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Hey neonators, it's neon dots here, and welcome to blogmas day #3! Today I thought that I would tell you guys a little more about myself, so let's just get started!

1) I am 100% Korean, but I was born and raised in San Francisco.

2) I have been blogging for three years.

3) The most number of posts I uploaded in one year was 240 in 2015.

4) My most viewed post was called Dove Cameron. I found a really cute outfit she wore to a premier. She was up and coming in her Disney show Liv and Maddie, so I figured I would feature her on my blog. This was actually before Dashin Fashion was a thing.

5) My other most viewed posts are typically my Dashin Fashion series.

6) I hate lemonade, soda, sparkling water, whipped cream, frosting (unless it's firm) and watermelon.

7) Pomegranate's are my favorite fruit lately.

8) People say I talk like a Canadian because I say sorry, syrup, and other words like a Canadian would. Fun fact, I've never been to Canada.

9) I have only been to Korea once, and that was for my birthday last year.

10) When I was little, I wanted to be a doctor.

11) I have terrible memory. Seriously guys, it would blow your mind!

12) The best movie I ever watched was either Elf or... No, it's Elf! I love Christmas too much guys!

13) Adding on to number 12, my birthday is December 30, which is the same birthday as Ellie Goulding.

14) I love traveling because I love going on planes and driving over to the airport.

15) My three favorite shows are How I Met Your Mother, Pretty Little Liars, and Friends, however I watch Friends and How I Met Your Mother the most.

16) Adding on to number 15, I watched How I Met Your Mother and Friends, throughout every season, probably more than twenty times, no joke.

17) Last year, and only last year, I read so much! Before and after, I would never read.

18) Everyone tells me that I am a fast typer. I can type 108 WPM.

19) I use Pinterest more than Tumblr or We Heart It.

20) Because my birthday is in between Christmas and New Years Eve, winter is my favorite season.

21) I go up to Tahoe every winter to ski with my best friend and her family. The rush you get when you are on top of the mountain is indescribable. If you've never went skiing or snowboarding, you have to try it!

22) I am not a sport oriented person. I am more into the arts. I love to write, play guitar, sing, and more.

23) I am a humongous perfectionist. I love to color code my notes during school, alphabetize my spices at my home, it's crazy.

24) I have a lot of makeup, and unfortunately, I never wear it because I am just that lazy!

25) I love you guys and appreciate you all so much! (But you probably already knew that...)

I hope you guys learned some new things about me today. Kisses to my neonators!


Neon Dots


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