWAG! LOL.


Neon Dots


Christmas, my favorite time of year...  Sigh.... Oh, hey there! I didn't notice you! Welcome to Gaya's Fashion Blog, or should I say, welcome to Gaya's Christmas Fashion Blog! If you don't know this already, whenever there is a big holiday coming up or what not, I sponsor that holiday the month it is in. This month is all about Christmas!

I will be posting fun Christmas themed blog posts, such as fun DIY's, Dashin Fashion, and other fun things.

You may also know that I have inside jokes! We all share them. I decided that every holiday month I will be sponsoring will come with an inside joke.

December's inside joke is, too full with santa! Get it? No? EXACTLY! Because it is suppost to be... CHEEZY! (Haha... Another inside joke... Yeah...)

Thanks for reading this and stopping by!


Neon Dots