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Hey neonators, it's neon dots here. If you guys are in school, and have trimesters, you would know that finals are coming up soon. Finals are essentially during the last semester or trimester of school, when you have to do tests for classes, important assignments, big projects, and occasionally, state testing. I don't know if you guys stress eat, or don't get sleep, but if you do, trust me, that will not help you in any way, so today, I am going to give you guys some tips on how to stay healthy and energized during testing. You guys will be getting a lot of testing content from me, so get ready, and let's get started!


I know that this is an obvious, but this is extremely important. I cannot stress how many times I have stayed up late nights to just study in general or finish homework, because I am the biggest procrastinator on the planet. If you do not keep on sleeping, and you rely on caffeine, you will legit become a walking zombie the next day at school, and you will not be able to focus during class, which will not help you with tests.


This DIY is amazing because it keeps you hydrated and healthy.

•Water bottle (you can get a cheap water bottle at Target or CVS)

Draw a diagram on your water bottle. There are multiple examples on Pinterest as well. You can also follow the image above. This way, you know how much you have to drink during the day, and it's more efficient than getting one cup of water occasionally.


Please keep in mind that meal plan isn't for everybody, but if you have time on your hands during the weekend, you can take multiple sets of tupperware, and plan out each meal of the day for seven days, including some snacks that you can eat in between. This way, you are planning out what you are eating, you can make sure that you are eating healthy, and it is convenient because you can bring it with you to classes and not have to make your lunch early in the morning or the night before. I suggest keeping in mind the expiration date of every item you purchase for your meal plan, or even write it down on a sticky note, just so that you are aware that you have to eat this certain meal a certain day, so that one item doesn't go bad, and make the meal unsafe to eat.


Smoothies can be a great substitute for breakfast, if you are running late for class. If you want to make it really quick in the morning, you can cut up the fruit you want to put in your smoothie, into a plastic bag, and pack it with some ice. In the morning, you can pop it in the blender and add in some milk or yogurt, pour it in a tumblr cup, and head out the door. It fills up your stomach, it is super healthy for you, you are once again watching what you are drinking/eating, and it is great to take around to classes.


Walking once in a while as a break, versus eating when you have time in between studying, can be extremely peaceful. Try to find a trail near you, or even walk around your street or town. I love to take walks when I can. It makes you so much more aware of your beautiful surroundings, and you become extremely grateful for the things that you have. I definitely think that this a great version of therapy that you can try out, when you are stressed with school.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Again, get excited for more entertaining, helpful school related posts soon. Kisses to my neonators.


Neon Dots


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