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I've done "types of ___" before, but I've never done Types of Parents, so I thought today was the day. Let's get into it!

1) Friends. Okay, so some parents act like they are your friends, and they may be, but seriously, do you really want to skip down the hill, linking arms with your parents and smiling, just not stopping. And some say that having your parents as your friends is bad parenting, but I think it is actually good, but god jesus, this picture is so fake!

2) The strict parents. Not to lay any stereotypes on anybody, but it's most likely that your parents are strict if they are Asian. Don't get me wrong, some American parents are very strict, but trust me, my parents were both born in Korea, but my Dad especially was raised under a strict house. I was very lucky, however, to have "unstrict" Asian parents, which is actually very rare if they have lived in Asia for at least half of their life. In fact, my parents kept on showing me how, if I call them, certain songs will play, like my Dad has the ringtone to the Star Wars theme song, and my Mom has Girls Just Wanna Have Fun... Yes, it's true. But still, again, you usually do not find these kinds of things going on in your household, do you?

Haha, I actually wanted to be a doctor when I was little...

3) Sleeping parents. These parents honestly do not care what you do, because they don't even know how to raise you! It's most likely that your parents had you at a VERY early age, and a small percent of the time, the Dad actually stays, so you may have this going on in your life.

Not their ideal idea of fun...

Hope you guys found this amusing, and in my next blog post, which I am going to upload very soon, I will be talking about stereotypes, and how annoying they are to me! (White smile that drives people crazy. Yes, I am making that face right now.)


Neon Dots


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Neon Dots