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Hi guys! I am really excited for this post because I know how much you guys love it when I share with you guys some recipes, DIY's, and more, and I thought, why not combine them, and I do know that most of my viewers are female, so these would be great for a fun slumber party, and guys can use these ideas as well. I basically just wanted to share all of these great ideas with you guys as soon as possible, so let's get started!



Movie night popcorn bar.:

If your guests like a big range of different types of candies and what not, just grab some packs of your guests favorite candies and pour some into small clear or white bowls, and I recommend using clear or white bowls because it gives it a nice appearance and it makes the candy pop, which is always a plus for food. You can even add cute patterned Chinese themed take-out boxes or small baggies, as well as popcorn, and you can munch on these snacks while watching a chick flick!


Summer treats perfect for slumber parties, backyard campouts and outdoor movie nights. #OREOmultipack #sponsored:

•Glass jars
•Festive straws
•Small pack of oreos
•Small black carton (optional)

Pour your glass with milk and put in your festive straw, and take the oreo pack, and ask a friend to hold it up, and tie the twine around it twice, and then into a bow, and  put it into the carton. You can easily make this carton by painting a small one with black paint, and the good thing is, you can really customize it depending on your theme of the party, for example, if it's a fun sleepover, use pink to paint over your carton.

(I don't even know if you would use the word carton... Whoops!)


Girls Party Idea- Cute and delicious donuts sprinkles with glass milk jugs  #donut #sweets #sweetshoppe:

•Mini donuts
•Glass jars
•Festive straw

Pour your milk and then add the straw, and on the top, add a festive donut.



15 Fun DIY Crafts for Kids Sleepover Activities ...:

•Lid of shoe box
•Markers, construction paper, etc.
•Nail polish
•Plastic spinner

You can do whatever you want with the lid, decorate, just divide sections for each nail polish, and put the spinner in the middle. For this part, you can stick a pin inside, or what not, and now you have this really fun game. I'm sorry if that doesn't make any sense, but you can really do whatever you want with it.


Simple ideas and tips to make your own DIY Hot Chocolate Bar...especially for the teacher's lounge the weeks before Christmas break!:

•Hot chocolate

I love this idea because you can simply set up some hot chocolate for all of your guests, and add toppings, like marshmallows and what not, and I know this theme in the picture is winter, but again, you can do whatever you want with this, and another fun idea is decorating your own mugs with one another, and I love the idea of crawling up into a blanket with your best friends and telling stories about guys... Or is that just me and my friends...


39 Slumber Party Ideas To Help You Throw The Best Sleepover Ever:

•Plain mini muffins
•Muffin tray
•Toppings of choice
•Festive straws (Also can be used for cute cake pop inspired sticks)

If you can't find a cute cake pop stick, then just use festive straws, and stick them onto a muffin, and you can pour in any melted chocolate, even die it into a certain color if you're going for a theme, put in sprinkles, and really do whatever you want depending on what type of toppings you like, and I absolutely love this idea.


1) Watch sad movies if one of your friends is going through a hard breakup, or something emotional. You should never be afraid to cry in front of your parents, and I encourage you guys to cry along, and feel what they're feeling, which can only make their healing process more smooth knowing that you are there too, and yes, sad movies trigger sad stories.

2) Go to sleep early! I swear to god, I remember when I was in 6th grade, and my friends and I would have big sleepovers, and we would stay up all night, and in the morning, we all seriously looked like zombies, and going to sleep early, even when you're with your friend, can lead for a positive vibe the next day.

3) This is what my friends and I do, but whoever is having guy problems, or any problem for that matter, one friend puts on a facial masks and just talks with them, while the other does her nails, and we listen to classical music, very soft though so we can hear one another talk, and even though it sounds strange, it's as if e have one place to keep all of our secrets and thoughts, and that person who's having problems can really be honest with us.

4) Do karaoke together! I only recommend you do this because you will not regret it and it's super fun!

5) Have a good time! Duh?!

Hope you guys enjoyed these ideas, and if you try any of these out, make sure you share them with me on Instagram using the #lookneondots. Kisses to my neonators!


Neon Dots


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