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Tomorrow, for some of you today, is Halloween! OMG, so excited for tomorrow!This is my costume. I might have already told you guys this, but I'm a Domo nerd. I don't have the wig but I am going to put my hair in pigtails and will curl the ends.

Hope you guys enjoyed this Halloween update. Oh, and before I go, where do you guys like to go trick-or-treating at? Some people may think it's cool to go to a Halloween party, but I personally think it's WAY more cooler to go trick-or-treating with some friends. I always love to dig in and trade with one another. Well, bye!


Neon Dots

And for the people who are spanish, Feliz Dia de los Muertos! In school, I study spanish. YAY for that amazing holiday too!


Some people have a problem. Okay, that sounds rude and just plain old wrong. Not anything like mental issues or whatever, but I'm talking about fashion issues. And I'm not pulling somebody out on the trigger here guys, because now a days, people TELL other people they have a fashion problem. Okay, this still sounds rude, but let's just ignore it. I'm here to teach you guys how to be the fashion girl.

1) Plan your outfit the night before. This way, you'll have plenty of time to think about it, and maybe even take a picture and send it to your friend, just to see what they think of it.

2) Look at magazines. Trust me, looking at magazines will help you get the latest trends, current trends, and possibly future trends. And trust me, it can get addicting! ;)

3) Ask people questions about fashion. Maybe your BFF is all over fashion, and you don't want to seem to needy by asking her for some tips on fashion. ASK! Trust me, people who love fashion will be happy to give…


Hunt you down, eat you alive.... Hi guys! Do you like the new song, Animals? It's by Maroon 5, and I'm kind of digging it. Does it annoy you though when you've heard it like a million times?

Just thought I would make this random blog post. Bye!



PS. Fill free to view any blog posts you would like!


Do you have any pet peeves? I have a lot, so I thought that I would share them with you. (Probably not all of them, because I'm constantly thinking about them... Is that weird?)
1) When you hear somebody scraping a fork against a plate. GRRCH! AHH! Kill me now please.
2) When people talk about money. It annoys me so much. Not like I don't have money or anything, but still.
3) My brother. Well, sometimes. Oh, and his friends!
4) When somebody who I like doesn't like me.
5) Being embarrassed. Well, duh! 
6) When I get a bad grade.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my pet peeves. Thanks. Bye!
Neon Dots


Hi guys, so I decided to do the FAQ TAG (Frequently Asked Questions). So the funny thing is that I actually don't have anybody to ask me questions, I'm just guessing what you guys would ask me. LOL! So yeah. And I really wanted to do this so that's why I will take anything I can get, so let us all just pretend that I have an internet source that has questions for me. I mean, I actually could do that but anyways, let us go!

1. How are you?

I'm pretty good! Getting A's and B's in school, getting excited about the end of my first trimester, hopefully going to get into the tutoring business again, so yeah. I'm pretty good.

2. What are you going to be for Halloween?

Well, I already told you guys but just incase you did not see my blog post, I'm going to be a domo nerd. I got the costume from Halloween City.

3. Is there anything exciting going on in your life?

Yes, actually there is. It's sort of for you guys. Hard to explain, but I'll promise that on…


It seems like my first blog post featuring Dove Cameron pulled a lot of people's attention (even now! Well, not exactly now but yeah...), so I decided to feature her again on Dashin Fashion today! Here you go!
So, Dove is at the 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards, wearing a casual outfit. She appears in a see-through lacy top with a short tank top under, a light, pastel pink belt with a gold bow, denim washed- out skirt, and a pair of lacy, ivory boots. She's also wearing a gold, heart necklace and a floral hand bag with a floral bow to tie it all up. And don't forget her natural, wavy looking curls, and natural looking make-up.
 I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. Thanks for reading this. Bye!
Neon Dots


Guys, I feel so bad! I have been totally slacking on blog posts lately and I don't feel great about it. The thing is, there's like literally no interesting topic I can talk about, therefor making me feel very... empty.

I'll try to look through some of my series so that I can find something to do with that, but otherwise, I would love it if you guys could comment down below, asking me to do something, if you can. Will come back to you guys soon, I promise. Bye!


Neon Dots


Hi guys. So today, I went to Ross and Halloween City, so I thought I would do a haul for you guys! Now, I don't have the pictures of what I bought, but I can describe it to you, so if you're not interested, then you can go ahead and look at another blog post, but if you're interested, then great!


Grey sweater with a hoodie
Red sweater with a hoodie



Thanks for sticking around, if you did. Bye guys! :D


Neon Dots


So, this blog post may be a bit late... But anyways, I decided to do it so yeah. Too bad, hehe! So, Halloween is exactly in 1 week (for most of us), so I decided to give you guys my halloween favorites! Let's get started! Oh, and I won't actually be doing my halloween favorites, I mean, yeah sure I am but... Okay, you'll have fun reading this. LOL. Have fun. Woosh!


Details: If you're maybe a young mom, or a teen that just wants to go for a simple, halloween look, then you're at the right place! YAY!

What you'll need:

Black shirt
Purple sneakers
Black lipstick
Cat headband and/or ears


1) First, obviously put on your clothing (don't worry, I'm not looking!).
2) Then put on eyeliner, and yes, the rest of your make up (maybe a gold eye?), and make sure to start from the center of your cheeks and flick back, doing this in the middle, top and bottom, making the whiskers.
3) Then slip on your cat headband, or ca…


When was the last time that I just got to sit down (and type!) and just say hi? Um... I actually don't know! Lately, I've been neglecting blog posts due to the fact that I ran out of ideas to talk to you guys about, and fun DIY crafts. I've also been very busy... Actually, I just got an idea. Kk, gotta go. Eep! My exciting side is back! Okay, look forward to a new blog post. Bye!


Neon Dots


Wanna know a secret? I'm working on a really big... okay, somewhat big project for you guys! I'm super excited and nervous for you guys to view it. I can tell you that it is fashion related.


So excited... Are you? You should be. I'm awesome, so you should look forward to an awesome fashion... SHH! Okay, I can't tell you what it is because I'll give out to much, but I'm SUPER EXCITED!


Neon Dots

PS. I don't know how long it will take, so I will definitely be posting regular blog posts if I do not finish in time, I promise. Kay, bye!

HOLA! :?

So, I don't know if you guys remember this, but I posted a blog post in July stating some youtube dudes that you should check out. In fact, one of you guys were just reading it. Haha... I'm pretty creepy. I can look at the blog posts you guys watch... DUN DUN DUN! Any who I have expanded the YouTube, so let's get started!

Bethany Mota
Michelle Phan
Megan Nicole
Tiffany Alvord
The Ellen Show

And yeah... This is basically my weekend checklist; every weekend, I come home from school on Fridays, plop on my bed, and straight out watch youtube. First thing I do, and always will be. These are the people who are funny, good singers, DIY experts, beauty guru's, and just plain out hamster experts and inspirational moms.

Hope you go check them out soon. Bye!


Neon Dots


Hi. Sorry, I had to go somewhere. Anyways, let's just go right into part two, shall we?

1. Put on pieces of clothing.
2. Put hair in bun and place bandana around hair.
3. Apply orange lipstick
4. Take cardboard and cut out frame.
5. Cut out another piece in the shape of a speech bubble.
6. Then color it in just like the frame and speech bubble around rosie.

There you go!

Again, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. If you are just reading this blog post and you're like, what the heck is she talking about, please go check my other blog post I also wrote today. Here's the link, if it even works.

If that link does not work you can just search up or find, THE DIY SHOW: HALLOWEEN! and you will find it. Thanks! Bye.




Okay, let's break out the deal. There's only 11 more days till Halloween (if you celebrate this holiday), and for some of you, maybe 10, depending where you life. I decided that it might be fun to show you guys some fun DIY halloween crafts, maybe for a party you're going to host. Let's go my spooky little friends!

1. Halloween drink!

Okay, I personally think that punch is getting out of style, am I right? Yah! Okay, you probably disagree with me, but people have been serving punch for years and years at their halloween parties. Maybe you want something more mature? Then stick around!


*Water Dispenser
*Oranges, tangerines, blueberries, blackberries


1.Pour some water in your water dispenser.
2. Then put in the oranges, tangerines, and blueberries, and blackberries.
 There you go! You have a fun drink for your guests that's a bit more mature, if I do say so myself! :D

2. DIY costume idea! (PS. This might work better if you have black h…


Hi guys. Today's boy lesson of the day is catching your awkward moment. There's always one moment where you just can't hold it in and you embarrass yourself in front of that special someone. Let's just say that you're not alone.

But remember, sometimes it's just one little mistake; other times, it can crash your whole world down. Trust me. Don't try and let it out. Think about your actions and what you're going to say. If it really won't embarrass you, go ahead, but if it will, don't do it, or else you could regret it for the rest of your life. DUN DUN DUN!


Hi. So my mom talked to me and said, hey! You haven't posted any pictures lately on your blog (I think refering to dashin fashion), so I decided she was right. I thought about popular songs on the chart, and All About that Bass is one of the top songs, so I decided to feature the one, the only, MEGHAN TRAINOOORRR! Yeah, I know I'm not a game show host but it's fun anyways, so let's jump right into it!

Meghan is wearing a very cute floral print dress with white sneakers. Her blond hair is curled and her make up is daring yet simple. I love the bold choice of wearing dresses with sneakers. I think it should definitely be the new trend.

I hope you like this blog post. I'll catch you guys later. Bye!




Hi guys. Sorry I haven't been making more blog posts for you, but I decided to do quote of the day. So today's quote of the day is:

"Fashion is instant language"
-Miuccia Prada (DESIGNER)

I love this quote because, well because it's true! The clothes you wear really sets off your personality to the world, and from there, people look to you as, I don't know, maybe a business woman, somebody who is daring and fun. Somebody who has a sense of humor. You can definitely have multiple senses of style, but there's just this one that people can just get it, you know?

Like, if you wear a leather jacket with a pink dress, boots, and bangles, that person will know you're fierce, bold, daring, and never afraid to rock an upcoming trend.

Hope you like todays quote of the day!


Neon Dots


Yay! Fall is here baby! Well, it was here a little while ago, but any who... You guys might know that I am a sucker for DIY's. I decided to make a little "segment" called DIY, because I might as well! Ooh! Let's make this like a TV show. Okay... 3... 2... 1... ACTION!

And hellooo! We are here today on Neon Dots's DIY corner! Today's little theme is fall! Do you want some fall decorations for... anything?! Then you're at the right place. Let us get started!

1. DIY scarf


*Fabric of your choice
8(optional sewing kit)


1. Get a piece of fabric and cut it with your scissors to an appropriate length for your scarf.
2. If you would like to make it an infinite scarf, then you can either take the ends and sew them together or you could tie it up.

2. DIY folders


Do you have notebooks that are just boring and need some jazzing up? Then you have come to the right place! Come on with me on this mini adventure!



Hi guys! I decided to do something with you guys called GAME OF THE DAY! where we can both just rest, chillax, and play a fun game. OF THE DAY does not mean every day, it's kind of like, whenever I have time. Today's game is....


A classic game that really is fun. Let us go on our journey together right... NOW!


Have a player 1 and a player 2.
Have fun!
And be honest...
You could print out this paper and have each player right down their answer next to the box.

1. Would you rather swim in chocolate fudge or climb a mountain of your favorite candy?

Player 1:
Player 2:

2. Would you rather have a pet cat or a pet dog?

Player 1:
Player 2:

3. Would you rather go to Paris or Asia?

Player 1:
Player 2:

4. Would you rather read some normal blog posts or gossip kind of blog posts on my blog?

Player 1:
Player 2:

5. Would you rather text, facetime, or call your BFF?

Player 1:
Player 2:

BTW, I can see how many people read this and such, but anyways... I hope y…


Hi math experts! I know that you really like a nice, juicy equation and/or problem to solve. If you want some, I'm going to throw it right out at you... NOW!

1. Jane had 3 jumping juicy jelly beans, and her brother gave her 12 of his jumping juicy jelly beans. How much does she have if she divides that number by -3?

2. 13 to the power of 2-14x23=?

3. Sally had two customers on Monday. The average customers a day ranges up from 3-13. How much do you think she will have on Wednesday? (Give an estimate)

4. Nicolette was raising some money for a bake sale. In the first hour, she got $12.00 and in the second hour, she got $24.00. How much money will she have in 7.32 hours?

5. You give $100.00 to a charity that already has $2,000.00. If each person gives the charity $23.50 for every one donation, how much more money did you give the charity, and how much does the charity have now?
(Optional question: Does the $23.50 make sense, or can be divided into 2,000? Why and/or why not?)

Hope you…


Do you ladies out there have two crushes and you really can't figure out which one is the right guy for you? I hear you ladies! Somebody close to me is having the SAME issue, so I decided to write this for that person and for you if it does benefit your life in any way. Let's get started!

1. Have your friend quiz you. This can range from helpful questions to wizzing through magazines. I know that isn't a word but it's fun, right?! ;) The questions may be like,

Who is more sensitive
Who would help you when you need help

or whatever...

2. Spend time with the both of them. Try and stick around them in a non creepy way so that you can figure out what you want in a guy and who will be more suitable for your perfect image.

3. Tell your parents about it. First, try talking to your mom. She is an older woman, and this would benefit you in many different ways. She might have a good story about how when she was your age, she had the same problem. You should also try your dad too…


I'm almost as blind as a bat. No joke. Actually, it is an expression, so it is a joke but anyways, you get the point. Here's a little boring story for ya!

I used to have perfect vision. Then in the 3rd grade, I kind of started seeing double. That was the first and last day I would ever get double vision. Then, the roller coaster ride started going down from there. I told my parents, but they thought I was fine since I had always had perfect vision.

They ended up taking me to the eye doctor due to lack of seeing the board in class. I ended up getting glasses and I thought they were just so cool! I was proud to wear them, actually, probably because I was young and I wasn't all teenagery and like, "OMG! I'm going to get humiliated" or whatever. I wasn't that popular and nobody really paid attention to me that much, which wasn't that big of a problem.

Anyways, I've had 3 glasses so far, including the pair that I have now.

I think it was last year, but…


I think that everybody in the internet world should start posting or commenting #Hashtag. That would be so cool, you know? It's like confusing in a modern way... I'm weird. :-/




Are you a teacher? No? Well too bad! (Yeah, uh you might want to just send this TO your teacher...) Any who, I thought that I might show the people out there who are a teacher and are kind of still figuring out how they like to teach or the future teachers out there who would just like to learn some helpful tips. Let's get started!

Okay, so you don't want to first of all bore your kids minds. Try including fun activities or games with your learning. That way, when your students walk into your class, they'll ask you, "What game are we going to do today?" That way they get excited and you feel that it really is working.

Also include art. Lots of kids love to draw, even if they may not know it. Say you're doing a science project and you are all planting plants. You could have them draw how the plant looks like throughout the growing (?). Is that grammatically correct? Whatever...

Last but not least, you may want to have jobs. Maybe every trimester, you can switc…


Did you hear that on Dashin Fashion we are going to be doing a game? Well you heard right! Let me explain the rules:


1. This game is designed to quiz you on how fashionable you are

2. Choose wisely

3. I will post the correct answer at the end of the question or just my personal response.

4. And try to keep in mind that this is fall edition. I promise you that just thinking of this will help you a lot.



Boots or high heels?

PSL (pumpkin spiced latte) or cookies and cream latte drink (yes, there is such a thing. EEP!)
Cookies and cream because PSL isn't that great to me.

High bun or pony tail?
High bun.

Red blanket or blue blanket?

Family movie night or roasting marshmallows with your family?

Fans or no fans?
FANS! (Like, viewing kind of fans)

TV or YouTube?

Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Dork Diaries?
Dork Diaries.

Most worn fashion item: Leggings or sweaters?
Leggings just because some places don't require sweaters…


Hi guys. So today I just wanted to clear up something. Well, first of all, I'm going to Portland this weekend, so I thought that I might blog from there. If you guys like the idea, either comment down below and say:


or if you can't you can just have other people view this multiple times. This will tell me if I should do it or not.


Hello. So I decided to give you some advice on how to pack wisely for basically any trip you may be going soon, and of course my airplane essentials. Let's get started!


I am going to be guessing that you may be going to be gone for a week, since this usually happens so let's base our packing on that.

You want to pack:

1-2 T-Shirts
2-3 Skirts and/or shorts
1-2 Dresses
1 Pair of PJ'S
2-3 Pairs of underwear and bras... let's quickly go on so this doesn't become even more awkward
2-3 Pairs of socks

Optional stuff you may want to pack:

Your book
Curling iron or blow drier OR straightening iron if you are really into beauty
Make up
Pictures, just in case you have a pet you may be missing
If you wear glasses like me, a pair of those glass case thingies (?)


Hand Sanitizer
Snack, just in case

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. If you are able to comment do…

#DisneyLand Vlogs?

Okay, okay, you heard from the title what might happen. This is 100% most unlikely but it might become a reality... Anyways, if you kind of blank out like me, the main idea of this is that I will be going to DisneyLand soon, now I won't tell you when, because I just don't want it to suddenly be crowded, or you know.... Anyways, let's just say that I kind of chose a time when like, nobody will be there. Anyways, I might be vlogging it, but don't expect me to tell you guys. Maybe I'll make it a surprise if I am allowed too... I don't know...


After having a long day, and yes, it is still the morning, I need some rest. Quality time; just you and me. What do you want to talk about? Kittens, dogs, how I'm awesome? ANYTHING! UGH... Don't you also just hate it when you and your friend have literally NOTHING to talk about? That is really annoying...


Hello! So I haven't done a 'LEARN HOW TO' in a while, so I thought I'd do one today. I decided to teach you how to learn how to make the perfect poster. Say you need to make a poster for spirit week, and you're raising money for the hurricane that just happened in Mexico. You want to make sure what you're going to be doing, first.

You may be doing face painting at the sale, so make sure you label that first at the very top, and make it at the center. (This is just an example, the whole face painting thing so if you just want to make a poster or whatever, the same rules apply.) Next, you want to draw little drawings of what you may be selling or what you may be painting on people's faces... LOL! HAHA... That sounds very creepy. And don't forget to label the name of the drawing right next to it.

Next, you may want to write in a little box (maybe at the top right corner of the poster) who will be doing whatever. Then, you may want to write below the box (d…