Hey neonators, it's neon dots here. All of my friends know that I am way to invested in my Instagram feed, but overall, it is always worth it. If you guys are like me, and you are as obsessed with taking perfect pictures and making your feed amazing, I will be showing and sharing with you guys some of my favorite tips and tricks, so let's get started! Fun fact, the feed down below is mine! PS. If you guys want to see more social media related posts, make sure to share this so I can start a mini series.


If you have heard of the rainbow effect on Instagram, where you have a perfect highlight and a rainbow over your eye (the Instagrammer in me talking, haha), and you have no idea how to recreate it, I have two ways for you guys.

1. You can buy a prism online, and hold it up to the sun.

2. You can put a small mirror in a glass of water and reflect it towards where you want the rainbow to be.


If you have a day where you spot cute tile or you're wearing adorable shoes, or both, typically if you take a tile shoe picture by rising your phone to take a photo, they are usually unflattering. For me, it always makes my legs look huge. To prevent this from happening, you can stick your butt outwards (sounds so weird but I swear it works!), which will solve your problem.


I love flower pictures because it gives some unique taste to your feed. If your feed is more colorful, or strictly beige tones, etc. you can customize your original picture to match your feed by using an app to make the photo more brighter, lighter, and more. You can also add a colored filter to it as well. I recommend using the app VSCO because, online and all over Pinterest, you can search up VSCO filters and there will be certain settings with picture samples so you can get a hint on what yours will look like.


Planoly is an app that you can download where you can see what your feed will look like in advanced. I am always the type of person who will constantly delete pictures because I hate the order and later regret it. If you are like me, you can see what the picture you want to upload will look like with your feed, before you post it. If you want to learn more information, you can read about it on the app store by searching Planoly, or click the link down below to their website.


If you have seen perfect Instagram videos where people document where they are traveling, you can recreate this by investing in a good GoPro. I recommend buying a GoPro because you can bring it underwater, or wherever you are going. It is small as well, so you can slip it in your pocket as well. Although it is obviously on the more pricy end, many of my friends have raved about it and said it was completely worth it.

You can also bring your phone, which does just as good as a job, or buy a more professional camera to invest in as well, depending on if you are on a budget or not. Film your adventures, if you are going hiking, swimming, snorkeling, zip lining, etc. I highly suggest that you download your footage onto your computer so you can edit it all on iMovie, and upload it to your account from there. However, you can also use your phone and edit it on the iMovie app and download it to Instagram as well, whatever you are more comfortable with. I say it depends on if you are better at editing on your computer or on your phone, and whether you will be using a camera or your phone.


If you have not heard of the pink wall, it is extremely popular amongst Instagram lovers who live in LA. If you want to find a solid colored background to match your feed or bring color to your account, or to just have a fun photo shoot against, you can search up where to find solid colored walls. If you live in California, it may be more easier for you, especially if you live in LA.

If you live in the bay area, there are a lot of great places you can go to because all of the houses/buildings in SF, for example, are all painted in beautiful colors and make great backgrounds. You can make a road trip out of it, and travel around your area to take cute pictures.


If you want to display your monthly favorites and share them with your friends and family, you can snap an adorable picture behind a cute background. I recommend doing it behind a marble background, but if you have anything else that is on the more settle side, that would work as well. You can position them in a cute way that you love, make it seem as if it is falling out of your purse like the one above, etc.


Low key, I am seriously addicted to coffee, which always leads me to take a picture of it against a cute solid background. You can also make a cute picture of your coffee if you ask for foam art, or go to a local cafe and you want to snap what you ordered.


If you ordered a meal at a cute restaurant that looks too good not to share, or made a snack that is adorable, point your camera as high as you can to get all of the food in the frame, and take a snap! You can adjust and crop it as well with your photo app to adjust it.


I always love taking pictures with my friends. Whether we are traveling, exploring our area, going to a cute cafe, or just hanging out, having a mini photo shoot is always fun. You can ask somebody to take your picture when you are out or take pictures for each others Instagram as well.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. As I said before in my intro, if you guys want to see more social media related posts, make sure to share this with friends so that I know. Kisses to my neonators!


Neon Dots