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Hey guys! I thought that it would be fun to do a comparison of child sleepovers vs. teenager sleepovers, because let me tell you something, they are so different!

1. Greetings.

As a child, you probably freaked out once you heard that doorbell ring, so you probably waited on the stairs at the exact time they were supposed to come, so once they come, you scream at the top of your lungs, "I'LL GET IT!" and then you start saying hi to everybody and run up the stairs. When you are a teen, you're probably on the couch, watching Pretty Little Liars, and once you hear the bell, you have to get out of the couch, and open the door, and the first friend probably says to you, "I liked your Instagram pic," and then you just nod and they plop their stuff on the ground and watch with you.

2. Stories

As a kid, you probably told scary stories about creepy halloween nights and things like that, curling up in your sleeping bags, but as a teen, you probably told scary stories that actually happened, like missing a hair appointment or your lipstick breaking. #girlproblems

3. Making snacks

Last but not least, as a kid, you guys probably made sandwiches at midnight, and thought that you were complete rebels because your parents had no idea, but as a teen, you probably made totally really cute and tumblry DIY's that you wanted to try at one in the morning and didn't even give a thought about your parents finding out.

Hope you guys enjoyed this video, share it with your friends if you liked this, and I'll see you all soon!


Neon Dots


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Neon Dots