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I wanted to do something different and share with you guys some beauty life hacks you must know!! Let's get started!

1) Okay, so all you have to do is grab a red lipstick and your regular concealer. Before applying your concealer, put on some red lipsticks around your eyes, or just wear you would put your concealer, blend it with your finger, and then put on your concealer, blend well, and bam, life changing!
2) Grab your perfume and some vaseline, and put on a small amount of the vaseline, and then sprits on your perfume, and blend it or whatever you have to do, and then it will seriously last for so long, it's really crazy.
3) When you're applying bronzer, tilt your face so that it's either facing the mirror so that you can see the left or right side of your face, and put on your bronzer in the shape of a 3, meaning the end of your forehead, to your cheek, to your chin.
4) Don't apply your concealer in the shape of a "u", apply it in the shape of a "v" instead.
5) If you want to turn your eyeliner pencil into gel liner, just take the eyeliner pencil and a lighter, and put it under the lighter, and just use it, and it's that simple.
6) Just take an old empty nail polish container, and pour some Elmer's glue inside, and instead of putting on your regular clear top coat on your nails, put on the glue, wait for it to dry, and then put on your glitter nail polish, and then once you want to take it off, you can peal it right off in like one second and this will seriously save your life.
7) If you think that you ran out of your liquid foundation, you probably didn't. If it's in a tube, just cut it and squeeze it and you'll realize that you have a lot more than you think.
8) If you want your eyeshadow to stick out in a crowd or to be more colorful, apply white eyeliner all over your lid and then apply your eyeshadow and this will seriously make such a big difference you guys have no idea.
9) If you want to eyelash glue without using too much, just take the end of a bobby pin and then put your glue on the end, and then put it on your false eyelashes.
10) If you want to make your own, homemade lipgloss, just take your favorite loose eyeshadow (I'm pretty sure I'm not crazy and that's a thing...) and then mix that with petroleum jelly and mix that in a spoon and use a brush and you can literally use any color by using whatever you have at home and it seriously is great for any time of the year, especially Halloween if you have some crazy eyeshadow colors.
11) I know this sounds so weird, but to make sure you don't have any lipstick on your teeth, just stick your finger in your mouth, and then take it out, and it's so weird but it will help.
12) If you are the type of person who hates it when your mascara dries out, don't throw it out just yet. Just add some drops of saline solution, and this will make it moist, and it will work just as well so that you don't have to go out and waste money.
12) If you just had gym, and you're really oily (I know, gross) then just run into the bathroom, and this may sound really strange, but rip off a piece of a toilet seat cover for a free blotting sheet, and I wish I knew this last year because I would walk into math next period and seriously look ridiculous.
13) Take one of those flaps from the soda cans and put two hangers through each hole so that you can coordinate the perfect outfit and hang it in your closet.
14) If your jeans smell, just stick them in the freezer.
15) If you want to stop angora from shedding, just put it in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer for three hours or more.
16) If you get an oil stain on any type of clothing, just put baby powder over it and let it sit overnight.
17) If you got shoes that are too tight, just put a bag of water into each shoe, and put it in the freezer overnight.
18) If you accidentally shrank one of your favorite items of clothing, just put it in some hot water and it will be back to normal.
19) If you have leather boots and you have a water stain on them, just mix some vinegar and cold water into a spraying bottle and spray it on the stain.
20) If you stain your clothes with red wine, just use white wine to remove it.
21) If you want to remove makeup from clothes, or liquid foundation in particular, just use shaving cream to remove it from shirt collars.
22) If you have baby hair or frizz that just won't go away, just take a toothbrush and some hair spray, and spray the hair spray onto the toothbrush and this is basically going to save your life.
23) Curl your hair starting from the middle of your hair so that it lasts longer.
24) Use popsicle sticks as motivation to work out.
25) Hang your purses in your closet with shower curtain hooks.
26) Remove deodorant stains with dryer sheets.
27) Easily remember which key is which by painting them with nail polish.
28) When you're packing your clothes, put your shoes in a shower cap to save more space.
29) You can DIY a Tic Tac container with duct tape or whatever you want and stick your bobby pins inside.
30) Clean out the inside of a sunscreen bottle with, I believe rubbing alcohol, and put your money and keys inside, and if you lose your purse and it takes like an hour to find it, nobody will look inside a sunscreen bottle.

OMG that was so long. If you want to show me that you recreated any of these life hacks, use the #lookneondots on Instagram. Kisses to my neonators!


Neon Dots


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Neon Dots