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I LOVE U GUYS! I just found out that you guys are, well, since i started this blog thing, let me just show you and why i am excited.

united states: 256
south korea:16

that is my viewers in ALL time history. today i have like, well this month i have...

united states:13
south korea:1

but the all time history is cray cray. so... THX  XD


i feel, well, at least, i have a strong feeling that one of you guys out there are feeling horrible and you want to die and you are taking pills or just getting drunk on purpose because you don't feel well or you just am ready to die. well, if you are a grown up out there, well, lets just say teen, and say your boyfriend broke up with you and you feel like you had a healthy relationship, but he says, 'no. this will not work out. sorry'.

i am sorry for you that you are torturing yourself. DONT DO THAT! here's my advice: find someone better and just get over him/her. it will make you feel SO much better and everyone needs that special person but some people don't have that person with them. my saying is: you can always change a good day into an even better day. work some magic by searching a site where you can meet an even better person.

i wish you luck:)

good bye summer, hello autumn

summer is now officially over to me. why? because i see a lot of people around my school wearing pink, so i guess pink is in. why does this have to do with autumn? well, if you think about it, orange and yellow is kind of near pink. well, mostly orange. i mean think about it! a pink shirt that is like, boxish, orange mini pencil skirt with a bunch of colors on, the design is chevron, and yellow flats.


my password wasn't working just because i haven't done a new blog post! you guys are probably thinkin, 'WAH?!' but maybe you guys only have the nails post... oh no! PLEASE let me know if you have this post! oh, then you can't read- WHATEVER!


i think im not that sick anymore. now some of you guys are like, wha? well i'll tell you. (i apologise if i already told you). anyways, a week ago, my throat started hurting when i would swallow and sometimes when i yawned and then swallowed it felt like there was a boulder inside.

i have been starting to take ricola and my mom would occasionally make me some poricha, a korean tea which is really nice and soothing. now i feel much better; but still when i yawn, still has that effect. :/ but i am better and feeling well which matters to me the most at the moment:)

god, i just realized i am busy everyday this week! but the weekends. today, i went to a play date and gymnastics and tuesday... oh, i already told you guys this... oops! ^^

sorry...  blush blush.

outfit of the day

Denim shirt with white polka dots, little pocket, buttons and at the end you can tie it into a knot
Multi Colored skirt

under is my leotard and black shorts because i am going to gymnastics. if you are wondering where i got these, you can find the cool shirt at target now and i think i got the skirt... i actually forgot. i also got a shirt yesterday with the denim shirt at target. its one of those shirts with the sleeves that i call 'wings'. its pink with white polka dots. super cute, right?


i just noticed like two days ago that i haven't done a blog post in such a long time. i know i should have done one sooner, the day since i found that out at least but lately i haven't been getting ANY sleep. i would read a book and then sleep around 11:00 which isn't normal for me. my brother oliver(ollie) keeps bugging me about how i wake up around 10:00. XD
try to do it more often! :)


well, i just found out that people in the united states, russia, south korea(i am korean) and germany follow my blog, how cool! and those who are korean, anhyongegasayah. je-idomun gaya imidah! (hello. my name is gaya)

holy cow!

i just realized(you should probably get a map first) that you guys watch me in the usa, somewhere above the usa, to the left and some part of russia. i am not good at geography (wait, is it geography...) anyways, what i do know, is i thank you! =)


you know what? people think summer is the best season because there's no school and you get to watch tv all day and go on fun vacations. well, that's what i did last year, but if you think about it, school is REALLY fun! i mean(these are my friend nina's words, not mine) school is like a big play date with all your friends!

i agree a 100 percent! okay, maybe like 98 percent but still! so today, i am going to a beach with my friend lauren, who may have a blog(i'll give you the link later) and my brothers friend datis. think of it like dot and then is but if you say it really fast, it's datis