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Hey neonators, it's neon dots. I decided to do an organization post. I'm sorry this is so delayed. If you want to see more content from me, I have shown two posts of swatches from some beauty products lately on my Instagram account, and sometimes switch on and off from my main and blog Snapchat account here and there, so make sure to follow me on my social media accounts, which will be linked at the end of this post, and let's get started!


What you want to do is take everything you have out of your pantry and put it somewhere so that you can see how much space you are working with. I recommend measuring the dimensions as well so when you are buying our storage spaces, you know what will fit into what space, and where to put certain things.


I think that for the extra five to ten minutes that it takes, this is very important because you want to know where certain things will go. Draw a diagram, labeling the dimensions and where certain items will go so that once you buy your supplies to organize everything, you know if they can fit inside the shelves and how many organizers you can actually buy.


Go to the dollar store or Target, or really any home appliance store available. I recommend Target or the dollar store because you can buy great items for very inexpensive. Here is what I would personally buy for my pantry. Remember, you can add onto the list, or eliminate some depending on if you have certain foods in your panty and how much space you have.

-Plastic cereal holders (3-4)
-Decorative boxes - storage (4-5)
-Tiered shelf for soup cans (1-2 depending on how much cans)
-Small mason jars (1 dozen) - Scooper included
-Medium mason jars (6 jars) - Scooper included
-Large mason jars (6 jars) - Scooper included
-Lazy Susan (3-4)


Remember, it is very important to know your dimensions so that you can eliminate some organizers that you may or may not need, and run over to the store to get more, or return some, but I recommend that you always keep one or two of the same organizing product just in case you may need some more. That was my list that I will be using when I reorganize my pantry, but you can adjust it.

Place your organizers in certain places and you can readjust the layout, draw a new design if you would like so that you remember what goes where. Then, write down the dimensions of your products and/or how much grams, ounces, etc. it can hold, and next to that, write down what ingredient you are going to put inside.


Life Hack : When working with lose, powder-like products (flour, sugar, etc.), lay out a newspaper on your surface because I guarantee that you will make at least a little mess. You can pour the access into the jar after you are done or dump the access at the very end, you can also pour it into the compost.

Take your organizing products and put the ingredients inside. I didn't want to add this on the list because this is just a personal preference of mine, but when I do reorganize my pantry, I am going to buy sticker paper. You can print out labels for your ingredients and peel out the sticker. I love this because it gives it a chic look, you know what ingredients are what, and you can chose your font and fun things like that.

I sad for the mason jars 'scooper included' because I would mostly use my mason jars for lose products like flour and sugar, and having a scoop would make my life easier, or even a measuring cup, but again, you can add or eliminate some products from my list, or make your own from scratch.

Fill the rest of your ingredients up inside the mason jars and put your products into the boxes. For the tiered shelf, you want to put the more longer, taller cans in the back so that the shorter ones can sit on the front and you can see what type of soup and what not you have.

For a lazy Susan, you want to put the taller spices and things related to that towards the back and the smaller spices or whatever you want to put on your lazy Suzan in the front so that, again, you can see everything and you don't have to dig around searching for certain things. You could also cut out a circle from a construction paper and glue it on the top and make a chart on your pantry door so you know what spices are what, for example, yellow dot could be cinnamon. If you have time, you could do that, but you do not have to of course.

I personally don't like the look of boxes and bags, so I would use the smaller mason jars or any air tight containers for that. If you don't want to do so, you could also take out the products and put them in big, large ziplock bags, if they are the same product, and label them with a sharpie. If they have any ingredients that could cause allergies, put the information of that product on the bag and glue it on. I would also buy a small clear pocket to glue onto the back of your mason jars and what not for allergies as well.


If you don't like anything you see, move things around. Remember, this is your pantry and you should do what works for your family.


I really hope you guys enjoyed this post! I had so much fun making this post for you guys and I hope that this helped you out. Again, I'm so sorry I've been gone lately. I'm trying my best, but balancing school work, applying to schools, and after school activities, as well as trying to blog on top of that, is really hard but I love and missed you guys so I couldn't leave the neonator family for too long!

Make sure to share this post with some of your friends and follow me on my social media accounts to see what I am up to and to find out when I am posting. Kisses to my neonators!


Neon Dots


Snapchat: neondots1


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