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Hey guys, so sorry I was gone for a while again, but today I wanted to show you guys some unique ways that you can organize around your home because I know typically home organization products can be quite expensive, but if you take something not as expensive that you didn't think would work as a home organization product, really can work, if you have a creative mind, so let's get started.


15 Pantry Organizing Ideas by The Everyday Home  #organize  #home  #DIY:

You can use a metal magazine holder to store your wraps and foils so that it's easy to access, and you can put it on the side of your fridge, or even in your cabinet.


Zero Waste Home: Tips-- I'm new to this site. Soo many great tips for a sustainable lifestyle at home.:

I personally love using any type of jar for my pantry because it keeps the food in an airtight container, and everything is organized and it has a home, and this also helps save space, so you have more pantry space to put in other things. I also always recommend labeling everything in your pantry and in your fridge and freezer if you do use jars, baskets, etc. because you know where something goes after you're using it, and this is a good tip if you have kids, because they know where to put it back, as well as learning how to read, if they are a bit younger.


Tack your plastic bags to the inside of your pantry.

Use a pin to push the container where you keep your ziplock bags on the side of your pantry so that you can always have a home for them, and it's easy to access if you have kids and you want to use them for small snacks and what not, and you can also paint it or whatever you feel like to customize it to your theme, if you want something more unique in your pantry.


Keep your veggies in a drawer.

Storing your vegetables or fruits in drawers is a great idea because they are at easy access, so you can pull out your cutting board and knife, and you don't have to walk across the kitchen to get your ingredients for a salad, smoothie, or whatever you feel like cooking, and you can use baskets and/or drawer storage to make it look even better.


Store your K-Cups in an egg carton.

You can use old egg containers to keep your K-Cups if you have a Keurig.


Organize your scarves with shower curtain rings.

Organize your scarfs and other fashion accessories on shower rings.


Use a letter organizer for your flip flops and sandals.
Use letter holders for sandals and flats



Use jewelry holders with bigger storage and hold your chargers, and label them.


TP roll cord organizing

You can also store your chargers in paper towel rolls, important papers in mason jars and glue them together by class, and use beer bottle holders as a homework caddy.


11 Genius Organizing Hacks for the Most "Type A" Person in Your Life:

Use a old ziplock container and cover it with printed paper to hold certain food items in your pantry.

I hope you guys enjoyed these ideas. If you are wondering, all of these I found on Pinterest, so you can browse around on Pinterest for more ideas like these. I would love to see your recreations ,so make sure to use the #homewithneondots on Instagram so that I can see your wonderful recreations, or the #lookneondots, whichever you prefer. Kisses to my neonators, and good luck!


Neon Dots


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Neon Dots